Thomas Whitmee [1786 - 1858]

[1786 - 1858] MFMFMFF

Born: 3 August 1786 "Makers of New York" Morris 1895

Died: 4 July 1858, Auburn, New York USA

Father: Thomas Whitmee

Mother: Hannah James

5-generation pedigree

Siblings: (For dates, etc, see the extended family)

  1. Elizabeth Whitmee
    Perhaps the Betty Whitmee in the 1821 census below
  2. Samuel Whitmee
  3.   Thomas Whitmee
  4. Peter Whitmee
  5. Sarah Whitmee
  6. Hannah Whitmee
  7. William Whitmee
  8. Sarah Whitmee
  9. Samuel Whitmee
    Perhaps the Samuel Whitmee in the 1821 census below
  10. William Whitmee
  11. Jethro Whitmee

The 1821 census of Olney lists 5 household heads named Whitmee. Thomas had left in 1805, but these 5 are presumably relatives.

Address Head of
Occupation Religion Number of Males aged Number of Females aged
0-5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 0-5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70
Towns End Betty Lace Independent   1                       1     1
High Street James Carpenter Baptist 1       1       1       1        
Towns End John Farmer Baptist   1 1       1                 1  
Towns End Samuel Farmer Independent         1               1        
High Street West Mason Independent   1 1 2       1       1 1     1  

Married: Elizabeth Old, 16 October 1805, Olney BKM


  1. Thomas B Whitmee
  2. James Whitmee
  3. Samuel Whitmee
  4. Samuel Whitmee
  5. Sarah Jane Whitmee
  6. Mary Ellen Whitmee
  7. William Whitmee
  8. Peter Whitmee
  9. Samuel Whitmee
  10. Jethro Whitmee
  11. Hannah Whitmee
  12. William Whitmee
  13. Jabez Whitmee
  14. Eliza Whitmee


1841Toft Farm, Sharnbrook BDF
1850Auburn, Cayuga County New York

Electoral Roll:

Bletsoe: Whitwick End 1832-3
Bletsoe: Whitwick End Fm, house and land occ. by him as tenent at a yearly rent of £50. 1833-4
Bletsoe: Sharnbrook, 200 acres 1835-42
Bletsoe: Sharnbrook, 5344 acres, the Toft Farm 1843-6

Land Tax Assessment:

Date Place Proprietor Occupier Sum Times, 14 Dec 1825
1823 Bletsoe Thomas Gell Thos Whitmee £19 2s 8d
1824-5 Bletsoe Thomas Gell Phillips and Whitmee £19 2s 8d
1825-6 Bletsoe (late)Thomas Gell Phillips and Whitmee £19 2s 8d
Some of these Land Tax records could refer to his father.

Farmed Toft Fm Sharnbrook as tenant of the Gambier family 1835-49.


Morris ["Makers of New York", 1895] contains a biography of his son, Deacon Samuel Whitmee, which says in part:-
"The father of Samuel, the third Thomas Whitmee in succession, was born August 3, 1786, in Bedfordshire, where he passed the larger part of his life. He remained on the home farm, assisting his father in its management until his marriage, when his father rented a farm for him in Buckinghamshire, where he carried on general farming for five years. He then returned to his native town, remaining there until 1849, when he disposed of all his property in England, and emigrated with his family to America. He sailed from Liverpool on the ship "St Patrick," making the passage to New York City in four weeks and four days. After landing, the family came directly to Cayuga County, settling in Auburn. Mr. Whitmee was not sufficiently vigorous to embark in any new business after his arrival here, although he lived about nine years. His death occurred on July 4 1858. The maiden name of his wife, to whom he was wedded in 1805, was Elizabeth Old. She was a native of Bedfordshire, born October 27, 1783, and died in Auburn, February 13, 1875. To her and her husband were born fourteen children, two of whom, Samuel by name, died at birth. The others were the following: Thomas, James, Sarah J., Mary, William, Peter, Hannah, Eliza, Samuel, Jethro, William, and Jabez."

The farm his father rented for him in Buckingham was Petsoe Manor Farm, the property of Lincoln College, Oxford University.

He is not shown on the passenger list of the St Patrick, his wife being listed as a widow. But French's 1857 Directory of Auburn lists a Thomas Whitney with a house at 55 Elizabeth Street.

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