Elizabeth Old [1783 - 1875]

[1783 - 1875] MFMFMFM

Born: 27 October 1783, BDF "Makers of New York" Morris 1895

Died: 13 February 1875, Auburn, New York USA

Married: Thomas Whitmee, 16 October 1805, Olney BKM


  1. Thomas B Whitmee
  2. James Whitmee
  3. Samuel Whitmee
  4. Samuel Whitmee
  5. Sarah Jane Whitmee
  6. Mary Ellen Whitmee
  7. William Whitmee
  8. Peter Whitmee
  9. Samuel Whitmee
  10. Jethro Whitmee
  11. Hannah Whitmee
  12. William Whitmee
  13. Jabez Whitmee
  14. Eliza Whitmee


1841Toft Farm, Sharnbrook BDF
1850Auburn, Cayuga County New York
1860Sennett, Cayuga County New York
1870Aurelius, Cayuga County New York

Morris ["Makers of New York", 1895] contains a biography of her son, Deacon Samuel Whitmee, which says in part:- "The father of Samuel, the third Thomas Whitmee in succession ... returned to his native town, remaining there until 1849, when he disposed of all his property in England, and emigrated with his family to America. He sailed from Liverpool on the ship 'St Patrick,' making the passage to New York City in four weeks and four days".

The passenger lists for the "St Patrick", a 3-masted barque built in Canada, for 1849 do not include any Whitmees. But one which arrived in New York 24 May 1849 refers to a Whitman family which appears to be them:-

NameAgeOccupationCountry of OriginIntend to become inhabitant
Seley WHITMAN29EnglandEnglandAuburn
Susana WHITMAN3 EnglandAuburn
Eliza WHITMAN27wifeEnglandAuburn
Anna WHITMAN32spinsterEnglandAuburn
Eliza WHITMAN69widowEnglandAuburn
Jas WHITMAN24farmerEnglandAuburn
Henry WHITMANinfant EnglandAuburn

'Seley' is presumably Samuel Whitmee; the younger 'Eliza', his wife; the elder 'Eliza', Elizabeth; and 'Jas', Jabez. 'Anna' is probably Hannah, although the age given is incorrect. 'Susana' is of the right age to be Joseph, Samuel and Eliza's eldest son; Henry is their second child. The absence of any entry for Thomas Whitmee himself is curious.

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