Thomas Whitmee [1733 - >1798]

[1733 - >1798] MFMFMFFFF

Born: 14 July 1733 Raunds NTH

Father: Samuel Whitmee

Mother: Mary Colson

Siblings: (Fore dates, etc, see the extended family)

  1.   Thomas Whitmee
  2. John Whitmee
  3. Samuel Whitmee

5-generation pedigree

Married: Elizabeth Beal, 20 April 1756 Denford NTH
IGI 8234731 (individual submission) lists the marriage date, the groom's name, & the bride's name


  1. Thomas Whitmee
  2. Hepzibah Whitmee
  3. Sarah Whitmee
  4. Ann Whitmee
  5. Rebecca Whitmee
  6. Susannah Whitmee
  7. Unknown Whitmee
  8. John Whitmee
  9. Hannah Whitmee
  10. Esther Whitmee
  11. Mary Whitmee

Land Tax Assessment:

Date Place Proprietor Occupier Sum
1782-3 Olney Thomas Whitmee £10 5s 1d
1784 Olney Thomas Whitmee for farm £10 11s 9¾d
1785 Olney Thomas Whitmee for farm £10 11s 9¼d
1786 Olney Thomas Whitmee for farm £10 11s 9½d
1787-8 Olney Lord Dartmouth Thomas Whitmee £10 11s 9¼d
1790-1 Olney Lord Dartmouth Thomas Whitmee £10 11s 11d
1792 Olney Lord Dartmouth Thomas Whitmee £10 11s 6d
1793-4 Olney Lord Dartmouth Thomas Whitmee £10 11s 11d
1795 Olney Lord Dartmouth Thomas Whitmee £10 7s 10d
1796-7 Olney Lord Dartmouth Thomas Whitmee £10 7s 9¾d
1798 Olney Whiting Thomas Whitmee & self 10s 3½d

Enclosure record of 1777 reads in part:-
"... to Thomas Whitmey of Olney Currier in lieu of his right of Common on a certain piece of ground part of the said Common fields called the Overs All that piece plot or parcel of Land lying and being in West Field aforesaid and bounded on the East part thereof by the allotment of the said Elislime Smith on the South by the eighth Allotment to the said Earl of Dartmouth on the North part thereof by the first Allotment to the said Wm Earl of Dartmouth the fences of which said allotment to the said Thomas Whitmey on the South part thereof next the said eighth allotment to the said William the Earl of Dartmouth and on the west side thereof next the Allotment to the said Trustees for the said Samuel Marshall shall be made and for ever hereafter maintained and kept in repair by and at the expense of the said Thomas Whitmey and the owner of the said allotment for the time being."

Farmed land on the Olney Estate of The Earl of Dartmouth

Ref Description a/m/p Quantity Per acre Value
2 Farm House and Homestead 1r 2p40 10s 6d
1 Old Homestead (house down) 2r 14p40 £1 3s 6d
46 Weston Meadow m 23a 1r 30p45 £57 14s 8d
95 Christian Wall Close p 32a 3r 24p20 £32 18s
109 Barnyard and Barn close a 17a 1r 5p15 £12 19s 2d
110 Clay Butts a 20a 3r 5p14 £14 11s 10d
111 Near Park Leys a 18a 3r 14p15 £12 2s 6d
112 Far Park Leys a 15a10 £7 10s
TOTAL 129a 0r 25p £136 10s 2d

No 46 is good Meadow flooded in the Winter Season by the River Ouse which makes it produce good crops of hay.
No 95 was mostly ploughed Land now laid down for a Cow Pasture; some of the wet parts should be underdrained.
Nos 109, 110, 111 and 112 are ploughed land at a great and very inconvenient distance from the Farm House;
There is a Barn on No 109 which was built soon after the Inclosure.

Listed in the Posse Comitatus of Olney 1798 as having 6 horses, 1 waggon and 2 carts.
The Posse Comitatus also lists: West Whitmee, lacemaker; John Whitmee, maltster; John Whitmee, victualler.

Sun Fire Insurance policy number 389,409:

dated October 1777
"Thomas Whitmey of Olney in Bucks, Carrier,
on his new Dwelling House only situated as aforesaid

Stoned and tiled not exceeding £480
Household Goods therein only not exceeding £100
Stable only in the Yard Stone and Tiled not exceeding £20
Workshop Warehouse and Barn adjoining thatched not exceeding £100
Utensils and Stock therein only not exceeding £200

N Bowen, J Moffatt, B Branfield"

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