Samuel Whitmee [1698 - 1759]

[1698 - 1759] MFMFMFFFFF

Born: 1698

Father: Samuel Whitmee

Mother: Elizabeth Unknown

Siblings: (For dates, etc, see the extended family)

  1. Ann Whitmee (half-sibling)
  2. James Whitmee (half-sibling)
  3. Thomas Whitmee
  4. Mary Whitmee
  5.   Samuel Whitmee

5-generation pedigree

Married: Mary Colson 9 April 1732 Raunds NTH


  1. Thomas Whitmee
  2. John Whitmee
  3. Samuel Whitmee


In the name of God Amen, I Samuel Whitmee of Raunds in the county of Northampton Whitan (a dresser of skins) being weak and infirm in Body but through the mercy of God of sound mind memory and understanding to make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following. I give and devise unto my loving wife Mary Whitmee all and singular my lands meadow ground premises and hereditaments whatsoever both copyhold and freehold with their and every of their appertenances lying and being within the parish of Raunds ... or elsewhere To hold for the term of her natural life on case she shall continue my widow and after my decease Then I give and devise until my son John Whitmee ... All those several pieces and parcels of arable land or Leyground Containing be estimation Five acres ... being dispersed in the open fields and bounds of Raunds ... And also all those several pieces and parcels of meadow ground containing by estimation three Twelve Feet ... in West Cotton meadow in Raunds ... more particularly mentioned and expressed ... One land Three Roods at Denford Old Furlong Two Lands Two Roods at Steepies Three Lands Two Roods at Breach Moor Two Lands one acre at upper Flexingdale Two Lands Three Roods at Scotts Hedge Six Lands Six Roods at Guns Bushes abutting upon Hargrave Slade Item after the death or marriage of my said wife ... I give and devise all the residue and Remainder of my arable Land with the appurtenances unto my eldest Son Thomas Whitmee and to his heirs and assigns for ever Lastly all the rest residue and remainder of my personal estate Goods Chattels and Effects ... I give ... to my said loving wife Mary Whitmee and to my said son John Whitmee to be equally divided between them.

Mary Whitmee and John Whitmee to be joint Executrix and Executor 2 day of June 1759.

signed sam whitmee.

witnesses: Robert Twelvetree, John Lamber, John Underwood.

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