Elizabeth Adams [1804 - 1858]

[1804 - 1858] FMMMFMM

Born: 1804 Netherton WOR
census entries

Married: Henry Adams


  1. Sarah Sophia Adams
  2. Henry Adams
  3. Joseph Adams
  4. Lydia Adams
  5. Martha Adams
  6. Jane Adams

All known descendants

Vicar of Cradley's Notebooks: 1857, "No church or seldom"


1841Windmill Hill, Cradley
1851Lumbans Bank, Cradley
1857Back Lane, Cradley

Died: 29 December 1858

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictStourbridge
in the Sub-District ofHalesowen
in the County ofWorcester
When and where died29 December 1858, Lumbans Bank Cradley
Name and SurnameElizabeth Adams
Age54 years
OccupationWife of Henry Adams, a carpenter
Cause of deathDisease of Heart 1 year, Dropsy 6 months, certified
InformantMartha Adams, present at the Death, Lumbans Bank Cradley
When Registered1 January 1859

It has been suggested that her maiden name was Timlet.

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