Joseph Davis [1795 - >1861]

[1795 - >1861] FMMMFFF

Born: 1795, Rowley Regis STS
census returns

Dead: by 1871, when his wife is shown as a widow.
Neither 1st qtr 1869, Dudley 6c 99 nor 2nd qtr 1870, Stourbridge 6c 89 refer to the correct Joseph Davis

Married: Elizabeth Hingley 27 July 1817 Halesowen WOR
IGI M01376-1 lists the marriage date, the groom's name, & the bride's name


  1. Enoch Davis
  2. Rosanna Davis
  3. Ann Davis
  4. Levi Davis
  5. Isaac Davis
  6. Caroline Davis
  7. Mary Davis
  8. Elizabeth Davis
  9. Joseph, Davis
  10. William Davis
  11. Esther Davis


1841Fox Oak, Cradley STS
1851Five Ways, Rowley Regis STS
1861Darby and Pargeters Colliery, Rowley Regis STS

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