Elizabeth Hingley [1798 - 1878]

[1798 - 1878] FMMMFFM

Baptised: 12 September 1798, Rowley Regis STS
Parish Register transcript

Married: Joseph Davis 27 July 1817 Halesowen WOR
IGI M01376-1 lists the marriage date, the groom's name, & the bride's name


  1. Enoch Davis
  2. Rosanna Davis
  3. Ann Davis
  4. Levi Davis
  5. Isaac Davis
  6. Caroline Davis
  7. Mary Davis
  8. Elizabeth Davis
  9. Joseph, Davis
  10. William Davis
  11. Esther Davis

Died: 3 November 1878

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictDudley
in the Sub-District ofRowley Regis
in the County ofStafford
When and where died3 November 1878, 21 Foxoak Street, Rowley Regis
Name and SurnameElizabeth Davies
Age80 years
OccupationWidow of Joseph Davies, a carter
Cause of deathSenile Decay. Certified by Hugh R Kerr MRCS
InformantX the mark of Elizabeth Homer, Granddaughter, In attendance, Tibbetts Garden, Rowley Regis
When Registered6 November 1878

In the 1881 census (RG11/2862 f22 p38), 21 Foxoak Street was home to a Davies family, presumably related to Elizabeth Davies.

Name Relationship to
Head of Family
as to Marriage
Age of Rank, Profession
or Occupation
Where Born
Eliza DAVIESHeadWidow 57Chain MakingRowley Regis STS
Sarah Ann DAVIESSisterUnm 51No occupationSummer Hill STS
Emma DAVIESDauUnm 19Chain MakerRowley Regis STS
George DAVIESSonUnm17 Chain MakerRowley Regis STS
Joseph DAVIESSonUnm11 ScholarRowley Regis STS

There is some doubt about this transcription, due to crossings-out and enumerator's marks on the return.

There are some curiosities here. I take Sarah Ann Davies to be Sarah Ann Davies née Skidmore, the wife or widow of Elizabeth Davies' eldest son Enoch (see the whole family). Enoch and Sarah Ann's family were living next door to Elizabeth Davies in the 1871 census of Darby Road, Rowley Regis. George and Joseph Davies were the sons of Sarah Ann.

Eliza and Emma remain mysteries. If Eliza was really Sarah Ann's sister, then presumably she was originally Eliza Skidmore. Possibly there were two Davies/Skidmore marriages.


1841Fox Oak, Cradley STS
1851Five Ways, Rowley Regis STS
1861Darby and Pargeters Colliery, Rowley Regis STS
1871Darby's Road, Rowley Regis STS

The Rowley Regis register lists two possible families, both of which had an Elizabeth Hingley baptised on 12 September 1798:-

Family of Noah and Ann Hingley
Noah Hingley, baptised 16 April 1797
Elizabeth Hingley, baptised 12 September 1798
David Hingley, born 9 December 1800, baptised 20 July 1802
Nathaniel Hingley, baptised 9 March 1806 aged 3¼ years
Family of Isaac and Esther Hingley (Esther buried 24 December 1811)
Josiah Hingley, baptised 18 April 1790
Shadrach Hingley, baptised 18 March 1792
Phebe Hingley, baptised April 1794
Elizabeth Hingley, baptised 12 September 1798
Rosanna Hingley, baptised 4 December 1804, buried 18 December 1805

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