William Stanier [<1742 - >1792]

[<1742 - >1792] FFFFFFFF

Some researchers have postulated that he was the William Stanier born 25 March 1734, Uppington SAL. Evidence is so far lacking, and the DNA evidence of a connection in the paternal line between the Staniers of Birmingham and the Stoniers of Mow Cop suggests otherwise.

Married 1: Ann [- 16 March 1764]

Children of first marriage: (For dates, etc, see all known descendants)

  1. Bridget Stanier
  2. William Stanier
  3. John Stanyer

Married 2: 4 July 1764 Wolverhampton St Peters Margaret Hughes
"William Stanier, widower, and Margaret Hughes X spinster of Sedgley"
The marriage was by licence, the witnesses to the bond being James Bennet and Paul Lawrence.

Children of second marriage: (For dates, etc, see all known descendants)

  1. Charles Stanier
  2. Benjamin Stanier
  3. Hannah Stanier
  4. John Stanier
  5. Joseph Stanier
  6. Sarah Stanier
  7. Charles Stanier
  8. Sarah Stanier
  9. William Stanier
  10. Benjamin Stanier

Married 3: Ann Whitehouse, 11 November 1792, Birmingham St Philips

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