Robert Kirk [1858 - 1931]

[1858 - 1931] MMFF

Born: 1 December 1858

Birth Certificate:

Registration DistrictIslington
in the Sub-District ofIslington
in the County ofMiddlesex
When and where born1 December 1858, 14 Coles Terrace
Name of Father John Kirk
Name of Mother Martha Kirk, formerly Blower
Profession of FatherWatch Engraver
InformantJohn Kirk, Father, 14 Coles Terrace Barnsbury Rd
When Registered28 December 1858

Father: John Kirk

Mother: Martha Blower

5-generation pedigree

Siblings: (For dates, etc, see the extended family)

  1. Fanny Kirk (stepsibling)
  2. John Thomas Kirk (stepsibling)
  3. Harberson Joseph Kirk
  4. Martha Kirk
  5. George Kirk
  6. Ernest Alfred Edward Kirk
  7.   Robert Kirk [1858 - 1931]
  8. Hephzibah Kirk

Married 1: Eleanor Amelia Leahair 25 March 1883

Marriage Certificate:

Registration DistrictIslington
Solemnized atThe Parish Church
in the Parish ofIslington
in the County ofMiddlesex
When Married25 March 1883
Name and Surname Robert Kirk
Ageof full age
Rank or ProfessionClerk
Residence15 Russel Rd
Father's NameJohn Kirk
Father's ProfessionEngineer
WitnessesThomas Leahair, Hephzibah Kirk
bride's father, groom's sister?

Children of first marriage:

  1. Robert Leahair Kirk
  2. Harold Leahair Kirk
  3. Ralph Leahair Kirk
  4. Gilbert Leahair Kirk
  5. Cecil Leahair Kirk
  6. Alexander Leahair Kirk
  7. Leonard Leahair Kirk
  8. Georgiana Eleanor Leahair Kirk

1890 Circa 1890 The picture is believed to show Robert Kirk, his first four children, his wife, and Alice Sherman who became his second wife.

Married 2: Alice Sherman

Marriage Certificate:

Solemnized atThe Register Office 295 Liverpool Road was the home of the Sherman family in the 1901 census. There were two visitors listed: Harold L Kirk (presumably, Robert's son Harold Leahair Kirk); and Alice M Barnes, who is listed in Alexander Leahair Kirk's address book.

    George Sherman [1841 - 3rd qtr 1901 Islington RD] married Mary A Unknown [1848 Deeping St James LIN - 1st qtr 1902 Pancras RD]
    1. Ada Sherman [1871 -]
    2. Amelia Sherman [2nd qtr 1872 Holborn RD -]
    3. Alice Sherman [2nd qtr 1874 Holborn RD -]
    4. Emma Sherman [1877 -]
    5. William Sherman [1881 -]
    6. Mary Ann M Sherman [2nd qtr 1885 Islington RD -]
    7. Richard Sherman [1888 -]
      (2 Cold Bath Square, Clerkenwell: RG10/387 f53 p46 {1871}
      15 Kings Road, St Pancras: RG11/195 f65 p16 {1881}
      164 St Johns St: RG12/228 f67 p19 {1891}
      295 Liverpool Rd: RG13/177 f100 p1 {1901})
in the District ofIslington
in the County ofLondon
When Married10 May 1902
Name and SurnameRobert Kirk Alice Sherman →
Age42 years 28 years
ConditionWidower spinster
ProfessionSolicitor's Clerk 
Residence295 Liverpool Road 295 Liverpool Road
Father's NameJohn Kirk George Sherman (deceased)
Father's ProfessionWatch Engraver Printer's Prover
WitnessesH Kirk, Annie Sherman
Groom's son, bride's sister?

A grand-daughter described Alice Sherman as "a small, dainty, kind woman", and Robert Kirk as "a big man"

Children of second marriage:

  1. Winifred Alice Kirk
  2. Eric Richard Kirk
  3. Stanley Robert Kirk
  4. Lawrence Walter Kirk
  5. George Edward Kirk
  6. Edith C 'Kitty' Kirk
  7. Ethel Grace Kirk
  8. Phyllis M Kirk

Died: 3 May 1931, Tottenham

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictEdmonton
in the Sub-District ofWest Tottenham
in the County ofMiddlesex
When and where died3 May 1931, 22c Alfoxton Avenue Tottenham
Name and SurnameRobert Kirk
Age71 years
OccupationSolicitors Clerk (retired)
Cause of death(a) Angina Pectoris (b) Myocarditis. No PM. Certified
InformantE Kirk, Son, Present at the death, 22c Alfoxton Avenue Tottenham
When Registered4 May


185814 Coles Terrace Barnsbury Rd
186126 Lower Smith St, Clerkenwell
1871108 Liverpool Road, Islington
1881Hornsey Road, Islington
188315 Russel Rd, Islington (Booth Map)
189142 Isledon Road, Islington
190029 Waldeck Road, South Tottenham
190157 Fulbourne Terrace, Walthamstow
1902295 Liverpool Road, Islington
191144 Hawksley Rd Stoke Newington
191714 Coles Terrace Barnsbury Rd
1917Alfoxton Avenue, Harringay

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