Eliza Whitmee [1837 - 1904]

[1837 - 1904] MFMFM

Born: 27 June 1837, Bletsoe BDF

This date is given in a private submission to the IGI. It is consistent with known facts, but no primary source evidence for the birth has yet been found.

Father: Peter Whitmee

Mother: Mary Petit

5-generation pedigree

Siblings: (For dates, etc, see the extended family)

  1.   Eliza Whitmee
  2. Sarah Jane Whitmee Whitmee
  3. Jabez Joseph Slater Whitmee →
  4. Hephzibah Emma Whitmee
  5. Elizabeth Whitmee
  6. James Pettit Whitmee
  7. Mary Ellen Whitmee →
  8. Walter Reginald Whitmee
  9. Hannah Whitmee →
  10. Esther Whitmee
  11. George Petit Whitmee
  12. John Thomas Whitmee
  13. Samuel Whitmee
  14. Ebenezer Whitmee

Married: John Hall 30 October 1866

Marriage Certificate:

  • Richard Page [1825 Hail Weston HUN - 4th qtr 1896 St Neots RD] married 3rd qtr 1844 St Neots RD Sarah Maria Banks [1828 Hail Weston HUN - 4th qtr 1897 St Neots RD]
    1. Deborah Maria Page [4th qtr 1844 St Neots RD -]
    2. James Banks Page [1st qtr 1847 St Neots RD -]
    3. Walter Richard Page [4th qtr 1848 St Neots RD -] married 2nd qtr 1872 St Neots RD Mary Ellen Whitmee
    4. Mary Ann Elizabeth Page [1st qtr 1852 St Neots RD -] married 3rd qtr 1876 St Neots RD Jabez Joseph Slater Whitmee
    5. Alfred William Page [1st qtr 1854 St Neots RD -] married 2nd qtr 1872 St Neots RD Hannah Whitmee
    6. John Mason Page [1st qtr 1856 St Neots RD - 2nd qtr 1914 St Neots RD]
    7. Edward Townsend Page [1st qtr 1858 St Neots RD -] married 2nd qtr 1885 West Ham RD Elizabeth Mary Youdan
      1. Albert Edward Y Page [4th qtr 1885 Stepney RD -]
      2. Fanny Priscilla Page [2nd qtr 1891 St Neots RD -]
      3. Nellie Elizabeth Page [2nd qtr 1891 St Neots RD -]
      4. Walter George Page [1st qtr 1898 St Neots RD -]
      5. John Herbert Page [2nd qtr 1901 St Neots RD -]
        Main Street, Hail Weston HUN: RG13/1483 f73 p1 {1901}
        Hail Weston HUN: RG14/8812 sn11 {1911 [Edward, Elizabeth, Walter, and John. Also Annie Venea Page, born ~1863]})
    8. George Robert Page [1st qtr 1861 St Neots RD -] married 4th qtr 1884 St Neots RD Annie Venea Bosworth
    9. Richard Browning Page [1st qtr 1862 St Neots RD -]
    10. Joseph Banks Page [2nd qtr 1864 St Neots RD -] married 2nd qtr 1887 St Neots RD Beatrice Emery Davies
    11. Philip Henry Page [3rd qtr 1867 St Neots RD -]
      (Hail Weston HUN: HO107/1750 f430 p13 {1851}, RG9/983 f117 p2 {1861}, RG10/1535 f114 p3 {1871}, RG11/1612 f107 p13 {1881}, RG12/1243 f89 p9 {1891})

Registration DistrictSaint Neots
Solemnized atEaton Socon
in the Parish ofEaton Socon
in the County ofBedfordshire
When Married30 October 1866
Name and Surname Eliza Whitmee
ResidenceEaton Socon
Father's NamePeter Whitmee
Father's ProfessionLabourer
WitnessesWilliam Pettit, Hephzibah Emma Whitmee
bride's uncle and sister?


  1. William Gershom Whitmee
  2. Joseph Hall
  3. Agnes Hall
  4. George James Hall
  5. Mary 'Polly' Hall
  6. Walter Hall
  7. Alfred Hall
  8. Louisa Hall
  9. Mabel Hall

Died: 11 November 1904, Eaton Socon

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictSt Neots
in the Sub-District ofKimbolton
in the Counties ofHunts and Beds
When and where died11 November 1904, The Ford, Eaton Socon Beds RD
Name and SurnameEliza Hall
Age67 years
OccupationWife of John Hall, Market Gardener
Cause of deathCerebral Haemorrhage, Uraemia, certified
InformantH Holley, present at the death, Eaton Socon
When Registered14 November 1904


Rememberence of
ELIZA wife of
The Ford
A dear and affectionate mother
who was called to rest
after great suffering
11th Nov 1904
in her 68th year
On Christ the solid rock I stand
all other ground is sinking sand
With Christ which is far better
Also of
who died 28th January 1914
in his 71st year.
Peace Perfect Peace


1841Perry Lodge, Perry HUN
1851Perry HUN
1861Perry Lodge, Perry HUN
1871 - 1881Eaton Ford, Eaton Socon BDF
1891Eaton Socon BDF
1901Eaton Ford BDF

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