Joshua Cornelius Poole [1899 - 1971]

[1899 - 1971] FMF

Born: 29 August 1899

Birth Certificate:

Registration DistrictStourbridge
in the Sub-District ofHalesowen
in the County ofWorcestershire
When and where born29 August 1899, Banners Lane Cradley
NameJoshua Cornelius
Name of Father William Poole
Name of Mother Jane Poole formerly Clift
Profession of FatherLabourer at iron works
InformantJane Poole X, Mother, Banners Lane Cradley
When Registered10 October 1899

Father: William Poole

Mother: Jane Clift

5-generation pedigree

Joshua never knew two of his grandparents. His descent was

Grandparents Richard Poole Elizabeth Grove William Clift Abigail Head
Parents William Poole Jane Clift
Joshua Cornelius Poole

but before Joshua's birth, William Clift and Elizabeth Grove had died, and Richard Poole and Abigail Head married each other.

1915 circa 1915

Siblings: (For dates, etc, see the extended family)

  1. Ellen Johnson aka Poole (Adopted §)
  2. Martha Ethelreda Poole
  3.   Joshua Cornelius Poole
  4. William Poole
  5. Joseph Lavender

§: Ellen Johnson was not formally adopted, there being no legal adoption procedure until the passing of "An Act to make provison for the adoption of infants" on 14 August 1926. William and Jane simply brought her up as if she were their natural child. She is referred to in census returns as "Emma Poole".

According to family tradition, Emma was William's illegitimate daughter. But her birth certificate lists her as the daughter of James Johnson, and her marriage certificate as the daughter of James Johnson (deceased).

Married: Elsie Whitehouse 13 October 1924

Marriage Certificate:

Registration DistrictDudley
Solemnized atThe Parish Church
in the Parish ofReddal Hill
in the County ofStaffordshire
When Married13 October 1924
Name and Surname Joshua Cornelius Poole
Rank or ProfessionShotworker
Residence113 Corngreaves Rd, Cradley Heath
Father's NameWilliam Poole (deceased)
Father's ProfessionAnchor Striker
WitnessesWilliam Poole jr, Nellie Whitehouse
groom's brother, bride's sister?

with Elsie With Elsie Whitehouse

1920 With Elsie and Nellie Whitehouse, circa 1920

1920 With Elsie Whitehouse, circa 1920

1920 1920


  1. Maris Doreen Poole
  2. Kenneth Maxwell Poole

1950 With Pamela Stanier, circa 1950

1950 With Alan Stanier, circa 1951

1954 With Alan & Pamela Stanier, circa 1954


He was much involved with the People's Mission, Overend. The History of Cradley Churches, Volume 3: Twentieth Century Methodism shows him to have been:-

1919 - 1939
Joint Superintendant
Trustee Joshua Poole, Belle Vale, Fitter
Trust Treasurer

Died: 21 October 1971, Halesowen

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictDudley
in the Sub-District ofSedgley
Administrative AreaCounty Borough of Dudley
Date and place of death16 October 1971, Burton Road Hospital, Dudley
Name and SurnameJoshua Cornelius Poole
Date and place of birth29 August 1899, Cradley Heath, Warley
Occupation and usual addressPipe Works Foreman (retired). 32 St Kenelm's Avenue, Hasbury, Halesowen
InformantRoger William Stanier
Usual address61 Farnhurst Road, Birmingham 36
Cause of deathIa Myocardial infarction
Date of Registration19 October 1971


OfJoshua Cornelius Poole of 32 St Kenelms Ave Halesowen, Workshop Foreman
Dated19 October 1970
ExecutorsElsie Poole, if she survive him 7 days, otherwise Kenneth M Poole and Maris D Stanier
WitnessesJ Small solicitor of Halesowen, R A Floyd trainee legal executive of "Lou Anne" Clement Rd Halesowen
LegaciesAll estate to wife Elsie Poole, if she survive him 7 days, otherwise half to daughter Maris Doreen Stanier, or to her issue should she have died; and half to be held in trust for the issue of son Kenneth Maxwell Poole, when they reach 18 years.


OfJoshua Cornelius Poole
On10 December 1971


1899 - 1901Banners Lane, Cradley
1911 - 1924113 Corngreaves Road, Cradley Heath
1928Belle Vale, Cradley
1930 - 1935Drew's Holloway, Halesowen
1935 - 1939 - 1954143 Haden Hill, Halesowen
1954 - 197132 St Kenelms Ave, Halesowen

1915 1920 1950 1951 1954

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