John Goodman [1751 - >1798]

[1751 - >1798] MFFMMMF

Baptised: 26 May 1751, Whitstone, Parish Register

Father: Henry Goodman

Mother: Grace Blacke

5-generation pedigree

Married: Elizabeth Goodman


  1. John Goodman
  2. Mary Goodman

Land Tax Assessment:

Date Place Proprietor Occupier Sum
1798 Whitstone Lord Dunstanville John Goodman 9s 3d
1798 Whitstone Lord Dunstanville John Goodman 18s 6d

In Land Tax Contract 81,767 dated 28 March 1800 (PRO IR24/95), Rt Hon Francis Lord de Dunstanville of Tehiddy Park is shown as the owner, John Goodman the occupier, of Nethcott Whitstone, assessed at 18s 6d.


1890Nethcote, Whitstone

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