Henry Goodman [1716 - >1800]

[1716 - >1800] MFFMMMFF


Date23 November 1716
WhereWeek St Mary
Text"baptized Henry son of John Goodman by (illegible)"

Father: John Goodman

Mother: Wilmotte Marshall

5-generation pedigree


  1.   Henry Goodman [1716 - >1800]
  2. Mary Goodman [28 May 1716 - ]

Married: Grace Blacke, 23 July 1745, Whitstone, Parish Register


  1. John Goodman

Land Tax Assessment:

Date Place Proprietor Occupier Sum
1798 WhitstoneMr John Webb Henry Goodman £3 1s 8d
1798 WhitstoneLord Dunstanville Henry Goodman 12s 4d
1798 Week St Mary Hy Goodman Hy Goodman £1 2s 2d
1798 Week St Mary Lord De Dunstanville Hy Goodman 12s 3¾d
1798 Week St Mary Lord De Dunstanville Hy Goodman 2s 5½d

In Land Tax Contract 81,767 dated 28 March 1800, (PRO IR24/95), Rt Hon Francis Lord de Dunstanville of Tehiddy Park is shown as the owner, Henry Goodman the occupier, of Orchard Week St Mary, assessed at 12s 3¾d and Hoursteel Week St Mary, assessed at 2s 5½d.


1800Hoursteel, Week St Mary

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