James Read [1786 - 1858]

[1786 - 1858] FFMFFF

Born: 27 January 1786

Baptismal Entry:


Father: William Read

Mother: Frances Butcher

5-generation pedigree

Date26 February 1786
WhereHampstead MDX St John
Text"James son of Wm and Frances Read born 27 Jan, bapt Feb 26 1786"


  1. Elizabeth Ann Read [born 13 November 1783 Hampstead -] married 7 November 1815 St George Hanover Square Claudius Davis [- 4th qtr 1857 Hampstead RD]
    1. Claudius Charles Davis [born 4 April 1820 Hampstead - 2nd qtr 1892 Easthampstead RD] married 4th qtr 1842 Hemel Hempstead HRT RD Elizabeth Ann Bowyer [1820 -]
      1. Claudius Charles Davis [3rd qtr 1845 Easthampstead BRK RD - 4th qtr 1872 Easthampstead RD]
      2. Thomas James Davis [1847 -] married 24 September 1878 Alveston WAR Amelia Lane [1850 Alveston WAR - 1942]
        (family photograph)
        1. Claudius Charles Davies (photograph) [3rd qtr 1879 Easthampstead RD - 1936 CAN ] married 1913 Edna Louise Ralston [11 August 1888 York ON CAN - 1952 Brada SK CAN]
          Member of the Canadian House of Commons for North Battleford, Saskatchewan, 1921 - 1925
          (family photograph)
          1. Thomas Harry Davies [6 September 1916 North Battleford SK - 14 March 2005 Abbotsford BC] married Iona Muriel Timmons [15 September 1920 Carnduff SK - 15 December 2004]
            1. Donna Davies
              1. Meghan Davies
              2. Joanna Davies married Randy Goosen
                1. Emma Goosen
                2. Dylan Goosen
            2. Blair Davies
            3. Bob Davies
          2. Edie Davies [1918 -] married Lawrence Rowland
            1. Doug Charles Rowland married Unknown Hope
              1. Paul Rowland married Stephanie Unknown
                1. Lawrence Rowland
              2. Wade Rowland married Wendy Unknown
                • one child
              Doug Charles Rowland married Helen Unknown
            2. Wade Rowland [1944 -] married Christine Collie
              1. Hilary Rowland
              2. Simon Rowland
          3. Charles Frederick Davies [1921 -] married 1945 Dorothy Alexandra Duncan [1920 - 1991]
            1. William Charles Davies married 1982 Ironbridge ON CAN Mary-Jo Allen
              1. Matthew Charles Davies
            2. Darlene Adele Davies married Vancouver CAN Bruce Erickson
              1. Jenna Leane Erickson
              2. Lanae Alyssa Erickson
              3. Lacey Marie Erickson
            3. Richard Dale Davies
            4. Wendy Marie Davies
          4. Bob Davies [1926 -] married Mickey Kilpatrick [1927 -]
            1. Brenda Davies married Aspokitos, Greece
            2. Doug Davies
            3. Don Davies married Val Unknown
            4. Irene Davies married Brian Brodie
              1. Ben Brodie
              2. Sara Brodie
              3. Peter Brodie
              4. Hannah Brodie
              5. Michael Brodie
              6. Thomas Brodie
              7. David Brodie
            5. Roger Davies
            Denholm SK CAN: RG31 folder156 p5 {1921}
        2. Rosamond Davies [1st qtr 1881 Easthampstead RD -] married 7 July 1908 Easthampstead John Comber Raybould Gardner [1884 Bromsgrove WOR - 10 May 1858 Maidenhead]
          1. John Comber Raybould Gardner [1909 Tilehurst - 13 November 1964] married 2nd qtr 1936 Paddington RD Linda May Scammell [3rd qtr 1908 Portsmouth RD -]
              The marriage record also gives the bride's name as Linda May Oakley.
              59 Greenway, Chislehurst KEN {1965 [John's probate record. Effects £3500]}
          2. Mary Rosamund Gardner [3rd qtr 1912 Reading RD -]
            Ford House, Kentwood Hill, Tilehurst BRK: RG14/6552 sn229 {1911 [1 child to marriage, surviving]}
            Flat 6 Ray Lodge, Maidenhead KEN {1958 [John' probate record. Effects £3258 7s 5d
        3. Edith Mary Davies [4th qtr 1883 Easthampstead RD - 2nd qtr 1913 Easthampstead RD]
        4. Dorothy Davies [1st qtr 1886 Easthampstead RD -]
          London Road, Winkfield BRK: RG11/1319 f115 p14 {1881}
          High Street, Warfield: RG12/1006 f82 p11 {1891}
          Stanley Road, Warfield BRK: RG13.1162 f100 p46 {1901 [Thomas, Amelia, Edith, and Dorothy]}
          Clacton Villas, Stanley Road, Bracknell, BRK: RG14/6671 sn310 {1911 [Amelia (married), Edith, and Dorothy. 4 children to marriage, all surviving]}
      3. William Edward Davis [4th qtr 1848 Easthampstead RD -]
      4. Elizabeth A Davis [~May 1850 -]
      5. Julia Davis [3rd qtr 1856 Easthampstead RD -]
      6. Agnes Davis [1860 -]
      7. Edith Davis [1863 -]
        Cowpers Hill Farm, Easthampstead: HO107/1694 f637 p26 {1851}
        Bracknell Street, Warfield BRK: RG10/1294 f76 p7 {1871}, RG11/1318 f86 p8 {1881}
  2.   James Read [1786 - 1858]
  3. William Read [born 4 May 1788 Hampstead -]
  4. Thomas Scott Read [born 25 December 1790 Hampstead - 19 August 1792 Hampstead]
  5. Mary Ann Read [born 6 August 1793 Hampstead -] married James Hunt
    1. Mary Ann Hunt [fl 29 October 1839]
  6. Edward Read [born 9 July 1796 Hampstead - 4th qtr 1859 Leeds RD] married 3rd qtr 1842 Leeds YKS RD Mary Flockton
    Listed as Chief Constable of Leeds in Trade Directories for 1834, 1841 and 1851.

    Leeds City police was not recognised as a formally established police force until April 1836. Prior to that date there were police officers in Leeds in the form of 'Parish Constables' and 'The Watch'. A small group of Parish Constables, could have as their boss a 'Head Constable', a 'Superintendent', a 'Sergeant' or a 'Chief Officer' (Constable).

    Edward Read was promoted to be the second Head (Chief) Constable of the Leeds City Police on 8th December 1837, and stayed in office until 1 January 1859.

    1. Emily Flockton [3rd qtr 1839 Leeds RD -] (daughter of Mary Flockton) married 2nd qtr 1867 Pontefract RD Thomas Johnson
      1. Emily Flockton Johnson [2nd qtr 1868 Pontefract RD - 2nd qtr 1868 Pontefract RD]
      2. Emmeline Mary Flockton Johnson [30 September 1869 Knottingley YKS - 7 February 1955] married 4 July 1893 Knottingley Charles Herbert Bagley
        1. Emily May Bagley [19 May 1894 Knottingley -]
        2. John William Bagley [10 May 1898 Knottingley - 2 November 1942] married 4th qtr 1927 Pontefract RD Winifred Marshall
          1. Patricia Bagley [16 June 1933 - 8 October 2000 Pontefract YKS] married 4th qtr 1954 Pontefract RD Willie B Pearson
            1. James B Pearson
            2. Jennifer M Pearson
        Aire Street, Knottingley YKS: RG10/4631 f68 p18 {1871}
    2. Edward Read [2nd qtr 1843 Leeds RD as Edwin -] married Annie M Unknown [1841 Louth LIN - 19 December 1909]
      1. Edward Sutton Read [1873 Leeds - 1 July 1911] married 26 July 1903 All Hallow's Leeds Harriet Alice Thompson [4th qtr 1880 Teesdale RD -]
        1. Margaret Edna Read [baptised 21 September 1904 All Hallow's Leeds - 4th qtr 1904 Sheffield RD]
          1 Pine Villas, Churwell Rd, Heathfield SSX: RG14/4950 sn233 {1911 [1 child, now dead]}
        9 Blundell Street, Leeds: RG10/4565 f151 p39 {1871}
        Villa Main Street, Ingoldmells LIN: RG11/3257 f88 p1 {1881}
        Marine House, Mumby Chapel, Mumby LIN: RG12/2605 f175 p4 {1891}
        107 Penny Lane, Toxteth Park, Liverpool LAN RG13/3441 f29 p4 {1901}
    3. Fanny Read [3rd qtr 1844 Leeds RD - 2nd qtr 1855 Leeds RD]
    4. George Henry Read [1st qtr 1848 Leeds RD -]
    5. Mary Jane Read [2nd qtr 1852 Leeds RD -]
      63 Ibbotson Place, Leeds YKS: HO107/2321 f568 p19 {1851}
      63 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds: RG9/3393 f64 p16 {1861}
  7. Charles Read [born 29 January 1800 Hampstead - 27 May 1829 Hampstead] married Dorothy Unknown
    1. Ann Elizabeth Read [born 26 August 1818, baptised 22 November 1818 St Luke Old Street -]
    2. Harriott Louisa Read [born 12 April 1820, baptised 1 July 1821 St Luke Old Street -]
  8. Eliza Read [born 27 July 1803 Hampstead - buried 1 November 1803 Hampstead]
  9. Frances Lucretia Read [born 15 November 1804 Hampstead - buried 2 September 1807 Hampstead (as Fanny)]

William Read's will, dated 29 October 1839 lists these children and grandchildren:

If these are all his children and grandchildren alive at the date of his will, then
  1. Ann Elizabeth Read, who is not mentioned, was dead by that date.
  2. One of his sons had a daughter, Ellen Read, or one of his daughters had her illegitimately. There was an Ellen Read listed in the 1841 census, living next door to William's widow, Elizabeth Read (HO107/674/1 f26 p15), in the household of a Robert Read:-

    NameAgeborn MDX?
    Robert Read42No
    Maria Read40No
    Edward Read13Yes
    Mary Read11Yes
    Charles Read10Yes
    Ellen Read8Yes
    Robert Read5Yes
    Maria Read3Yes
    Ann Read1 monthYes

    but this may be coincidence: Robert, being born outside MDX, is unlikely to be William's son; and if he were, the lack of any mention of other family members in the will is curious.

Married: Mary Pasteur, 19 July 1816

Marriage Entry:

ChurchPaddington St James
Date19 July 1816
NameJames Read
Ofthis parish bachelor
and NameMary Pasteur
Ofthis parish spinster
WitnessesMr. Hamon, Sarah Read


  1. James Edward Read (illegitimate son of James Read)
  2. N Read Private letter

His son, N. Read, sent a letter from The Sea Bathing Infirmary at Margate in 1829.

Front Page
Mrs Read
32 Wyndham Street
Bryaston Square
Page 1
Margate 12th Sept 1829
Dear Father and Mother,

I received your letter to day, and I should have written before, only, that I was anxious to get settled in the Infirmary, and since that I have waited hoping to send you favourable account; and it was not until I had been there a few days that I could judge. However I think I may venture to say that these last two days I have been better. I have left off formenting the parts with warm Sea water, as it caused great irritation, and I now have simple dressings to it which is healing it very fast. I also take some drops three times a day in water, which I think disperses the hard swelling but I cannot judge of that very well yet. I take the warm Bath three times a week. We get up on those mornings before half past 5, and on others at 6 a 'Clock, we go into the Hall at 8, when a Prayer is said by the Steward, and also before Supper, we dine at 1, on Sundays off Roast Beef, and Mutton alternately. They have good meat, legs of Mutton, and Shoulders and Prime pieces of Beef. The Breakfasts are sometimes Milk Gruel, and others Water do - but I have Tea except on Sunday when it is Milk. The Suppers are Rice Milk and Broth, and on Saturday and Sunday night Bread and Cheesse and Table Beer, of which we have a Pint every day at dinner, but it is very bad. We are requested if able to go to Church on Sunday, and are allowed to go to Margate by obtaining leave from the Steward, but I have not been except last Sunday and to day.

Page 2 I saw Mr. Turner this morning and he has also called upon me twice. Mrs. Dodsworths servants are very kind to me, and Miss Do has lent me two books to read. I did not get into the Infirmary the day I expected, and by when I had paid my Lodging and other little things I found myself very poor, But Mr. Turner told me you wished him to advance me some, so he has given me another sovereign, which I hope will be sufficient. I am happy to say I am very comfortable here, and find every kindness shown me. I am glad to hear Father has been successful in getting the job for the Countess, and I hope it may prove a very profitable one. I am sorry to hear of my Brother James' attack, which must have been very serious at the time, but I hope that it has entirely left him. Mr. Turner leaves here on Tuesday, and I believe will be in London soon. He has told the Steward that I can assist in the School, for there is one for an hour every day among the little Children. My Throat has been sore this day or two, and I have bought a little piece of flannel for the air is very keen here being in an open place; it is called Westbrook for every bunch of houses here have a name if there were only three. I shall now conclude hoping that you are all in good health and give my respects to all friends. I shall write as often as you have desired and and before should any thing particular happen. Direct for me Margate Sea Bathing
Page 3 Infirmary No 9 Ward.

I remain
Your dutiful Son
N Read.

Died: 11 March 1858, Wyndham Street, Marylebone Gravestone

Death Certificate:

Registration DistrictMarylebone
in the Sub-District ofSt Mary
in the County ofMiddlesex
When and where died11 March 1858, 32 Wyndham Street
Name and SurnameJames Read
Age74 years
Cause of deathDecay of Nature, certified
InformantJames Read, in attendance, 32 Wyndham Street Marylebone
When Registered17 March 1858

Burial Entry:

Date19 March 1858
NameJames Read
ResidenceSt Marylebone


This is the last Will and Testament of me James Read of 2nd 32 Wyndham Street, Marylebone in the County of Middlesex Gentleman

In the first place I desire to be buried in my private grave in the burial ground of the Church of St Johns Wood Marylebone and in the next place I desire that my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses be paid and satisfied as soon as may be after my decease.

I give and bequeath all my household goods furniture plate china and other effects (except the watch hereafter mentioned) which shall be in or about my house at the time of my decease unto my grandson James Read absolutely.

I give and bequeath my small silver watch unto Thomas Bartlett the younger now residing at Drury Ln.

I give and bequeath unto each of my grandchildren (namely) to the said James Read and to Lucy Read, William Read, Fanny Read and Harry Read the sum of ten pounds.

small map I give devise and bequeath all that my copyhold house grounds and premises called South End House situated in Pond Street Hampstead in the County of Middlesex and also all that my leasehold house situate and being 2nd 30 Sherborne Street Blandford Square in the said County and also all that my real and personal estate to which I am entitled at the time of my decease, except what I have disposed of by this my will or shall do by any codicil thereto, unto my illegitimate son James Read of 14 Wyndham Street aforesaid carpenter to hold the same to him his heirs executors administrators and assigns absolutely.

And I appoint him sole Executor of this my will and hereby revoking all former and other Wills and Testamentary Dispositions by me at any time heretofore made I declare this alone to be my last Will and Testament in Witness thereof I have to this my last Will set my hand this twenty sixth day of May one thousand eight hundred and fifty four - James Read

Signed by the said James Read as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses - Fras Robinson, 48 Conduit Street Hanover Square - James Cordery of the same place his Clerk.

Proved at London 26th May 1858 by the oath of James Read the sole executor to whom probate was granted.

The copyhold South End House in Pond Street Hampstead is not mentioned in the Records of Hampstead Manor (GLRO E/MW/H/I). However, the term Pond Street was used for the entire area ("POND-STREET, a hamlet in the parish of Hampstead, county Middlesex, 4 miles N.W. of St. Paul's, London." The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland, 1868), and census records suggest South End House may have been built on South End Farm, which was the property of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. The house itself was tenemented some time before 1848, and housed multiple households at the time of the 1851 and 1861 census: it does not appear in the 1841 census, but there was a Read family living on South End Green.

His father's will, dated 2 October 1839, refers to two copyhold houses at 2 and 8 South End Green, so it is likely one of these became "South End House"

Probate: 26 May 1858


1837: Robsons London J Read, carpenter, 32 Wyndham Street
1838: Pigots London J Read, carpenter, 32 Wyndham Street
1844: Thompsons London John Read, carpenter, 32 Wyndham Street
1848: Post Office London James Read sr, carpenter, 32 Wyndham Street


1837 (map dated 1827) - 1838 - 1841 - 1851 - 1844 - 1848 - 1858 (2nd) 32 Wyndham Street, Marylebone (map dated 1874)

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