Sandtoft - LIN ENG

Sandtoft - LIN ENG

OS Grid Reference: 53°34'N 0°56'W

Name Origin: Old Scandinavian sandtofte sandy homestead.

The Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales, ed J.H.F.Brabner, 1895:

Sandtoft, a hamlet in Belton parish, Lincolnshire, 1 mile N of Epworth and 3 miles NW of Belton.


Sandtoft lies in Hatfield Chase on the Isle of Axholme, once an area of fenland. Roger de Mowbray, an antient lord of Axholme, established a cell there under the abbey of St Mary of York, for whose defence a mastiff was to be perpetually maintained.

The drainage of Hatfield Chase was commenced in 1626. Two years later 80 Huguenot families from Walloon Flanders, fleeing persecution, settled in the area. In 1635 there was another large influx of Huguenots, mostly artisans and farmers from Normandy and the Walloon country. A chapel was erected at Sandtoft for their use, and here the public service was read alternately in Dutch and French.

The fenland natives were hostile to the drainage of the Level, believing that the participants (as the partners in the drainage undertaking were here known) were robbing them of their rights of common established by John de Mowbray in the reign of Edward III. In the years 1628 to 1631 there were fourteen outbursts of violence. This was followed by some years of comparative peace, but the beginning of the Civil War in 1642 saw the start of a period of greater lawlessness (see this entry from the Calendar of State Papers Domestic for 1643). In December 1645 the sheriff of Lincolnshire was instructed to suppress the riots, making use of train-bands of the county, and any parliamentary forces which might be there, to protect the participants and repair the damaged drainage. The fenmen took their case to law, but when the Court of Excequer ruled against them in 1650, a great riot broke out: the Chapel at Sandtoft was defaced, the village which had grown up round it demolished, the floodgates opened, and the River Trent allowed to overflow the Level once more.

The mistreatment of the Huguenots by the fenman had always encouraged a small number to leave for more friendly surroundings: the riots of 1650 turned a trickle to a flood. Many found their way to the Huguenot settlement at Whittlesey, and thence to Thorney, where the French Church assembled in 1652. In 1656, a group of Sandtoft Huguenots petitioned Oliver Cromwell for relief from their persecution: judgement was given in their favour, but little practical effect was felt.

Litigation, and frequent riots, continued until 1719, when the fenmen's case was dismissed in the Court of Chancery.

The Register of Sandtoft Chapel is now lost, having once been in the possession of the antiquary George Stovin, but not found amongst his papers after his death. Stovin did, however, extract some entries from the register, as follows:-



April 3
Mart Dubliq and Eliz. Teurqoin
June 11
Anthoine Blancart and Marie Bondvel
October 22
Anthoine Scanfair and Jenne Longuespee
November 5
Pier Delahaye and Jenne Henegrave
January 28
Noe Ager and Jeann Caidoy


May 19
Jesay Beamarm and Susann Lehouq
July 14
Jaques Pinssoy and Susann Leespier
June 10
Jehan Leleu and Judith Lenoy
July 21
Jaques Leroy and Maria Pinsfoy


July 15
Simon Acfair (probably a misreading of Le Hair - see baptisms, 1656) and Maria LeRoy
August 3
Francois Derick and Cath. Delespiser
August 10
Anthoine Leflour and Maria Renault


March 30
Pier Amory and Maria Watson
August 2
Jacob Renard and Maria Frank

1647 - 1648

October 29
Christian Smaque and MagDelein Descamps
January 14
Michell Lebrand and Ester Pensoy
Piere Descamps and Ester Cony


July 1
Isaac Delanoy and Marie Du Battelet
July 15
Jaques Harnew and Jenne Le Roy


June 3
Oser Legrand and Jenne Hancar
January 1
Jaq. Dumoulin and Cath. Legrain


April 23
Anthoine Blancar and Marie Lespiere


November 9
Jaques Coquelar and Ester Morilion


February 15
Abram Egard and Jeanne Delanoy
July 25
David Morrillion and Catherin Banruedt
October 30
Piere Lelieu and Ester Lenoir
November 1
Isaac de bacy and Eliz. Amory
January 18
Isenbar Chavatte and Ann Morrillion
Mare de coup and Marie Morrillion
February 8
Isaac Vanplue and Jeann duvertier
March 14
Jacob Tissen and Marie Baurudet


November 28
Isaac Beharelle and Jean Discamps
January 23
Jacob Tyssen and Sara de Raedt
David Letalle and Maria Amory
February 13
Piere Tyssen and Eliz. Leenards


February 24
Abram Beharelle and Elizabeth Letalle
February 26
Piere Leleu and Maria duvertier
March 4
Isenbar Chavatte and Marie Smaque


April 4
Abram Bareel and Francoise Sterpin
Matthias Priem and Sarah Smaque


January 25
Isaac Desbiens and Joanna Waterloo



May 19
Eliz. daughter of Noe Matts and Marguerit Guiselin
February 22
Isaac son of Jean Beharrelle and Jane Jordain
February 26
Jacob son of Mattw Porree and Maria Jaquemine
Susann daughter of Osee Tafin and Sara de Zonmber
March 26
Michael son of Custaw Legrand and Magelen Chavatte


April 3
Pierre son of David Morrillion and Anne Letalle
July 23
Jaques son of Jehan Le Talle and Judith Descamps
Jean son of Jaques Hernu and Jenne Lombard
September 24
Matthew son of Crullin Priem and Sara Bresmr
October 25
Margt daughter of Matthew Brungue and Marguerit Bale
November 26
Jaques son of Jehan Letalle and Jaquenime Tissen
December 3
Isaac son of Jaques Flahau and Jeanne Chatelet. Temoins: Isaac Amory and Judith Leflour
March 14
Marie daughter of Isaac Amory and Maria Morillion
January 22
Pier son of Monsr Berchett, minister
Susan daughter of Anthonine Dubois and Susanna Morillin


Issenbar son of Isenbar Chavatte
September 1
Susan daughter of Roland Dubois and Magdalen Cardue
Matthias son of Charles Prime and Pree Messman
Piere son of Jean and Jennine Morillion
Ann daughter of David Morrillion and Ann Letalle
Jacob son of Isaac Vennin and Cath. Smaque
Jacob son of Isaac Amory and Maria (presumably Morillion, cf 14 March 1643)
February 6
Eliz, daughter of Adrian Vanhouge and Eliz. Derrick
February 9
Isaac son of Isaac Lelew and Judith Leroy


March 30
Eliz. daughter of Isaac Amory and Ann Morrillion
Andu Clebaux son of ... Lenoy
John son of Antoin Le Roux and Maria Duffosse
October 26
Maur daughter of Nicholas Tyssen and Sara Jacob
Abraham son of Anthoine Dubois and Susann Morrillion
Johan son of Jaques Flahau and Jeanne Castlet


Marie daughter of Pier Delagaye and Susanne
Dina daughter of Charles Raney and Sara Elbiet
Ann daughter of David Le Conte and Sara Werquin
Isaac son of Anthoin Massengarbe and Dnia Mitchell
Marie daughter of Marc Dubliq and Eliz. Turquine
July 21
Ester daughter of Robt Flahau and Maria Scanflair
Eliz. daughter of Custar Legrand and Magdelen Asolom
September 20
Cath. daughter of Isenbar Scavat and Maria Descamps
Marie daughter of Isaac Roublay and Sarah Scanflair
November 1
Isaac son of Isaac Amory and Ann Morrillion
Charles son of Charles Grebault and Eliz. Ferre
Abram son of Anthoine Merquehier and
Sarah daughter of Adrian Vanhouq and Eliz. Derrick


Piere son of Isaac Venin and Cath. Smaque
Anne daughter of Cxtian Fontain and Francoise Beaussart
Jacob son of Rolland Dubois and Magdellan Cardoy
Margeret daughter of Mathin Brugne and Margueret
Isaac son of Josias Harlay and Maria Legrand
Jacob son of Isaac Clais and Maria Deltur


Jacques son of Isaac Amory and Ann Morillion
October 4
Abram son of Francois Derique and
April 15
David son of Charles Priam and Peronne Mesinan
May 27
Abram son of Abram Desquire and Maria Dubois
Abram son of Charles Geubau and Eliz. Ferz
Isaac son of Jean Lelue and Judith Le Roy
August 5
Eester daughter of Guilim Prime and Sarah Bresme
Ester daughter of Anthoim Merquilide and Anthennett Treffet
Sarah daughter of Chrestian Smaque and Madelener Descay
October 7
Samuel Amory


Adrien son of Adrien Vanhouq and Eliz. Derrick
November 18
Susanne daughter of Jean Vennin and Cath. Smaque
Jane daughter of Thos Benitland and Louyse de Zembr


Jaques son of Martin Dubois and Judith Salmon
May 5
David son of Jean Beharelle and Jenne Cordain
May 12
Marie daughter of Jean Letalle and Judith Descay
May 19
Jenne daughter of Anthoine leroux and Marie Dufosse


May 11
Marie daughter of Isaac Hancar and Jenne Legrand
Ester daughter of Robt and Marie Taffin
Susnie? daughter of Isaace Amory and Ann Morillion
November 16
Ann daughter of Joel de Lepiere and Marie Lermitte
Ann daughter of David Leconte
January 25
David and Abram sons of David and Ester Lenoy


Abram son of Jean de Lannois and Marie Pincheon
May 30
David son of Jan Amory and Marie Thery
Piere son of Jan de Roubay and Sara Canster
June 20
Jan son of Abram Blique and Marie Discampe
July 4
Piere son of Daniel Duverlie and Marye Lenoir
December 22
Jacob son of Jacob Liennar and Mary Frank
Jacob son of Charles de Lannoy and Sara Albert
March 6
Marie daughter of Mr Berchett minister de Sandtoft and Marie Lecoq


Samll son of Isaac Amory and Anne Morillion
September 4
Isaac son of Jan Vennin and Cath. Smaque
October 9
Vierre son of Isambar Chauate and Mary Ample


March 12
Sarah daughter of Joel Lespirre and Mary Lermit
April 9
Marye daughter of Isaac Lennoy and Marye de Chatlet
January 25
Jan daughter of Piere Egar and Sarah Vandebec
Jenne daughter of Jan demoulin and Margeret Legraine
February 25
Jehan son of Pierre Egar and Sara Vandebec. Temoins: Jehan Egar and Marÿe Quoy wife of Jaques Iserby


Piere son of Piere Duquenne and Jenne Bernard


Abram son of George Hardicq and Marye Roubay
May 26
Piere son of Samll Letalle and Eliz. Descon
Abram son of Simon Le Haire and Marye Le Roy
Jan son of Isaac Hancar and Jenne Legrand


Marie daughter of Jan Venain and Catherine Smasque
October 18
Marie daughter of Pieire Egar and Sara Vandebec


Sara daughter of Jan Vennin and Cath. Smaque
Ellie son of Charles Lennoy and Sara Albert


Anne daughter of Jan Lehaire and Anne Le Roy


March 25
Piere son of David Morillion and Ann Letalle
June 28
Abram son of Jan Vennin and Cath Smaque
October 14
David son of Samll Letalle and Eliz. Descon


June 27
Susanne daughter of Benjamin quoy and Elisabet Lehoug


September 14
Jan son of Isaac Beharell and Marye Bluique


June 21
Piere son of Jan Gougler and Susanne Herssin


February 26
Sara daughter of Abram Brynye and Sara Tissen


April 5
Jaques son of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory
Abram son of Jaques De Ratt and Jenne Descamps


May 20
Jaques son of Jaques Rammery and Cath Cigny
July 4
David son of Jan Egar and Mary Morfin
July 22
Jaques son of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory
August 26
Elisabet daughter of Isaac Deburge and Elizabet Amory
October 7
Jacob son of David Morillion and Cathrine Benrocedt
November 11
Pierre son of Isambar Chavatt and Ann Morrillion
December 30
Piere son of Isaac Vanplue and Jenne de Verlier


May 19
Rebecca daughter of Abram Egard and Jenne Lennoy
May 26
Isambar son of Abram Brynye and Sara Tyssens
February 23
Pierre son of Piere Tuyssen and Elizabet Leenards


Jene daughter of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory


September 12
Piere son of Piere Leleu and Mary Dumerlye


January 15
Piere son of David Morillion and Cath. Banderete
December 3
Isaac son of Jaques Harnu and Ann Amory


January 15
Abram son of Matthias Priam and Sara Smaque
October 12
Penelope daughter of Marc Vanvalkenburgh and Anne Starkeÿ


September 27
David son of David Priam and Maria Beaumont
March 6
Rachel daughter of Isaac Hanquar and Jenne Legrand
April 9
Piere son of Matthias Priam and Sara Smaque


February 24
Samll son of David Letalle and Maria Amory
March 8
Catheline daughter of Jan Tyssen and Susanne Venin
May 8
Jan son of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory
June 21
Jean son of Francois Oesley and Marie Amory
January 8
David son of Matthias Priem and Sara Smaque
February 8
Caterine daughter of Abram Egar and Jenne de Lannoy


April 9
Susanne daughter of Abram Brongne and Sara Tyssen
April 29
Marie daughter of Gregorii Impson and Susanne Vanpouille
September 1
Jan son of Jan Frouchart and Eliz. Taylor
October 2
Jan son of Jaques Rammery and Catherine Cugnÿ
Abram son of Jan Swarte and Jan Dewit


November 11
Elis son of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory
January 1
Anne daughter of Isaac Hernu and Eliz. Amory


January 8
Samll son of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory


January 4
Abram son of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory


January 3
Isaac son of Samll Amory and Jenne Marequilly


September 8
Isaac son of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory


September 9
Jan son of Samll Amory and Jenne Marequilly


November 20
Marie daughter of Pierre Leleu and Sara Glover


June 8
Susanne daughter of Jaques Hernu and Ann Amory



July 8
Marie Dufosse
Piere Derick


May 26
Dam Catherin Le Coq de la Femme de Monsr Berchett Minister


Monsr Berchett (died 18 April. Buried 19 April at Crowle)
Jean Dekerhuel
Monsr De la prix
Samuel Lamber
Jaques De la Porte
Monsr Le Vaneley

Associated Families: Amory Leahair Pinchon

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