KEGS Aston pictures

KEGS Aston pictures

This is a scanned image of the school photograph on 1964, kindly sent to me by David Clark. It is in 5 parts: click on any part for a larger image.

I know the identity of some people, but have yet to devise a convenient way of indicating them.

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Photographs by Ian McDonnell, circa 1963 - 1965

Ian McDonnell has kindly sent me a number of photographs he took, mostly of masters.

J H Bettey on a school trip to Italy, circa 1963

Leonard G Brandon

Leonard G Brandon

Calvert, 1965

Checkland and Lazenbury

A J Cooke, 1963

G Painter

Colin Tyson

Harry Tyson, 1965

A hut at Longdon, 1962

A classoom at Longdon, Winter 1962

The school Coat of Arms

The school facade, 1965

KEGS Aston Choir 1961

Choir Dave Cond Mr Cooke Nigel George Gavin Harris Andy Suckling

Back: Nigel George, Tony Cooke, Martin Watson
Middle: Dave Cond, William Wood, John Evans, Steve Jackson, Peter Morris
Front: Paul Weetman, Michael Sparrow, Keith Hughes, Ian McDonnell, Andrew Suckling, Gavin Harris, Phil Dixon
Location: Longdon Church
Occasion: Wedding of Len Brandon's daughter Mary Gillian Brandon to David K Hindley.

This photograph of the occasion was also kindly sent me by Ian McDonnell

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