Tracie Andrews and the Murder of Lee Harvey


Tracie Andrews

and the Murder of

Lee Harvey



Tracie Andrews reports the murder of her fiancé Lee Harvey, after a “road rage” incident.
The Times, 3 December
The Daily Telegraph, 3 December

She makes an emotional appeal for the capture of the murderer.
Evening Gazette, 3 December
The Times, 4 December
The Daily Telegraph, 4 December

She is admitted to hospital following a suspected drug overdose.
The Times, 7 December

Following her discharge from hospital, she is arrested in connection with the murder.
The Mail on Sunday, 8 December
The Sunday Times, 8 December
The Sunday Telegraph, 8 December
The Times, 9 December

Police set up roadblocks in an attempt to find witnesses to the attack, and search for a murder weapon.
The Daily Telegraph, 9 December

Despite interviewing 650 motorists, police fail to find any witness to the alleged car chase.
The Times, 10 December
The Daily Telegraph, 10 December

She denies the killing.
The Sunday Times, 15 December
The Sun, 16 December

The inquest opened and adjourned.
The Times, 18 December

She is charged with the murder.
The Times, 20 December
The Telegraph, 20 December

She denies the charge on her first court appearance.
The Times, 21 December
The Telegraph, 21 December

She is released on bail.
The Times, 24 December
The Telegraph, 24 December
British Media Review, 24 December


She appeals for more witnesses.
The Times, 6 February

She does not attend the funeral.
The Times, 8 February
The Telegraph, 8 February

She pleads “not guilty”.
Evening Gazette, 21 April
The Times, 22 April

Her trial starts in Birmingham.
The Times, 1 July

The prosecution outlines its case.
Evening Gazette, 1 July
The Times, 2 July
The Daily Telegraph, 2 July

Evidence of her violent relationship.
The Times, 3 July
The Daily Telegraph, 3 July

The court hears evidence from 2 witnesses.
an unnamed 9-year-old girl, The Times, 4 July
and a former detective constable. The Times, 4 July
The Daily Telegraph, 4 July

A theory of how she disposed of the murder weapon is put forward.
The Daily Telegraph, 5 July

She tells the court she was in love with Lee Harvey.
The Times, 10 July

The court is told of her suicide attempt.
The theory is advanced that Lee Harvey was killed in a dispute over drugs.
The Times, 11 July
The Daily Telegraph, 11 July

The defence starts to present its case.
The Times, 12 July
The Daily Telegraph, 12 July

Another driver claims to have been a similar road-rage victim.
The Shropshire News

She appears in the witness box.
Evening Gazette, 14 July
The Times, 15 July
The Daily Telegraph, 15 July

Her second day in the witness box.
Evening Gazette, 15 July
The Times, 16 July
The Daily Telegraph, 16 July

Her third day in the witness box, and other witnesses testimony.
The Times, 17 July
The Daily Telegraph, 17 July

The jury retires to consider its verdict, and requires more time.
Evening Gazette, 28 July
The Times, 29 July
The Irish Times, 29 July

Found GUILTY, she is jailed for life.
Evening Gazette, 29 July
The Times, 30 July
The Daily Telegraph, 30 July
Independent Television News, 29 July
British Media Review, 30 July

A further witness is mentioned.
Evening Gazette, 29 August
British News Archives, 28 August

“Exclusive: TRACIE ANDREWS stole our little girl's Christmas”
Best, 30 December


Catatonia release Road Rage, based on the case

She is given leave to appeal
BBC, 26 January
The Times, 27 January
The Daily Telegraph, 27 January

She is used an as example in an article on lying
The Times Weekend Supplement, 19 September

She appeals against the conviction
BBC, 5 October
The Times, 6 October
The Daily Telegraph, 6 October

She loses her appeal
BBC, 13 October
The Times, 15 October
The Daily Telegraph, 15 October
The Daily Mail, 15 October

A witness is charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice
The Times, 4 November


She admits the crime
News of the World, 18 April
The Daily Telegraph, 19 April
The Times, 19 April
The Daily Mirror, 19 April

She is used an as example in an article on murder
Best, 17 August


She is used an as example in an article on killers
Best, 20 January
Her solicitor is jailed for a legal aid scam
Daily Mail, 30 October


She is used an as example in an article on sob-story killers
Best, 14 February
After several lesbian affairs in jail, she announces she plans to marry a man when released
The People, 10 November


  Maureen Harvey, Lee Harvey's mother, publishes her account of events.


She is allowed out of jail for 40 minutes in preparation for release.
Daily Mail, 9 June


She has a cosmetic surgery operation to realign her jaw.
Daily Mail, 9 June

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