The origin of the name Cooper

The origin of the name Cooper

1: English: occupational name for a maker and repairer of wooden vessels such as barrels, tubs, buckets, casks, and vats, Middle English couper, cowper, (apparently from Middle Low German kuper, a derivative of kup tub, container, which was borrowed independently into English as coop). The prevalence of the surname, its cognates, and equivalents bears witness to the fact that this was one of the chief specialist trades in the Middle Ages throughout Europe. 2: Jewish (Ashkenazic): anglicized form of Kupfer, Kupper.

Variant (of 1): Coop, Coope, Coupe (Yorkshire and Lancashire); Cowper, Copper, Coupar, Cupper; Kooper. (of 2): Cooperman.

Cognates (of 1): Dutch: De Kuyper, Kuiper, Kuijper, Kuyper. Flemish: Cuyp; Cuyper, Cuypere, De Cuyper, De Cuypere. German: Kiefer. Low German: Küper, Küpper. Frisian: Kupker.

Equivalents (not cognates): French: Cuvier, Tonnellier. German: Böttcher, Büttner, Kiefer, Schäffler. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): Binder, Binder, Bodner, Bonder. Hungarian: Kádár. Polish and Jewish (East Ashkenazic): Bednarz. Ukranian: Bondar.

Patronymics (from 1): Dutch, Flemish: Cuijpers, Cuypers, Kuijpers, Kuipers, Kuypers. Low German: Küpers:, Küppers:.

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