The origin of the names Evans and Heaven

The origin of the names Evans and Heaven

Evans: patronmic, Heaven: variant, of Evan

1: Welsh: from the given name Ifan, Evan, a version of John (from the Hebrew name Yochanan Yahweh has favoured (me with a son) or May Jahweh favour (this child)). 2: Scots: variant of Ewan, an anglicized form of the Gaelic personal name Eògann. 3: Jewish: of unknown origin.

Variants (of 1): Heavan, Heaven.

Cognate (of 1): Breton: Even.

Patronymics (from 1): Welsh: Avans; Bevan; Evance, Evans, Evens; Ifans, Ivings, Heavans, Heavens; Ivins.

Evans or variants was the 10th most common name in England and Wales according to a survey taken by H.M.Treasury in 1944, with a relative frequency of 0.44%.

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