The origin of the name Leahair

The origin of the name Leahair

French: (1) variant of Le Hir, from Breton hir tall, nickname for a tall man. (2) (According to Debrabandere ["Woordenboek van de familienamen in Belgie & Noord-Frankrijk", 1993]), from an Old French nickname, from French Haire hair-shirt, a misery shirt made of rough animal hair worn next to the skin as penance.

Variants: Le Hair, Le Haire.

Cognate: French: Le Long.

A search of the UK telephone directories in 1992 showed the name (in the variants Leahair, Lea-Hair, Lehair, Le Hair, Le-Hair, Le'Hair, Le Her, Lehir and Le Hur) to be distributed thusly:-- London 2, Outer London 1, East Anglia 2, Isle of Man 0, Midlands 18 (including 12 in or around Peterborough), North East 6 (including 4 in Hull), North West 6, Northern Ireland 0, Scotland 0, South East 1, South West 1, South Midlands and Chilterns 1, Wales and The Marches 0.

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