The origin of the name Poole

The origin of the name Poole

variant of Pool

1: English: topographic name for someone who lived near a pool or pond, Old English pol. 2: English: variant of Paul, the personal name from Latin paulus small. 3: Dutch (largely Jewish): ethnic name for someone from Poland. In the case of the Jewish name, the reference is to a Jew from Poland or from some other Slavonic-speaking region.

Variants (of 1): English: Polman, Poole, Poolman.

Cognates (of 1): Dutch, Flemish: Poelman, Van de Poel, Van der Poel. Frisian: Poelstra, Polstra. German: Pfuhl, Pfuhler, Pfuhlmann. Low German: Pohl, Pohlmann, Pöhler, Puhl, Puhlmann.

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