Photographs of Sybil May Bonas's siblings

Photographs of Sybil May Bonas's relations

These are photographs of Sybil May Bonas and her relatives, some found in the house of her daughter Violet Sybil Kirk after her death, and some sent me by Geoff Spearman. Some are dated and annotated.

Found in Violet Kirk's house

Dated 18 January 1930

Dated 2 September 1931

Annotated "Sybil May Bonas"

Dated 21 March 1932

Dated 21 March 1932
Annotated "Auntie Grace"

Annotated "... Bonas, Post Office Castle-Acre"
Pansy Bonas lived at the Post Office in Castle Acre

Sent by Geoff Spearman

No date.
Edna Woodroow and Alfred Bonas

About 1950
"Harriet Bonas
Uncle Eric
Aunty Pansy
Geoff (me)
Cousin Pat
Margaret ( my sister)"

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