Every family has mysteries, niggling little questions that cannot be answered. Often the questions aren't particularly interesting in themselves, but it is annoying that they can't be solved.

Some mysteries in these pages are:-

What happened to the Davis family?
Levi Davis and Sarah Sophia Davis née Adams had three children, in addition to two illegitimate children of Sarah

The family had disintegrated by 1857, all but one of the children living in various households in Cradley. Levi and Sarah are not there. What had happened?

Was Mabel Eleanor Read really Women's Fencing Champion of Essex?
Family legend has it that Mabel Eleanor Read was "the champion woman fencer of Essex in her time". What, if any, is the truth behind the legend?

Why was Edwin Read in Kent in 1861?
Edwin Shaw worked in the blacksmithing trade near Birmingham all his life, except in the 1861 census he is working in Minster KEN. How did that come about?

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