Research Notes

Research Notes

This is an ad-hoc collection of research notes, etc, that might be useful to someone. The extracts are incomplete, being restricted to those relevant to my research into my family tree. Entries are in no particular order.


Miscellaneous STANIER data worldwideStanier
Miscellaneous WIGG data worldwideWigg
Land Tax Assessment, 1798Adams, Careless, Cowling, Gilbert, Goodman, Hudson, Martyn, Meeks, Perkin, Read, Sarll, Webb
CHANDLER in Blunham with Mogerhanger Parish RegisterChandler
GUY in Blunham with Mogerhanger Parish RegisterGuy
HALL in Blunham with Mogerhanger Parish RegisterHall
LARGE in Lower Mitton Baptismal Register, 1813 - 1848Large
LEE in Lower Mitton Baptismal Register, 1813 - 1848Lee
Norfolk Parish RecordsBarker, Barrett, Bonas, Wells
Castle Acre BTs 1826 - 1835, ATs 1770 - 1812Barker, Barrett, Bonas, Lift, Skipper, Wells
Castle Acre burials, 1813 - 1921Barker, Barrett, Bonas, Lift, Skipper, Tilthorpe, Wells, Wigg
Castle Acre Poor Law Valuation List 1866 - 70Barker, Bonas, Skipper, Wells
Baptisms at Castle Acre, 1802-1910Bonas, Cook, Dutchman, Skipper, Stacey, Vincent
Court Books of the Weavers Company of LondonCastell
Various Huguenot ExtractsCastell, Pinchon, Stanier
SARLL entries from Gamlingay Parish RegistersSarll
SARLL entries from Directories of GamlingaySarll
Probate records at Bodmin, 1569 - 1799Black, Cowling, Goodman, Hobbs, Marshall, Martyn, Radd, Risdon, Webb
Probate records of the Court of the Archdeacon of ElyHall, Meeks, Sarll
Wills at the Consistory Court of NorwichBonas, Skipper
HINGLEY Probate records, 1858 - 1900Hingley
Return of Owners of Land, 1873Hall, Hingley, Meeks, Pettit, Sarll, Webb, Whitmee
READ burials at St John HampsteadRead
BARTRAM entries in Bletsoe Parish RegisterBartram
Pre-1650 SHARPE baptisms in Bletsoe and Sharnbrook Parish RegistersSharpe
PETTIT entries in Bletsoe Parish RegisterPettit
BARTRAM entries in Sharnbrook Parish RegisterBartram
PETTIT entries in Sharnbrook Parish RegisterPettit
CUPIS entries in Cardington Parish RegisterCupis
SILBY entries in Pavenham Parish RegisterSilby
MEEKS entries in Potton Parish RegisterMeeks
JAMES entries in Potton Parish RegisterJames
STANIER burials in Birmingham St Martins Parish RegisterStanier
READ burials in Hampstead St Johns Parish RegisterBone, Read
Bridgnorth Deanery Court Probate RecordsBenbow, Bourne, Cook, Head, Lee, Lloyd, Low, Robinson
Directory of Huntingdonshire Cabmen 
Extracts from the Rowley Regis Burial register 
DAVIS entries in the 1841 census of Rowley RegisDavis
BLOWER baptisms at Baddesley Ensor Independent Chapel, 1801 - 1836Blower
(LE) HARE in the 1822 and 1823 Militia Lists of Thorney CAMHare, Lehair, Leahair

Land Tax Assessments 1798

ProprietorOccupierSum Assessed
Potton BDF
 John GILBERTThos MEEKS£1 12s 0d
 Wm MEEKSWm Hale£1 2s 0d
 James IndWm MEEKS£1 6s 6d
Kilkhampton CON
 Ld CarterellHenry ADAMS£2 17s 4d
 Ld CarterellHenry ADAMS£2 6s 0d
 Ld CarterllHenry ADAMS£2 14s 8d
 Ld CarterellHenry ADAMS£0 4s 0d
 Ld CarterellJohn ADAMS£2 6s 0d
 Ld CarterellHenry ADAMS£1 2s 0d
 Ld CarterellHenry ADAMS£0 16s 0d
 Ld CarterellHenry ADAMS£0 12s 0d
 Ld CarterellHenry ADAMS£0 12s 0d
 Paul Orchard esqHenry ADAMS£0 6s 0d
 John WoolacombleHenry ADAMS£3 17s 1d
Whitstone CON
 Lord ClintonRichd WEBB£4 2s 0d
 Rev W MARTYNEdw Vawden£5 11s 0d
 Rev W MARTYNElizth MARTYN£1 7s 9d
 Wry P Ans esqElizth MARTYN£1 9s 1d
 reps of Philip Walsh esqElizth MARTYN£2 15s 6d
 Mr John WEBBHenry GOODMAN£3 1s 8d
 Lord DunstanvilleJohn GOODMAN£0 9s 3d
81767Lord DunstanvilleJohn GOODMAN£0 18s 6d
 Lord DunstanvilleHenry GOODMAN£0 12s 4d
 Lord DunstanvilleThos GOODMAN£0 15s 5d
 Lord ClintonThos GOODMAN£1 4s 8d
 Mr John WEBBJas Spry£0 15s 5d
 Mr John WEBBJohn Sleman£1 1s 7d
81767Lord DunstanvilleElizth MARTYN£0 15s 5d
 Rev W MARTYNJas Spry£0 10s 9½d
 Lord ClintonElizth MARTYN£0 6s 2d
 Lord DunstanvilleThos COWLING£0 15s 5d
81767Lord DunstanvilleThos COWLING£0 6s 2d
 Mr John WEBBThos COWLING£0 6s 2d
81765Lord DunstanvilleElizth MARTYN£0 3s 1d
 Josh Phillips esqRich WEBB£0 12s 4d
Week St Mary CON
42913Sir John CaleJohn PERKIN£0 4s 11d
 John PERKINJohn PERKIN£0 4s 11d
42913Sir John CaleJohn PERKIN£0 4s 11d
 Ld de DunstanvilleHy GOODMAN£0 12s 3¾d
81767Ld de DunstanvilleHy GOODMAN£0 2s 5½d
Hampstead MDX (Haverstock Hill)
  Wm READ£0 8s 0d
Gamlingay CAM
 Earl of MacclesfieldEdw SARLL£24 10s 0d
 Willm CARELESSWm SARLL£0 6s 0d
 Joseph SARLLhimself£1 19s 0d
 Joseph SARLLThe Mill£0 14s 0d
 Thom Ardel esqWillm SARLL£0 6s 0d
Rougham NFK
 Geo BartonWillm HUDSON£0 8s 0d

CHANDLER in Blunham with Mogerhanger Parish Register

Jn s Edw20 September 1635 
Wm s Edw11 June 1637 
Mary d Edw2 April 1640 
Eliz d Thos26 April 1643 
Thos s Thos1 September 1644 
Margt d Thos16 June 1647 
Ann d Thos25 July 1650 
Edw s Jn28 April 1661 
Wm s Jn5 December 1663 
Edw s Wm25 March 1666 
Sam s Jn24 September 1671 
Jn s Jn11 February 1671/2 
Sarah d Thos and Hannah21 January 1759 
Eliz d Thos and Hannah21 January 1660 
Eliz d Thos and Hannah1 July 1763 
Sarah d Thos and Hannah25 November 1765 
Edw CHANDLER and Mary Jordand12 October 1634 
Thos CHANDLER and Eliz Tibbell10 November 1642 
Rich CHANDLER and Mary Far16 September 1686 
Rob Munds and Margt CHANDLER1 October 1688 
Thos Nicholls widr and Hannah CHANDLER wid23 July 1770licence
Rich Watts and Ann CHANDLER15 February 1774 
Hannah3 October 1656“a distracted woman”
Ealce26 December 1656“a virgin”
Mary d Edw2 October 1657 
Thos s Thos18 February 1657/8 
Edw s Jn10 October 1663 
Joan w Jn25 March 1668 
Edw s Wm26 Jube 1670 
Wm s Jn12 October 1672 
Mary w Edw3 February 1673 
Edmd3 December 1675 
Thos4 December 1675 
Jn28 June 1680 
Edw22 September 1680 
Eliz11 September 1683widow
Susan d Thos and Hannah20 July 1757 
Mary d Thos and Hannah5 May 1758 
Susan d Thos and Hannah1759 
Eliz17 January 1762 

GUY in Blunham with Mogerhanger Parish Register

11 August 1633Thos s Thos GUYbaptised
28 April 1636Philip s Thos GUYbaptised
1 June 1744Jn GUY and Mary Green, both of Blunhammarried
12 July 1770Mary w Jn GUY tailorburied
17 May 1773Jn GUY tailorburied

HALL in Blunham with Mogerhanger Parish Register

Wm s Hen HALLE, blacksmith26 December 1621 
A dau of Sam HALL5 January 1701 
A dau of Sam HALL15 November 1702 
A dau of Sam HALL14 May 1704 
Sarah d Sam and Susan HALL14 April 1718aged about 13
Gilbert HALL15 January 1735 
Jn HALL13 November 1737 
Sarah HALL27 August 1739 
Wm s Gilbert And Sarah HALL22 January 1743 
Sarah d Gilbert And Sarah HALL5 October 1746 
Ann d Jos and Jane HALL20 May 1804 
Ruth d Jos and Jane HALL25 December 1807born 5 October
Sarah d Jos and Jane HALL29 July 1810Born 2 May
Thos HALLE (of Harrold) and Eliz Slowe29 July 1605 
Thomas Jakins married Marie HALL of Gamlingay3 April 1655“by the right worshipful Gaius Squire justice of the peace, and the parents and friends were well content”
Jn Smith married Mary HALL1 October 1678 
Sam HALL married Susan Norris3 December 1700 
Wm HALL (Southill) married Ann Sellis16 November 1762licence
Valentine HALL married Eliz Makaness, widow22 April 1764 
Jn HALL married Eliz Young30 September 1774licence
Jos HALL (Old Walden) married Jane Cooper23 November 1797 
Eliz w Wm HALL31 March 1660 
a dau of Sam HALL5 January 1701 
a dau of Sam HALL25 November 1702 
Sam HALL27 February 1704 
Sarah HALL14 April 1728a poor girl
Sarah HALL20 April 1740 
Mary HALL17 February 1761only listed in BTs
Gilbert HALL8 August 1770labr
Valentine HALL10 February 1782 
Eliz HALL11 October 1795 

LARGE in Lower Mitton Baptismal register, 1813 - 1848

MariaThomas and Susannah20 June 1813
James BunceGeorge and Hannah9 January 1814
John CatwrightJohn Butterfield and Ann30 March 1815
Ann BakerJohn and Elizabeth28 November 1815
Elizabeth CartwrightJohn Butterfield and Ann12 August 1817
GeorgeThomas and Elizabeth14 September 1818
WilliamJohn and Sarah19 September 1819
FrederickAnn8 June 1820
ThomasJohn and Sarah4 November 1821
JaneJoseph and Elizabeth9 November 1823
FrederickMary29 December 1823

LEE in Lower Mitton Baptismal register, 1813 - 1848

Emily ElizabethJohn Rince and Anna10 June 1839
MariaRichard and Mary18 December 1840
MariaRichard and Mary31 March 1841
Edward PrinceJohn Prince and Anne10 June 1841
John HopcroftFrederick and Elizabeth6 November 1842
John BannerJames Banner and Anna23 April 1843
Henry JohnJohn Prince and Anne5 November 1843
Mary AnnJames and Elizabeth11 May 1845
Honora JonesJohn and Mary Ann26 June 1845
HarrietJames and Anna3 August 1845
Mary AnneFrederick and Elizabeth13 August 1845
JaneRichard and Anne25 January 1846
Eliza AnneRichard and Mary10 January 1847
Sarah AnneRichard and Anne12 June 1847
WilliamFredrick and Elizabeth12 January 1848

Norfolk Parish Records

East Rudham Parish Register
Robert WELLES and Johan Baxtermarried3 November 1594
John BONUS of Great Massingham and Susannah Humpreymarried (lic)10 October 1775
Thomas BONES of Bintry and Sarah Kendalmarried (lic)7 March 1799
West Rudham Parish Register
Robert WELLS and Amy Clarkemarried29 October 1648
Richard BARKER and Ann Hawkinsmarried30 November 1673
William BARRITT and SARAH BARRITTmarried26 November 1834
East Rudham Protestation Roll, 1641 - 2
Nicol. WELLS  
Castle Acre Bishop's Transcripts, 1600 - 1707
Richard WELLS and Ann Wrightmarried29 September 1670

Castle Acre BTs 1813 - 1921, ATs 1770 - 1812

William BARKER s William and Marybaptised15 July 1770 
William BARKER s Henry and Marybaptised21 October 1770 
Thomas BARKER and Hannah Youngmarried15 August 1778 
Rone BARKER and Esther Plumbmarried29 October 1799 
William BARKER s Rone and Estherbaptised26 January 1800 
George BARKER s Rone and Estherbaptised5 February 1804 
William BARKERburied20 July 1807aged 78
Caroline BARKER and John Bullmarried5 August 1810 
William BARKER s Robert and Annbaptised19 February 1826 
Mary BARKERburied6 May 1829aged 8
Mary BARKER d John and Marybaptised29 May 1831 
John BARKERburied23 August 1834aged 20
Edward BARRETTburied15 December 1779 
James BONUS s William and Alicebaptised26 July 1827
Eliza BONUS d William and Alicebaptised11 October 1829
Alice BONUSburied28 March 1830aged 40
William BONUS and Elizabeth WELLSmarried16 January 1832
Uriah BONUS s William and Elizabethbaptised22 April 1832
Jabez BONUS s William and Elizabethbaptised11 August 1833
Anna BONUS d William and Elizabethbaptised31 May 1835
James LIFTburied30 May 1802aged 23
Mary SKIPPER d William and Elizabethbaptised28 January 1810born 19 November 1809
Martha SKIPPERburied20 January 1830aged 20
Ann WELLS d William and Annbaptised25 July 1802born 21 July 1802
Elizabeth WELLS d William and Annbaptised30 October 1808born 27 October 1808
Edward WELLS base born s of Mariebaptised27 October 1811born 14 September 1811
buried 2 March 1812
Marie WELLSburied12 September 1830aged 50
Elizabeth WELLS and William BONUSmarried16 January 1832
Ann WELLS d John and Elizabethbaptised12 February 1834
Georgeanna WELLS d John and Elizabethbaptised8 February 1835

Castle Acre burials, 1813 - 1921

Mary6 June 183739 
Sarah5 January 183820 
Edmund14 March 184564 
George2 April 1848an infant 
Ann24 April 18567 
Robert30 September 186275 
Mary17 July 188080 
John17 August 188181 
William14 March 189559 
Morris Frederick11 February 191514 months 
James10 March 1822  
Robert4 May 18384 
Mary4 July 183872 
Maria3 November 183814 
Mary10 December 184775 
William6 January 1853infant 
Hannah25 November 18556 
Robert3 March 185817 
Hannah11 April 1858infant 
Henry30 April 185891 
Hannah10 November 1861infant 
Robert5 November 1862infant 
Matthew1 December 1862infant 
Sarah15 May 1873infant 
Mary Ann4 April 187887of Gayton Thorpe
Jesse18 February 188116 
Caroline29 December 188162 
Anna Jane15 October 188833 
Matthew20 May 189483buried by Primitive Methodist Local Preacher
Violet20 May 189610 months 
Maria20 March 190175Salvationist
William11 October 190376from Gayton Workhouse
Augustus7 February 191964 
William1 October 1819infant 
Mary Ann6 April 1822infant 
William27 July 1824infant 
Eliza25 March 18301 
Alice28 March 183040 
May12 July 183827 
Uriah1 April 184110 
Ruth31 January 1848infant 
William23 March 1856infant 
Mary14 December 186624 
Sarah Ann4 November 18722 
Jabez4 July 187642 
Ellen Mary24 April 187717 
Thomas6 April 187890at Gayton Thorpe
Harry15 March 188015 
Helen26 July 18809 weeks 
Herbert John24 March 188211 
John5 September 188243 
Francis27 May July 188466 
Francis Leonard27 May 18854 months 
Susan27 April 188643 
Mary17 June 188668 
Jesse22 March 189152 
Francis Arondale7 April 18991 
Mary19 March 190566Primitive Methodist
Wilfred6 April 19062 
Herbert Henry Alace14 September 191019 
Edna Lilian Harriet24 December 19101 
ThomasJanuary 191465 
John20 December 181469 
Temperance14 December 181568 
Susan29 October 184362 
William19 March 185674 
Robert20 May 186132 
Elvira10 February 1868infant 
Elizabeth8 August 186984 
John James26 January 1871infant 
Caroline2 April 1871  
Robert3 May 1873infant 
Emily5 November 18736 months 
Robert26 May 18762 
Ernest William12 February 18806 months 
Harriet6 June 188316buried by Coroner's Warrent
Mary Ann19 August 188628 days 
Albert John27 November 18863 months 
Hannah21 June 18882 months 
William30 March 189272Salvation Army
Mary Ann14 January 18949 days 
George6 April 19029 months 
Susannah24 October 190334 
Sarah20 January 190584 
Elizabeth21 July 190952 
Eliza31 August 191178 
Basil William2 November 19162 months 
Charlotte17 February 192188 
Elizabeth18 August 183082 
Sarah27 June 181353 
Ann11 July 181616 
Ann22 December 181716 
Edward6 December 181882 
Mary1 April 182626 
Maria12 September 183050 
Sarah8 March 186219 
Ann30 June 186436 
John Robert28 December 1869infant 
Ann Maria9 September 1871  
Catherine17 December 187944 
Alice Augusta4 April 1880infant 
Florence Louisa3 March 18822of Gayton Thorpe
Philip17 November 188968Gayton Union House
John9 June 181937 

Castle Acre Valuation List, 1866 - 70

Freebridge Lynn Poor Law Union

1866 Francis BONASWilliam Tendick£4 10 0
SKIPPERMartha Eagler£3 10 0
John SKIPPERJohn Harvey£4 10 0
William SKIPPERJohn Harvey£4 10 0
John BARKERMorse & Woods£3 10 0
Widow SKIPPERGeorge Taylor£2 12 6
1869 John SKIPPERJohn Harvey£5 10 0
William SKIPPERJohn Harvey£4 5 0
1870 Widow SKIPPERMartha Eagler£3 10 0
Philip WELLSJames Fuller£4 0 0
John SKIPPERJohn Harvey£5 10 0
William SKIPPERJohn Harvey£4 5 0
John BONASEarl of Leicester£3 18 0

Baptisms at Castle Acre, 1802 - 1901

Date of BaptismDate of BirthNameParents
7 JAN 1815 ElizabethWilliam and Ellie Bonas
20 OCT 1817 FrancisWilliam Bonas
10 FEB 1819 WilliamWilliam and Elizabeth Bonas
20 MAY 1821 ElizabethWilliam and Alice Bonas
25 JUL 1824 WilliamWilliam and Alice Bonas
28 JUL 1827 JamesWilliam and Alice Bonas
11 OCT 1829 ElizaWilliam and Alice Bonas
11 AUG 1833 JabezWilliam and Elizabeth Bonas
12 FEB 1837 DaltonWilliam and Elizabeth Bonas
10 SEP 1837 DaltonWilliam and Elizabeth Bonas
5 JAN 1862 ElizabethJabez and Mary Bonas
2 NOV 1867 WalterJabez and Mary Bonas
2 SEP 1879 Selina EllenThomas and Mary Jane Bonas
10 May 1880aged 15William TiaullJames Racey and Mary Bonas
20 May 1888 Archibald LeonardThomas and Emily Bonas
20 May 1888aged 15Ellen MaryThomas and Emily Bonas
9 MAR 18907 JAN 1890Ernest Robert TURNERRobert and Maria Turner née Bonas
4 SEP 189227 FEB 1892Dorothy Mary TURNERRobert and Maria Turner née Bonas
11 NOV 189429 SEP 1894Arthur James Henry TURNERRobert and Maria Turner née Bonas
1 APR 189428 NOV 1892GraceFrederick and Harriett Bonas
19 JUL 18966 NOV 1895Eliza MOOREWilliam and Jael Moore née Bonas
29 NOV 18991 FEB 1898Alan Clare TURNERRobert and Maria Turner née Bonas
27 JUL 190018 DEC 1899Hettie Elizabeth TURNERRobert and Maria Turner née Bonas
1 JUL 190625 May 1906Arthur WilliamFrederick and Harriett Bonas
12 JUN 19107 AUG 1909Edna Lillian HarriettFrederick and Harriett Bonas
25 JUN 190519 May 1905Ethel MaudLangham and Sarah Ann Cook née Stacey
29 JUL 190611 JUN 1906Doris MabelLangham and Sarah Cook née Stacey
5 JUN 1885 Henry MartinBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman
26 NOV 1887 LaviniaBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman
21 SEP 189020 APR 1890EsdaleBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman
8 JAN 189622 MAR 1893Barnet EmmaBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman née Skipper
5 JUL 18964 NOV 1895Horace GeorgeBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman née Skipper
18 AUG 190712 May 1905Dulcie MaudBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman née Skipper
18 AUG 190712 JUL 1907Harold GordonBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman née Skipper
14 JAN 1850 Eliza AliceRobert and Sarah
4 JUN 1854 WilliamWilliam and Caroline Skipper
6 AUG 1854 GeorgeRobert and Charlotte Skipper
5 AUG 1855 WilliamJohn and Sarah Skipper
5 AUG 1855 Thomas HoldenJohn and Sarah Skipper
6 May 1860 Anna MariaSarah Skipper
15 DEC 1861 Sarah AnnJohn and Sarah Skipper
3 May 1868 JohnJohn and Sarah Skipper
3 May 1868 Sarah AnnJohn and Sarah Skipper
15 APR 1874 RobertCharlotte Skipper
21 JUN 1875 EmilyAlice Skipper
1 JUL 1877 RobertElizabeth Skipper
5 AUG 1877 HarrietMary Ann Skipper (now Watson)
7 APR 1878 Ernest WilliamWilliam Skipper and Eliza Stacey
7 May 1878 Sarah Ann YallopSarah Ann Skipper
1 SEP 1878 Sarah AnnSarah Ann Skipper
22 JUN 1879 Robert JamesGeorge and Hannah Skipper
5 OCT 1879 Ernest WilliamWalter and Emma Skipper
11 JUL 1880 FlorenceThomas Skipper and Eliza Churchman
23 May 1883 ThomasWalter and Emma Skipper
4 NOV 1883 ThomasWalter and Emma Skipper
1 MAR 1885 Bertie WilliamThomas and Eliza Skipper
11 FEB 1886 Mary AnnWalter and Emma Skipper
26 OCT 1886 Albert JohnJohn and Emma Skipper
9 JUN 1888 WalterWalter Skipper
1 SEP 1889about 3ElizaWalter and Emma Skipper
1 SEP 1889 ArthurWalter and Emma Skipper
31 May 189123 JAN 1891BertieWalter and Emma Skipper née Yull
4 OCT 189113 OCT 1889GertrudeWilliam and Susannah Skipper née Stapleton
4 OCT 189110 APR 1891AdelaideWilliam and Susannah Skipper née Stapleton
23 FEB 18929 JAN 1892Charles PIGHTLINGJames and Mary Elizabeth Pightling née Skipper
10 JAN 18949 AUG 1893Mary AnnWalter and Emma Skipper née Yull
8 JAN 189622 MAR 1893Barnet Emma DUTCHMANBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman née Skipper
5 JUL 18964 NOV 1895Horace George DUTCHMANBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman née Skipper
15 JUL 189612 May 1893PhoebeWilliam and Susannah Skipper née Stapleton
15 JUL 18963 May 1895Gladys SusannahWilliam and Susannah Skipper née Stapleton
26 APR 189928 AUG 1898Lucy WATTSMark and Sarah Ann Yallop Watts née Skipper
4 May 190217 FEB 1897Robert William VINCENTRobert William and Phoebe Vincent née Skipper
4 May 190210 MAR 1902Audrey Martha VINCENTRobert William and Phoebe Vincent née Skipper
18 AUG 19073 NOV 1899Florence IreneGeorge and Helen Skipper née Bird
18 AUG 19075 May 1902Sarah HelenGeorge and Helen Skipper née Bird
18 AUG 190716 APR 1905Linda MaudGeorge and Helen Skipper née Bird
18 AUG 190712 NOV 1906Alan Hector VINCENTRobert William and Phoebe Vincent née Skipper
18 AUG 190712 May 1905Dulcie Maud DUTCHMANBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman née Skipper
18 AUG 190712 JUL 1907Harold Gordon DUTCHMANBarlow and Charlotte Dutchman née Skipper
1 AUG 190929 JUN 1909GeoffreyEva Skipper
12 JUN 190110 May 1910Gordon Harry VINCENTRobert William and Phoebe Vincent née Skipper
3 FEB 1856 Emma JaneJames and Eliza Stacey
1 May 1859 Mary AnnJames and Eliza Stacey
28 DEC 1873 HarrietEliza Stacey
8 NOV 1874 ElizabethJohn and Hannah Stacey
4 JUN 1876 Louisa FlorenceJohn and Hannah Stacey
2 DEC 1877 Mary AnnJohn and Hannah Stacey
7 Apr 1878 Ernest WilliamWilliam Skipper and Eliza Stacey
5 NOV 1879 Levi JamesJohn and Hannah Stacey
5 JUN 1881 John RobertJohn and Hannah Stacey
5 OCT 1884 Sarah AnnHannah Frances Stacey
6 APR 189020 JAN 1890James Albert WILLGRESSJames and Louisa Willgress née Stacey
14 SEP 189029 JUL 1890Leonard Walter William DACKJacob and Mary Dack née Stacey
14 SEP 18907 JUL 1890SusannahHarriet Stacey
14 SEP 189020 OCT 1881James BENNETTJohn and Emma Bennett née Stacey
26 OCT 18904 JUN 1876Emma Louisa BENNETTJohn and Emma Bennett née Stacey
26 OCT 18902 JUN 1878John BENNETTJohn and Emma Bennett née Stacey
3 JAN 189214 NOV 1891Robert Edmund WILLGRESSJames and Mary Louisa Willgress née Stacey
12 FEB 189314 JAN 1893Frances May DACKJacob and Mary Ann Dack née Stacey
12 FEB 18932 JUN 1892Henry WALKERWilliam and Hannah Frances Walker née Stacey
26 JUN 189323 APR 1893Agnes May BENNETTJohn and Emma Jane Bennett née Stacey
12 AUG 189418 JUL 1894James Levi WALKERWilliam and Hannah Walker née Stacey
10 SEP 189523 SEP 1894William James GREENArthur John and Harriett Green née Stacey
10 NOV 189512 OCT 1895Victor Jacob DACKJacob and Mary Ann Dack née Stacey
17 JUN 189815 JUN 1898Albert WALKERWilliam and Frances Walker née Stacey
25 JUN 190519 May 1905Ethel Maud COOKLangham and Sarah Ann Cook née Stacey
29 JUL 190611 JUN 1906Doris Mabel COOKLangham and Sarah Cook née Stacey
4 May 190217 FEB 1897Robert WilliamRobert William and Phoebe Vincent née Skipper
4 May 190210 MAR 1902Audrey MarthaRobert William and Phoebe Vincent née Skipper
18 AUG 190712 NOV 1906Alan HecoteRobert William and Phoebe Vincent née Skipper
12 JUN 190110 May 1910Gordon HarryRobert William and Phoebe Vincent née Skipper
25 JUL 180221 JUL 1802AnnWilliam and Ann Wells
24 DEC 1841 MaryPhillip and Ann Wells
1 JUN 1851 ElizabethPhillip and Ann Wells
30 JUL 1852 Eliza ElizabethEdward and Susan Wells

Court Books of the Weavers Company of London

Isaiah Lorye, appr. to Abraham CASSELL, turned over to Phillip le Pluke12 February 1667
Michel CASTEL presented a certificate from Paris, and was ordered to take his admission within a fortnight25 May 1674
Mich: CASTELLE, foreign weaver14 January 1684
John Ferre to Adam CASTEL31 March 1712
George Pardue, William Casatee, Abraham CASTELL and James Nebbit to be arrested2 March 1713
James Dethoite, appr. to Peter CASTLE, foreign weaver, admitted as a master25 April 1715
James Bivier to William CASTELE15 July 1723

Various Huguenot Extracts

Act of Naturalization, Denization letters, etc
John CASTILLborn at Bullayn under the French King's obedience. In England 15 years. Has wife and children1 July 1544
Marten CASTELLhorsekeeper, hath dwelt with Sir Richard Briggs 20 years. Aged 30 years1 July 1544
Nicholas CASTELLfrom the dominion of Philip King of Spain6 May 1544
John CASTELLAM 28 January 1553
Edward CASTELYNson of William Castelyn of London, mercer, and of Angela, daughter of Michael Villacho of the city of Chio, Greece, born in the city of Chio1542
Nicholas PINCHARDborn in Normandy, in England 50 years. Married to an english woman1 July 1544
Peter CASTELLborn beyond the seas25 April 1618
David STANIERborn in Cologne in High Germany13 November 1604
John CASTEL or CASTLEborn abroad in Flanders, subject of the Archduke of Austria6 February 1604/5
John CASELLEof St Botophs Bishopgate, worsted twister5 June 1621
Charles CASSELJudicq, Peter, Elizabeth (his children) 
Louis CASSEL 2 March 1781
John de CASSELLat the French Church in the Savoy5 March 1698/9
John CASSALLborn at Montoban France, son of Isaac Casal by Margueritte his wife, served in my Lord River's troop 10 years, took the sacrement in his Chamber 
Isaac du CASTELis mentioned in the Journals of one or other house, but does not appear in any Act of Naturalization 
Jacobo de CASSELSarah his wife, Jacobo their son 
Isaaco du CASTEL 24 June 1703
Oath Roll Naturalizations
Isaac du CASTELDie Jovis proximo quindenam Paschas1709
Isaac du CASTELDie Lune proximo post mensem Pashes1709
Irish Denizations under the Act of 1692
Nicholas CASSEL 23 May 1709
Mari Anna CASSEL 9 February 1710/1
Register of the Huguenot Church of the Artillery, Spitalfields
Ely de CASSELLtemoin26 December 1709
Jean CASTELsponsor23 January 1732
Abrham de le CASTILLEBaptised. Father David, Mother Susenne de la Haize. Sponsors Abraham de la Haize, Anne Bardel22 March 1724
(born 8 March)
David de la CASTILLEBaptised. Father Nicholas, Mother Susanne de la Balle. Sponsors Mr David de Boulleur, Mlle Marie de la Balle24 May 1696
(born 17 May)
David de la CASTILLEBaptised. Father David, Mother Susanne. Sponsors Etienne Bonnau, Judith Lormier22 June 1720
(born 15 June)
David de la CASTILLEMarried Susanne Hersent.
Groom born London Artillery Ground, son of Nicholas de la Castille and Susanne de la Balle.
Bride born Luneray, Normandy, daughter of Jaque Hersent and Susanne Oinville.
One witness was Susanne de la Castille
Register of the Huguenot Church in Wheeler Street, Spitalfields
Andre CASTELSponsor to Guillaune la Mare28 July 1704
Jeanne CASTELWitness at the wedding of Jean Faure and Magdelayne Fouace20 June 1714
Pierre de CASSELLBaptised. Father Isaac, Mother Elizabeth Baker. Sponsors Pierre Mattieu Orange, Anne de Cassell9 November 1729
(born 28 October)
Register of the Huguenot Church in Browns Lane
Susanne CASALSponsor to Susanne Latou18 November 1722

SARLL entries from Gamlingay Parish Registers

John SARLL and Annie Hawkesmarried1726
Joseph SARLL and Mary Billingsmarried7 November 1770
William SARLL and Mary Mannmarried27 October 1778
Elizabeth SARLL d William and Marybaptised23 October 1779
Mary SARLL d William and Marybaptised29 September 1782
Edward SARLL and Kesia Webbmarried27 April 1783
Joseph SARLL and Sara Reynoldsmarried8 April 1783
Susanna SARLL and William Carelessmarried24 April 1783
James SARLL s William and Marybaptised2 July 1786
Mary SARLL d William and Marybaptised15 June 1788
Sarah SARLL d William and Marybaptised25 July 1790
John SARLL s William and Marybaptised24 February 1793
William SARLL s William and Marybaptised24 July 1795
Edward SARLL s Edward and Casiahbaptised28 February 1799
Sarah SARLL d William and Marybaptised1 Decemeber 1800
Kesiah SARLL d Edward and Kesiahbaptised4 March 1803
James SARLL and Elizabeth Dewmarried29 July 1812
Samuel SARLL s James and Elizabethbaptised27 May 1813
Ann SARLL d John and Marybaptised14 April 1816
James SARLL s James and Elizabethbaptised10 May 1818
Mary SARLL d James and Elizabethbaptised10 May 1818
William SARLL s James and Elizabethbaptised10 May 1818
George SARLL and Elizabeth Cartermarried4 June 1818
James SARLLburied18 March 1819
Mary SARLL and William Theopilus Mooremarried3 October 1831
Elizabeth SARLL and William Lovellmarried24 March 1836
John SARLL s John and Marybaptised16 January 1836
Elizabeth SARLL d John and Marybaptised25 June 1837
George SARLL s John and Marybaptised25 June 1837
Hillary SARLL s John and Marybaptised25 June 1837
John SARLL s John and Marybaptised25 June 1837
Joseph SARLL s John and Marybaptised25 June 1837
Samuel SARLL s John and Marybaptised25 June 1837
Sarah SARLL d John and Marybaptised25 June 1837
Mary SARLL d John and Marybaptised1 October 1837
James SARLL and Susan Harrismarried24 March 1840
Thomas SARLL s James and Susanbaptised4 April 1840
Samuel SARLL and Mary Cartermarried9 May 1840
James Carter SARLL s Samuel and Marybaptised4 October 1840
George SARLL and Martha Whitbteadmarried30 October 1850
Charlotte SARLL and Henry Dentonmarried23 April 1858
John SARLL and Mary Ann Graymarried8 March 1861
Arthur SARLL s John and Mary Annbaptised11 October 1863
Samuel SARLL s John and Mary Annbaptised11 October 1863
Ellen SARLL d John and Mary Annbaptised15 November 1874

SARLL entries from Directories of Gamlingay

JohnCock, tailor
1872JohnCock, tailor
Samueldraper, grocer, &c
Williambaker & farmer
1875JohnCock, tailor
Samueldraper, grocer, &c
JohnCock, tailor
Samueldraper, grocer, agent for W & A Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants
1883Josephprivate resident
JohnCock, tailor
Samueldraper, grocer, agent, Post Office
Williambaker, farmer
1888Josephprivate resident
JohnCock, tailor
Samueldraper, grocer, agent, Post Office
Williambaker, farmer
COX & SARLLgrocer, draper
1892Josephprivate resident
JohnCock P H, tailor, shopkeeper
Samueldraper, grocer, agent, postmaster
1896Josephprivate resident
Missprivate resident
JohnCock P H, tailor, shopkeeper
Rhoda, Mrsbaker
Samueldraper, grocer, agent, Post Office, sub-postmaster
1900MissChurch Street
JohnCock P H, tailor, shopkeeper
1908JohnCock P H, tailor, shopkeeper
Samueldraper, grocer, agent, Post Office, sub-postmaster
Williamfurniture dealer
1912Samuelprivate resident
JohnCock P H, tailor, shopkeeper
Samuelassessor & collector of the King's taxes for Gamlingay, Gransden, Hatley, & deputy registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Caxton & Arrington districts
1916Samuelprivate resident
JohnCock P H, tailor, shopkeeper
Samuelassessor & collector of the King's taxes for Gamlingay, Gransden, Hatley, & deputy registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Caxton & Arrington districts
1925Ida Phyllis (Miss)grocer
1937Samuelprivate resident
John SidneyCock P H
Samuelgrocer & deputy registrar for births & marriages for Caxton & Arrington

Probate records at Bodmin, 1569 - 1799

TamsinWeek St Mary1597lost (widow)
ThomasWeek St Mary1628
AmbroseWeek St Mary1628/9
WilliamWeek St Mary1631
JoanWeek St Mary1638/9
JaneWeek St Mary1644
JohnMarhamchurch1661admin. Accounts 1665
MarthaMarhamchurch1667admin. Accounts 1672
ThomasWeek St Mary1667
AndrewWeek St Mary1672
AndrewWeek St Mary1677admin. Accounts 1678
ArthurWeek St Mary1681
ThomasWeek St Mary1699/700
WilliamWeek St Mary1710admin
WalterWeek St Mary1716
JohnWeek St Mary1587admin
JoanWeek St Mary1600/1lost
JohnWeek St Mary1603 
LeonardWeek St Mary1624 
WilliamWeek St Mary1689admin
GeorgePoundstock1583admin, lost
JohnPoundstock1597admin, lost
John the youngerPoundstock1691admin
JohnPoundstock1589/90admin, lost
BeatenPoundstock1597admin, lost
PriscillaWeek St Mary1625/6 
AnnWeek St Mary1698 
JaneSt Columb Major1686admin
JohnPoundstock1574admin, lost

Probate records of the Court of the Archdeacon of Ely

These are now in Cambridge University Library, and can be read in the Manuscript Reading Room. Contact the Keeper of the University Archives beforehand

FrancesGamlingaywid15945:146original will
RichardGamlingay 16151:22admin only
SamuelBournplowright175814:57original will
assoc. documents
MEEKS or variants
WilliamBourn 15301:15 
JohnBourn'ye unprofitable
servant of God'
15703:119original will
JohnBourn 15703:135original will
JamesGamlingaycordwainer175213:227original will
assoc. documents
JosephGamlingaybaker183119:364original will

Wills at the Consistory Court of Norwich

ThomasNorthpykenham145742 Betyns
Agnes, wife of NicholasNeverlond St Peter1491 
WilliamSaxlingham Nethergate1492130 Aubry
WilliamThetford149913 Sayve
RichardThetford1509244,245 Spyltmber
JohnStoke Ferry1556195 Jagges
HenryNecton1591337 Andrewes
JohnWatlington159348 Clearke
JohnRougham NFK162052 Williams
JohnThurston SFK170374 Piddocke
LionelNacton SFK1709117 Famm
JermynTimworth SFK1725151 Gregson
MargaretEast Tuddenham NFK1729351 Rudd
WilliamLyng NFK1769163 Iveson
RobertBarham SFK1774119 Butrie
WilliamAlburgh by Denton SFK1794120 Coe
JohnKings Lynn1760120 Coe

HINGLEY Probate records, 1858 - 1900

Collected 7 March 2006, Central Probate Registry
All deceased lived in or around Cradley
Name of deceasedoccupationofdiedProbate/AdminExecutor(s)Estate
JeremiahpuddlerSurfeit Hill, Rowley Regis22 DEC 1859Probate 17 FEB 1860Cornelius Small
Philip Hingley (son)
less than £200
JamesbutcherCradley Heath9 FEB 1863Probate 3 NOV 1863James Hingley (son)
Charles Hingley (son)
less than £20
Benjamingun barrel borerGosty Hill, Rowley Regis1 APR 1864Probate 19 SEP 1864Daniel Priest
James Priceless than £
Philis Hingley
less than £20
Hezekiahchain cable manufacturerformerly Grassendale near Liverpool
recently Cradley
17 APR 1855Admin 14 JUN 1864Fanny Georgina Hingley (relict)less than £450
Samuelhorse-nail makerButchers Lane, Cradley4 APR 1867Probate 7 JAN 1868Eliza Hingley (relict)less than £100
Thomasgrocer57 Pedmore Rd, Woodside4 MAR 1871Probate 12 MAY 1871James Hingley (son)
Levi Hingley (son)
less than £100
ElizawidowCradley25 APR 1872Probate 4 JUN 1872Benjamin Thompson
William Griffin
less than £100
Anne Lintonwife of Noah HingleyCradley9 OCT 1871Admin 14 OCT 1873said Noah Hingleyless than £700
Jamesfarmer and nail ironmongerHammerslane Farm, Rowley Regis16 JUN 1873Probate 26 NOV 1873James Henry Hingley (son)
Samuel Leonard
Timothy Hingley (son)
less than £4000
Noah The Lye28 MAR 1873Probate 14 JUN 1873David Perks
Rechab Hingley (son)
less than £100
Tobiaspublican and chainmakerHigh Street, Cradley Heath22 MAR 1873Probate 10 MAY 1873Jeremiah Skidmore jrless than £200
Johnboat loaderWoodside, Dudley3 FEB 1872Probate 27 FEB 1874Joseph Hingley (son)
Noah Hingley (son)
less than £100
ArthurgentlemanHaden Hill7 MAY 1875Admin 29 MAY 1875Ellen Hingley (relict)less than £50
JameslabourerVicarage Prospect, Dudly7 MAR 1875Probate 21 MAY 1875Ann Hingley (relict)less than £100
Barzillaichain manufacturerColley Gate2 OCT 1876Admin 16 DEC 1876Ann Hingley (relict)less than £2000
EdwinwarehousemanHaden Hill24 APR 1876Admin 17 MAY 1876Ellen Hingley, widow (mother)less than £20
SamuelchainmakerKing Street, Cradley Heath21 DEC 1869Admin with will 28 OCT 1876Lenora Lowe, wife of Isaac Lowe (daughter)less than £100
ElizabethspinsterCollinsville, Madison Co, Illinois USA16 OCT 1873Admin 9 OCT 1877Mary Ann Rollinson, wife of Edward Rollinson (sister)less than £100
NoahesqHatherton Lodge, Cradley21 OCT 1877Probate 29 NOV 1877Samuel Hingley (son)
George Benjamin Hingley (grandson)
less than £2000
TimothyfarmerNetherend22 JUL 1877Probate 3 OCT 1877James Hingley (brother)less than £800
JohnboatmanPear Tree Lane, Dudley19 NOV 1861Probate 20 NOV 1878Sarah Poole Davis, wife of Henry Davies, of 24 Wood Street, Hart's Hill (relict)less than 100
AnnwidowVicarage Prospect, Dudley27 MAR 1880Probate 21 APR 1881Henry Littlewood
Thomas Samuel Silvers
less than £100
SamuelstocktakerLevel Street, Brierley Hill23 APR 1881Probate 13 MAY 1881James Thompson
James Northwood
less than £150
HenrygentlemanWollaston, Oldswinford4 SEP 1884Probate 6 DEC 1884John Grainger
Samuel Griffiths
£470 2s 6d
AnnwidowKing St, Cradley Heath3 JUN 1888Admin with will 11 JUL 1888George Frederick Handel Hingley (son)£148 12s 6d
Felix Rufuslicenced victuallerThe Heath Tavern, Cradely Heath8 FEB 1888Probate 9 MAR 1888Sophia Elizabeth Hingley (relict)£513 9s 6d
Bertram Rufuslicenced victuallerThe Heath Tavern, Cradely Heath30 JAN 1890Probate 11 FEB 1890Mary Hingley (relict)£275
Jameshorsenail makerLyde Green, Cradley2 DEC 1890Probate 16 DEC 1890George Burchill£245 19s
Carolinewife of Matthew Henry HingleyDudley Rd, Knowle, Rowley Regis4 NOV 1897Probate 14 DEC 1897Daniel Darby
Alice Susannah Williams, wife of Thomas William Williams
Florence Constancewife of David Hingley28 Hagley Rd, Stourbridge26 DEC 1897Admin 5 FEB 1898said David Hingley£306 5s 7d
Mary Annwife of Joseph HingleyLye25 SEP 1897Probate 1 NOV 1898William Green£5
WilliamfruitererGrosty Hill, Rowley Regis16 SEP 1899Probate 7 NOV 1899William Hingley
William Taylor
James 106 Harts Hill, Brierley Hill1 FEB 1900Probate 24 MAR 1900Ellen Hingley
Thomas Meese Hingley
JosephgentlemanLinton House, Cradley24 APR 1900Probate 7 JUL 1900Harry Bertram Hingley
Alfred Homfrey
£957 5s 3d
JamesgentlemanLydefield House, Cradley Heath30 JUL 1900Probate 18 SEP 1900Perceval James Hingley
Harry Webb
Selina Emily Hingley
£4852 11s 4d

Return of Owners of Land, 1873

Collected 7 March 2006, Society of Genealogists
CharlesRisely BDF2a 2p 0r£21 10s
ChristopherCross Hall, Eaton Socon BDF37a 0p 20r£148 2s
EdwardKimbolton BDF6a 2p 38r£13 10s
ThomasWootton BDF21 0p 15r£12 13s
BarzillaiRock WOR108a 1p 3r£112 0s
EdwinRock WOR5a 2p 0r£10 10s
GeorgeBelbroughton WOR2a 2p 11r£12 0s
GeorgeHalesowen WOR1a 0p 0r£60 0s
George WBromsgrove WOR1a 1p 0r£19 19s
JamesCradley WOR9a 2p 34r£107 10s
JosephCradley WOR1a 2p 0r£40 0s
JosephLutley WOR2a 1p 4r£5 0s
NoahCradley WOR2a 2o 18r£327 0s
Noah and sonsNetherton WOR0a 0p 0r£1531 15s
SamuelCradley WOR1a 0p 0r£80 0s
WilliamSutton CAM1a 1p 37r£6 15s
CharlesLeighton Buzzard BDF1a 2p 24r£2 10s
EdwardLeighton Buzzard BDF1a 0p 0r£3 0s
HenryLeighton Buzzard BDF20a 0p 32r£53 8s
JamesLeighton Buzzard BDF3a 0p 30r£9 19s
Wm FosseyLeighton Buzzard BDF3a 3p 13r£9 18s
William senGamlingay CAM53a 0p 8r£89 0s
RichardWhitstone CON135a 0p 36r£73 5s
WilliamCranfield BDF3a 0r 39p£21 17s
Dickins JohnBolnhurst BDF4a 1r 11p£10 15s

READ burials at St John Hampstead

Collected 11 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
SurnameGraveFirst NameDateGravestone
READXB068Charles  Sacred / to the memory of / William Read Esq / late of this Parish / who departed this Life / Novr 12th / Aged 82 years / "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh / away. Blessed be the name of the Lord" / Also of Fanny Read / Wife of the above / who died 4th of Sept 1807 / Aged 43 / Also of Charles Read / Son of the above / Also of Elizabeth, wife of / Mr William Bone, of this Parish / and Relict of the above / William Read / Who departed this life / 11th March 1851, Aged 61 years / Also of James Read / Eldest son of the above / William and Fanny Read / who departed this life / 11th March 1858 Aged 74 years
XB182Dorcas1771 In memory of / William Read who died the 16th of December 1765 aged 52 years / Also Dorcas Read his daughter died / 27th July 1771 in the 12th year of her life / Likewise of Elizabeth Read / Wife of the above William Read/ who died the 8th of November 1788 aged 63 years / John Donahue departed this life / May 4th 1805 aged 53
XC011Elizabeth1880died 18th January 1880, aged 84 years
Joseph1880died September 13th 1880, aged 96 years
Henrietta Elizabeth Langford1973
John Herbert1919
William Archer1847
XB202Dora Loraine1865

BARTRAM entries in Bletsoe Parish Register

Collected 11 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Baptisms3 March 1685John son of William
22 July 1688Mary daughter of William
9 February 1717John son of John and AnnBTs have “John son of Francis and Ann”
3 December 1721Francis son of Francis and Ann
23 January 1725Robert son of Francis and Ann
10 May 1728William son of Francis and Ann
24 September 1732Elizabeth daughter of Francis and Ann
9 June 1734Thomas son of Francis and Ann
Marriages8 October 1753John Pettit and Elizabeth BARTRAMboth of Bletsoe
12 October 1767Marry BARTRAM and John Fowler
Burials31 July 1698William, labr
13 March 1703Mary
3 February 1713Rebecca, widowBTs have 3 February 1714
22 July 1726William son of Francis and Ann
24 April 1734Thomas son of Francis and Ann
29 September 1742Francis junr, servant
3 October 1764Francis, labr
4 January 1767Ann, widow

Pre 1650 SHARPE baptism in Bletsoe and Sharnbrook Parish Registers

Collected 11 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Bletsoe1 March 1617Thomas son of FrancisBTs have John son of Francis
14 November 1619John son of Francis
Sharnbrook18 July 1630Jane daughter of Rowland
15 February 1634Rowland son of Rowland
11 September 1644Hon(orio?) son of Rowland and Susan

PETTIT entries in Bletsoe Parish Register

Collected 11 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Baptisms9 May 1755William son of John and Elizabeth
5 January 1757John son of John and Elizabeth
2 August 1761Elizabeth daughter of John and Elizabeth
20 September 1773Ann daughter of John and ElizabethPrivate
1 January 1775William son of John and Elizabeth
21 September 1788Susan daughter of William and Martha
26 December 1790John son of William and Martha
22 September 1793William son of William and MarthaP(auper?)
19 May 1799James son of William and Martha
3 July 1804Mary daughter of Thomas and Martha
4 November 1804Mary daughter of William and Martha
10 June 1806John son of Thomas and Martha
16 September 1806Hannah Elizabeth illegitimate daughter of Susan
2 November 1808William son of Thomas and Martha
2 October 1810Joseph son of Thomas and Martha
20 September 1812John son of Thomas and Martha
Marriages8 October 1753John PETTIT and Elizabeth Bartramboth of Bletsoe
8 December 1806Susan PETTIT and James Jaques
Burials31 October 1773Ann daughter of John and Elizabeth
8 April 1786Elizabeth wife of JohnP
14 July 1786JohnP
12 March 1809Thomas son of William and Martha

BARTRAM entries in Sharnbrook Parish Register

Collected 11 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Baptisms16 January 1713Mary daughter of Edward and Alice
12 June 1715Edward son of Edward and Alice
24 March 1716Sarah daughter of Edward and Alice
19 January 1717Sarah daughter of Edward and Alice
28 November 1721Samuel son of Edward and Alice
10 February 1724Lydia daughter of Edward and Alice
Marriages16 December 1712Edward BARTRAM and Alice Basse
Burials20 February 1724Lydia daughter of Edward and Alice
21 November 1737Edward
8 March 1739MaryOnly in BTs
14 January 1742Alice, spinster

PETTIT entries in Sharnbrook Parish Register

Collected 11 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Baptisms30 June 1723William son of Matthew and Mary
5 December 1724Mary daughter of Matthew and Mary
15 October 1727Elizabeth daughter of Matthew and Mary
24 May 1730daughter of Mary, widow
24 April 1730Elizabeth daughter of Mary, widowOnly in BTs
Marriages21 October 1708Matthew PETTIT and Ann Rogers
31 July 1751John How and Martha PETTIT of Harrold
7 December 1752James Elliot and Mary PETTIT
11 October 1756Robert PETTIT labr and Mary Gostick
20 October 1799Philip Parr of Colworth in Sharnbrook and Mary PETTIT of Colworth
7 April 1802Thomas Bromwell and Sarah PETTIT
Burials21 February 1721Ann wife of Matthew
19 April 1729Elizabeth daughter of Matthew and Mary
7 February 1729Matthew
8 May 1602Christiana wife of Thomas
8 February 1620Thomas

CUPIS entries in Cardington Parish Register

Collected 11 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Baptisms17 January 1685John son of Stephen and Mary
8 April 1687John and Steven twin sons of Stephen and Mary
23 November 1690Stephen son of Stephen and Mary
26 March 1692William and Dorothy son and daughter of Stephen
30 May 1695Edward son of Stephen
14 August 1698Thomas son of Stephen
Burials8 February 1685John
2 April 1688John
22 April 1688Stephen
7 April 1693William
27 May 1693Mary
11 September 1698Thomas
3 January 1712Widow CUPIS
8 December 1724mary wife of Stephen
18 February 1737Stephen

SILBY entries in Pavenham Parish Register

Collected 11 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Baptisms4 May 1613Richard son of John
22 June 1643Mary daughter of Thomas
2 November 1646Elizabeth daughter of Thomas
Marriages22 April 1644Thomas SILBY and Katherine Alcroft
10 February 1659Thomas SILBY and Jane Coleman
30 June 1662Thomas SILBY and Susan Tole
6 October 1662Thomas Tole and Mary SILBY
19 November 1663William Chapman and Mary SILBY
13 May 1667William Beach (Harrold) and Grace SILBY (Pavenham)
26 September 1790James SILBY and Mary Circket (Willington)
Burials17 August 1616William SILBYBTs have William Gilbert
10 May 1689Susan wife of Thomas
23 December 1690Thomas

MEEKS entries in Potton Parish Register

Collected 26 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Baptisms4 September 1768William son of Thomas and Mary
2 December 1770Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary
13 March 1774Thomas son of Thomas and Mary
28 May 1790Elizabeth daughter of William and Charlotte
1 April 1793Charles son of William and CharlotteBTs have Philip
25 September 1795Mary daughter of William and Charlotte
8 November 1797Thomas son of William and Charlotte
8 November 1799William son of William and Charlotte
25 August 1801William son of William and Charlotte
25 December 1801Mary daughter of Thomas and Martha
12 August 1803William son of William and Charlotte
25 February 1805Marian daughter of William and CharlotteReceived into the Church Sept 27th 1820
8 July 1806William son of William and Charlotte
2 September 1806MarthaMaiden name Chapman, born 7 March 1771
Marriages8 October 1660Thomas MEEKS and Margaret Wheeler
3 March 1734/5John MEEKS and Ann Howard
14 October 1788William MEEKS bach and Charlotte Chapman sp
28 December 1792James Brewer of Kettering NTH bach and Mary MEEKS splic
4 February 1798Henry Smith widr and Elizabeth MEEKS splic
26 February 1811George Kitchin bach and Elizabeth MEEKS splic
15 June 1812James Rogers bach and Mary MEEKS splic. BTs have 14th June
Banns9 November 1766Thomas MEEKS and 'Mar' MintleGamlingay
Burials22 November 1779James son of Thomas And MaryBTs have MINKS, and also the baptism of James Minks the same day
11 May 1798Thomasinf
30 October 1801Williaminf
14 August 1803Williaminf
4 September 1803Maryaged 66
12 September 1806Williaminf
6 April 1810CharlotteP aged 43
1 May 1811Marthaaged 38

JAMES entries in Potton Parish Register

Collected 26 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Baptisms17 December 1676William son of Thomas
6 February 1680Mary daughter of Thomas
Marriages3 October 1675Thomas JAMES and Mary Silby
27 January 1683Thomas JAMES and June Pleasanton
4 April 1769John JAMES widr and Mary Darling wid
Banns12 July 1767John JAMES widr and Dinah Cooper widow
12 June 1768William FitzJohn bach and Mary JAMES spSandy
Burials11 August 1683MaryBTs have wife of Thomas
30 August 1683Anne daughter of Thomas
11 July 1685Jane wife of Thomas labr
16 July 1685Thomas labr
8 December 1729Mary
4 January 1801John

STANIER burials in Birmingham St Martins Parish Register

Collected 26 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
26 Mary 1766Charles son of William and Margaret STANIERChap
8 April 1771Mary daughter of Robert and Sarah STANIERChap
8 June 1779Elizabeth daughter of John and Sarah STANIERChap
14 April 1780Sarah daughter of William and Margaret STANIERChap
3 February 1784John son of John and Mary STANIURD

Checked (film 2435) up to end of February 1784

READ burials in Hampstead St Johns Parish Register

Collected 28 April 2007, Society of Genealogists
Elizabeth READ 16 October 1788
Thomas REED 28 July 1791
Thomas Scott READ 19 August 1792
George REED 3 July 1801
Ann REID 10 October 1801
Eliza READ 1 November 1803
Frances READ 13 June 1806
Fanny READ 2 September 1807
Ann REID 30 March 1812
Martha READ 2 April 1812
Charles READHampstead8 January 181410
Elizabeth REEDHampstead23 July 181626
Catherine READHampstead26 October 18163 weeks
James REEDHampstead15 December 181829
Richard REEDHampstead8 May 182242
Hugh REEDSt Geo Bloomsbury28 November 182319
Mary REEDHampstead14 May 182476
Esau REEDHampstead26 June 182577
Charles READHampstead27 May 182929
Thomas REEDPaddington8 October 182937
William Arden REEDHampstead1 March 18301 month
Elizabeth REEDHampstead15 April 183568
Joshua REEDHampstead4 May 183541
William REEDHampstead27 May 183689
Mary REEDHampstead3 June 183760
Thomas REIDHampstead26 February 183983
William READSaffron Hill22 November 184087
Charles John READETavistock Square7 September 18413 months
Edward Brown REEDRotherhithe31 December 18412½ years
Elizabeth BONEHampstead19 March 185162
James READSt Marylebone19 March 185875

Bridgnorth Deanery Court Probate Records


Collected 3 and 10 November 2007, Society of Genealogists
1691William jrInventoryWilliam
1713WilliamTestament & InventoryWilliam
1729WilliamAdmin & InventoryWilliam
1739WilliamAdmin & InventoryWilliam
1640JamesTestament & Inventory 
1709EdwardTestament & Inventory 
1709RichardTestament & Inventory 
1731RichardTestament & Inventory 
1736ThomasAdmin amp; bond 
1741ThomasAdmin & Inventory 
1742SamuelAdmin & Inventory 
1743IzabellTestament & Inventory 
1728ThomasAdmin & Inventory 
1775WilliamWill & Inventory 
1787JohnWillbrother of Francis
1799Ann, wife of RobertAdmin 
1850JohnWillbrother of George
1638EdwardAdmin & Inventory 
1640ThomasTestament & Inventory 
1700AnnTestament & Inventory 
1719ThomasTestament & Inventory 
1641FrancisTestament & Inventory 
1673MaryTestament & bond 
1732EdwardTestament & Inventory 
1748SarahTestament & Inventory 
1798JohnAdmin taken out to her late Father by Elizabeth his daughter, the wife of J Lloyd 
1697Elizabeth, vidprobatt 
1767SamuelAdmin & deed of gift 
1769Elizabeth, widowWill 
1770SamuelAdmin de bonis non 
1786JohnWill & Inventory 
1803John, shoemakerWill 
1804Thomas (officer of Excise)Will 
1834John LeeAdmin 
1638GeorgeAdmin & Inventory 
1639SamuelTestament & Inventory 
1676JohnTestament & Inventory 
1696ElizabethTestament & Inventory 
1707AliceTestament & Inventory 
1709HughTestament & Inventory 
1722MaryTestament, Admin & Bond of Renunciation 
1729JohnAdmin & Inventory 
1759WilliamDeed of Gift & Inventory 
1761ThomasAdmin & Inventory 
1768Thomas alias MilnerAdmin 
1773JohnWill & Inventory 
1802Elizabeth widow of WilliamWill pursuant to a Power of Settlement 
1842no nameAdmin 
1854LauncelotAdmin with Will annexed 

Directory of Huntingdonshire Cabmen

Notwithstanding the assertions of J B Morton, the occupation of Cabman does not appear to have been widely followed in the County of Huntingdonshire. Many Trade Directories, or similar publications, list no Cabmen (or equivalent occupations such as Cab Proprietor). Such null returns have been seen in:-

Those Huntingdonshire Cabmen which have been seen are

1881Hatchett Lane, KimboltonCANT, Charlescab drivercensus [RG11/1612 f59 p9]
St Johns Lane, HuntingdonGAYLOR, Edwardbuss man (cab man)census [RG11/1604 f69 p23]
High Street, Hemingford GreyKNIGHTON, Johnbus man (cab man)census [RG11/1609 f41 p16]
Greenend, Great StukeleyORTON, Jamescab mancensus [RG11/1604 f78 p4]
1898BramptonWELCH, Michaelcab proprietorKelly's Directory of BDF HUN & NTH

Searching for entries from Huntingtonshire in the 1939 Register with Taxi in the Occupation fields returns

   NameBirth yearBorough / District
Frank Beaumont1884Huntingdon M.B.
Frederick W Cambers1889St Neots U.D.
Robert Cheeswright1856St Ives R.D.
John D Fordham1905St Ives R.D.
Arthur C Isola1903St Ives R.D.
Charles A Smith1909Huntingdon M.B.
Thomas E Smith1899Huntingdon M.B.
Joseph Thockrey1875Godmanchester M.B.
John J Toynton1905Huntingdon R.D.
Albert J Young1861St Ives R.D.
Alexander Young1909St Neots R.D.

Extracts from the Burial Register of Rowley Regis, Staffordshire

Barham and Schofield (Extracts from the parish register of Barming, Kent, LPS 33, Autumn 1984, pp 59-63) have published extracts from the burial register of Barming, Kent, which contains unusually extensive details of the deceased. Such entries may be found in registers other than that of Barming. Between 1794 and 1812, the burial register of Rowley Regis, Staffordshire contains several such entries, generally concerning the manner of death, although some supply background information of the deceased.

The extracts which follow have been selected to indicate the nature of the register.

1794, Feb 6 Moses NOCK, of Cradley, who not having the Fear of God, notoriously illtreated two wives. He dropt down in his own yard on the 1st Inst. and lay exposed to very inclement weather untill the 3rd, when he was found in a shocking condition, in which he languished till ye 4th, 9 o'c. A.M.
1795, Mar 25 Daniel BRIDGEWATER, who did not speak to his wife for many years till just before his death.
1797, Mar 15 Sarah, w. of Joseph PARKES, Cradley Heath, aged 96, married J.P., aged 64, in 1785, had a Paralitic stroke in 1793, when J.P. told the Minister if God took her he hoped to be resign'd, but if his Will he should rejoice to work for her a few years. Joseph Parkes taken ill the same day died in 3 weeks, buried by his first wife at Halesowen.
1801, Feb 22 A man, apparently about 50 years of age, who was found in this parish about [blank] years ago, helpless and speechless. Thus he continued, in the workhouse, till he died. Neither has it yet been known who he was, nor from whence he came.
1801, Mar 29 Joseph WINDSOR. He lived like an infidel, but yet was some years governer of the Workhouse in this Parish!!!
1802, Sep 30 Alice, w. of Stephen ROLISON. She was murdered by a red-hot nailrod being thrust into her side while at work in a nail shop. It penetrated through her stomach & a considerable way into the right lobe of her liver. She died in about an hour after. The coroner's inquest sat on the body from 12 o'clock at mid-day till 6 the next morning when a verdict was returned Wilful Murder. The murdered was acquitted at the following Stafford assizes.
1803, Oct 23 Henry s. of Jno. & Mary EDMANDS. He was killed in a coal pit near Brierly Hill. His cloathes were caught by a hook, or something of that kind, of the skep, which took him up a considerable way; at length his cloathes tore, & he held by his hands till being unable to hang any longer he fell & spoke no more.
1804, Dec 16 Mary STOKES, wid. She was a woman of a very discontented disposition, & a notorious passer of bad coin. At 10 o'clock on the evening of her death she was as well as usual, but at eleven death had reduced her body to a corpse, & her soul was ushered to an awful eternity.
1805, Jan 16 Edwd. ROUND, aged 84. He was remarkably hearty & active. About 10 o'clock on the morning of his death he left his own house in good health & spirits; & was observed by some of his neighbours to walk with peculiar speed & sprightliness; but he had not gone further than two miles when he was overtaken by death. His body was found before 12 o'clock in the foot road leading to Langley Green near Titford Bridge, but his soul had winged her way into eternity.
1805, Aug 1 Anne McMILLAN, relict of the late Mr Geo. McMillan. Though she was far advanced in years, & for a considerable time unwell, & had a good property to dispose of, yet she could never be persuaded to make a will. The consequence was all her property descended to her heirs in equal portions, & a niece, who had lived with her many years, & to whom she had always promised a handsome provision, was left entirely destitute of everything, & unacquainted with any way in wh. to get a comfortable livelihood.
1806, Apr 13 Joseph ATTWOOD. He rose in the morning about 7 o'clock in his usual state of health. The family no more saw of him, but thought he was at work & about 12 o'clock instead of being found in the shop at work he was found dead in his bed. An awful call to survivors.
1807, Feb 1 Elizabeth, d. of Joram & Mary WILLETTS, from Dudley Wood. She was scalded to death by boiling water being spilled on her head which ran into one or both her ears & soon put an end to her existence.
1807, Dec 29 Joseph HACKETT. He was a man who spent all the money he got in ale, except a very small portion with which he procured a little food, but ale was the chief of his support. Of course he was a drunkard in the most proper sense of the word. The evening before his death, viz., Decr. 25, he left a public house in the lower side of this parish where he had spent a great part of the day, in a state of intoxication, uttering profane curses. He was found dead & cold early the next morning at a very short distance from that house. Let every drunkard beware.
1810, Oct 12 John, s. of Nancy [blank], 3 wks. This woman was an entire stranger who came to the house of Joseph ROSE about 5 wks. ago & had lodgings, where her child died. She went away & left him unburied, never having told any name, but used to call him John, & said her own name was Nancy.
1810, Nov 29 John GOOLD, 74. He took cold in the damp, cold miserable church of this parish, during divine service, about three weeks ago, and attributed his death to that cause!!!
1812, Mar 8 Benj. TIMMINS, junr., 26. A bitter opposer of the intended new Church: he was taken ill while in the very act of opposition at a public meeting in the church & died raving mad in about a fortnight after.

DAVIS entries in the 1841 census of Rowley Regis

ReferenceAddressNameAgeOccupationborn STS
district 2
fol 30
Darby's HillEdward Davies54Coal MinerYes
Sarah Davies54  
Ann Davies20  
Eli Davies16Labourer 
district 2
fol 38
Whiteheath GateJoseph Davis25Joiner 
Sarah Davies25 Yes
Joseph Davies9 mon Yes
district 4
fol 39
VillageMartha Davies25Female servant 
district 5
fol 14
KnowleJames Davies45Coal Miner 
district 5
fol 15
KnowleHannah Davies45 Yes
Mary Davies25 Yes
David Davies15 Yes
John Davies15 Yes
Richard Davies15 Yes
Esther Davies12 Yes
Martha Davies7 Yes
Solomon Davies3 Yes
district 5
fol 16
Black Buoy FarmJames Davies15ButcherYes
Charlotte Davies20 Yes
district 5
fol 18
Worrans HallBenjamin Davies54Farmer 
Sarah Davies54 Yes
James Davies22 Yes
district 6
fol 33
Coxes LaneCharles Davis20Stone Miner 
Salvey Davis20NailerYes
Sarah Davis11 mon Yes
one household omitted
George Davis25Stone Miner
Sarah Davis20 Yes
Mary Davis1 Yes
Dane Davis3 Yes
district 6
fol 34
Powk LaneJoseph Davis40BoatmanYes
Joseph Davis14 Yes
Elizabeth Davis40 Yes
William Davis15BoatmanYes
Elener Davis11 Yes
Emma Davis8 Yes
Nancy Davis8 mon Yes
district 6
fol 34
Powk LaneCaroline Davis20NailerYes
district 8
fol 34
Scholding GreenEdward Davis60NailerYes
Sarah Davis50 Yes
Mary Davis35 Yes
Roseanna15 Yes
Joseph Davis75Army P(ensioner?) 
William Davis60NailerYes
Hannah Davis60 Yes
William Davis25 Yes
Maryan Davis25 Yes
Rebecka Davis10 Yes
William Davis2 Yes
Maryann Davis2 mon Yes
James Davis21 Yes
Joseph Davis2 Yes
Jane Davis3 mon Yes
Hanah Davis17 Yes
Mariah Davis15 Yes
district 9
fol 11
Nock St houseJames Davis25NailerYes
Phillis Davis21NailerYes
Ann Davis3 mon Yes
district 11
fol 43
Pear Tree LaneEdward Davis60M??? 
Pheby Davis55 Yes
Edward Davis20Nail makerYes
Rebecka Davis20 Yes
Mary Davis15 Yes
William Davis15 Yes
district 11
fol 45
Pear Tree StreetJoseph Davis20Coal MinerYes
Silvey Davis20  
Ann Davis8 mon Yes
district 11
fol 47
Pear Tree StreetJohn Davis?25Coal miner
Ann Davis?25 
John Davis?8 
Emma Davis?4 
district 11
fol 53
Laurence LaneThomas Davis60Nail makerYes
Phoby Davis60 Yes
Samuel Davis30Nail makerYes
Pheby Davis25 Yes
Martha Davis20 Yes
Thomas Davis20 Yes
Sophia Davis15 Yes
Eliza Davis10 Yes
district 13
fol 34
Garratts LaneJames Davis25Nail m(aker)Yes
Lidia Davis32 Yes
William Davis2 Yes
Households omitted
Thomas Davis20Servant 
district 13
fol 37
New StreetEdward Davis30Iron miner 
Nancy Davis43  
Elen Davis16Nail m(aker) 
Households omitted
Mary Davis11Nail m(aker) 
district 13
fol 40
New StreetAnn Davis15F SYes

There was also a Davies family here

BLOWER baptisms at Baddesley Ensor Independent Chapel, 1801 - 1836

Date of
Date of
19 Feb 180504 Mar 1805Samuel BLOWERWilliam & CatherineBadgley
1 Jul 181609 Jul 1818Frances BLOWERJohn & FrancesGrendon
09 Feb 181821 Mar 1818Hephzibah BLOWERJohn & FrancesGrendon
23 Apr 182108 Aug 1821Martha BLOWERJohn & FrancesGrendon
17 Mar 183118 Mar 1831Thomas BLOWERJoseph & AnneBaddesley Ensor
05 Jun 183422 Jun 1834Mary BLOWERJoseph & AnneBaddesley Ensor
21 May 183612 Jun 1836Catharine BLOWERJoseph & AnneBaddesley Ensor
20 Aug 1836John BLOWERJohn & FrancesGrendon

(LE) HARE in the 1822 and 1823 Militia Lists of Thorney CAM

Year Number Surname Christian Name Trade Employer or
Age Number of
Date of Birth
1822 21 HARE William Labr   38 1 1784
95 HARE William Carpenter   24 1 1798
96 HARE Robert Carpenter   19   1803
188 LEAHAIR Isaac Farmer   27   1795
189 LEAHAIR Daniel Farmer        
165 LEHAIR William Publican   31   1791
1823 147 HARE William Carpenter   20 1 1803
19 HAREN William Labr   39   1784
82 LEHAIR Isaac Farmer   27   1796
83 LEHAIR Daniel Grocer   24   1796
116 LEHAIR William Publican   32   1791

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