Census Entry

6 June 1841Tetworth HUN (HO107/545/11 f4 p15)
Name Age of Rank, Profession
or Occupation
Born in HUN?
Charles MEEKS30 Ag LabYes
Mary MEEKS 20 No
Edith MEEKS 2 Yes
Henry MEEKS7 months  Yes
Ellen PECK 70HousekeeperYes
one house
Elizabeth MEEKS 65CharwomanNo
Mary MILTON 60CharwomanNo
Richard IVES82 Ag LabYes
William BARRETT25 Ag LabYes
Frederick MEEKS15 Ag LabYes

Charles and Mary Meeks, and their 2 children.

Elizabeth Meeks is Charles' mother.

Frederick Meeks is possibly related, but I do not know how.