Census Return

7 April 1861St James Green, Castle Acre NFK (RG9/1252 f97 p3)
Name Relationship to
Head of Family
as to Marriage
Age of Rank, Profession
or Occupation
Where Born
Elizabeth SKIPPERHeadWidow 75 West Acre NFK
Sarah SKIPPERGrand-daughterUnm 17Dress MakerWest Acre NFK
Anna SKIPPERGrand-daughter  1 West Acre NFK
James WARDSon-in-LawMarr42 Ag LabAshill NFK
Tabitha WARDDaughterMarr 41Wash WomanCastle Acre NFK
Mary WARDDaughter  11 Castle Acre NFK
Eliza WARDDaughter  9 Castle Acre NFK
Benjamin WARDSon 7  Castle Acre NFK
Susan WARDDaughter  6 Castle Acre NFK
William WARDSon 4  Castle Acre NFK

Anna Skipper is listed as granddaughter to James and Tabitha Ward in the 1871 census of Castle Acre (RG10/1860 f92 p15)