Census Return

5 April 1891The Innage, Cradley WOR (RG12/2300 f54 p23)
Name Relationship to
Head of Family
as to Marriage
Age of Rank, Profession
or Occupation
Where Born
Henry DAVIESHeadMarr36 ChainmakerCradley WOR
Phoebe DAVIESWifeMarr 36 Cradley WOR
Sarah DAVIESDaughterS 15ChainmakerCradley WOR
Esther DAVIESDaughter  13Chainmaker's BlowerCradley WOR
John H DAVIESSon 10 ScholarCradley WOR
Joseph DAVIESSon 8 ScholarCradley WOR
Elizabeth DAVIESDaughter  5ScholarCradley WOR
Levi DAVIESSon 3 ScholarCradley WOR
Mary DAVIESDaughter  6 months Cradley WOR