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Biddulph Stoniers

The Stonier (and variants) surname has been connected with Biddulph, Staffordshire, since at least 1411, when the Calendar of State Papers, 12 Hen. 4 records a John Le Stonhewer as a juror of the Court of Biddulph.

The Society's online archive has a number of Biddulph entries:-

Our paper archive has considerably more items pertaining to Biddulph

9Stanier - Stanway of BiddulphShropsh (various)165210Parish Reg extract007/C/Lanf
12Stonyer / Stanier - John StonehewerBiddulph - STF15605Pedigree019/R/Smit
22Stonehewer - JohnBiddulph - STFc 15601Lineage chart049/G/Clay
35Stonehewers of BiddulphBiddulph - STF13878Pedigree024/S/Lanc
45Stoniers Old Cotton MillHurst Vale, Biddulph CDLoan Copy044/D/Whel
47Stonier - ThomasBiddulph - STF1611-19142Letter044/D/Whel
48Stonehewer - JohnThe Hurst, Biddulph1560 -4Handwritten draft tree044/D/Whel
49Stonehewer - JohnThe Hurst, Biddulph1560 -3Item 48 above transcribed044/D/Whel
51Details of 7 propertiesBiddulph area1779 - 18011List044/D/Whel
52Tolls & turnpike roads in BiddulphBiddulph, STS18201Article on Biddulph044/D/Whel
53Stonier - William Biddulph, STS1826 - 18461Extract from Parish Registers044/D/Whel
58Chester Record OfficeBiddulph & District1633 - 18854Extracts from documents & deeds044/D/Whel
59Biddulph Parish RegistersBiddulph, STS1823 - 18741Burial details044/D/Whel
60Baptisms, Marriages & BurialsBiddulph & District1561 - 16843List044/D/Whel
61Stonehewer & Stonier familiesBiddulph & District1685 - 17911Bapt, Marr, & Burial records044/D/Whel
62MarriagesBiddulph & District1761 - 18341List044/D/Whel
64Bishops TranscriptsBiddulph, STS1560 - 18032Baptisms & Burials044/D/Whel
67Notes on Stonehewer / StoniersBiddulph & District1476 - 17664Notes044/D/Whel
68Hearth Tax DueBiddulph & District1666 - 17952Description044/D/Whel
70Stonyer of BiddulphBiddulph, STS1605 - 16651Tree044/D/Whel
72Stonehewer lineBiddulph, STS1560 - 18501Tree044/D/Whel
74Brian Blayney re StoniersBiddulph, STS1988 - 1993136 letters044/D/Whel
75Stonier propertiesBiddulph, STS1759 - 18561List of Dates044/D/Whel
76Stonehewer - Joshuaof Biddulph, STS17361Directory Entry044/D/Whel
77Gravestones & PlaqueBiddulph Church, STS1732 - 18563List044/D/Whel
80Thos. & William Stonhewerof Biddulph, STS18372Inscription 044/D/Whel
83Sale of Over Hall FarmBiddulph, STS19932Newspaper article044/D/Whel
86Stonehewer - Richardof Biddulph, STS1560 - 18372Tree044/D/Whel
87Stonehewer - Johnof Biddulph, STS1480 - 19054Tree (see items 89 & 92 below)044/D/Whel
88Stonehewer to Stanierof Biddulph, STS1560 - 19796Tree (see items 89 & 92 below)044/D/Whel
89Stonehewer to Stanierof Biddulph, STS15608(further details to item 88 above)044/D/Whel
90Stonier - Williamof Biddulph, STS18556Will044/D/Whel
91Stonier - WilliamThe Moorhouse, Biddulph, STS183432Title to the estate044/D/Whel
92Stonehewer to Stanierof Biddulph, STS 8(additions to items 88 & 89)044/D/Whel
93Stonehewersof Biddulph, STS18992Newspaper article041/L/Cox
94Memorial Inscriptionsof Biddulph, STS17701List041/L/Cox
95Stonehewer to BiddulphBiddulph, STS17791Marriage entry041/L/Cox
102General Stonehewer/ Stonier detailsBiddulph1645 - 18651List044/D/Whel
104Conveyance detailsBiddulph1839 - 19341List044/D/Whel
105Stonehewer ThomasBiddulphabt 17201Tree044/D/Whel
106Stonehewer WilliamBiddulph1506 - 18081Court Rolls044/D/Whel
107Stanier & SleighLeek & Biddulph1650 - 18811General details044/D/Whel
113Stonehewer JohnBiddulph, Staffsmid 1500's2Burke's Peerage entry037/B/Stai
116Stonyer John & RichardBiddulph STS, Congleton Edge CHS25 Sep 15841Biddulph Court Baron - Trespass001/M/Stow
125Stonehewer William & ThomasBiddulph, STS16661Will of Margaret Winkle - contents014/P/Loma
131Stanier AnneNewcastle & Biddulph - Staffsabt 17101Family Tree055/E/Heath
133Stanway familiesHorton & Biddulph - STS17468Burial Records055/E/Heath
134Stanway familiesHorton & Biddulph - STS17466Baptism Records055/E/Heath
142Stonehewer WilliamBiddulph STS15942Treesee note #
148Stonehewer & StanierBiddulph STS1500's11Tree057/M/Neme
164Biddulph Old HallBiddulph STS20051Newspaper article014/P/Loma
165Roaring Meg' at Biddulph Old HallBiddulph STS20052Newspaper article014/P/Loma
166Restoring Biddulph Old HallBiddulph STS20064Newspaper article014/P/Loma
167Stonehewer JohnBiddulph STS15608Tree010/A/Stai
366Stanier Stonier Stanway StonehewerBiddulph STS17813Land Tax Accounts055/E/Heath
400Stonehewer - JohnBiddulph - STSmid 1550's1Family Tree062/E/Newm
410Stonehewer - RichardBiddulph - STS15502Family Tree019/R/Smit
411 'Biddulph & Stonehewer families'Biddulph - STS15342Extracts from a book019/R/Smit
413Stanway - WilliamBiddulph - STS163911Family Tree010/A/Stai
415Stanier familyBiddulph STS, & Uppington, Salop16912Family Tree062/E/Newm
416Stonehewer - JohnBiddulph - STS15602Family Tree019/R/Smit
417Stonehewer - RichardBiddulph - STSmid 1500's3Family Tree019/R/Smit
439Stonehewer Hall - WilliamBiddulph - STS17944Statement of Accounts010/A/Stai
497Stoniers Old Cotton MillBidduplh, STS Copy of CD Item 45189413Pictures - paper copy of CD item 45044/D/Whel
536Biddulph, STSBiddulph, STS16th C +42Biddulph Born & Bred' research001/M/Stow
576Stonier Johnof The Hurst, STS15904Family Tree090/N/Stri
577Stonehewer ThomasBiddulph, STS17005Descenant Chart090/N/Stri
578Stonehewers of GillowBiddulph, STS183815pack of Genealogy019/R/Smit

The Biddulph & District Genealogy & Historical Society

The BDGHS is collecting much historical information about the town. This page will have links to entries relevant to the society

1840 Tithe Survey

The 1840 Tithe survey has the surname only in the variants Stanway and Stonier. This suggests that bearers of other variants had either left Biddulph (at least some of the Stonehewers, for example, had moved to Uppington in Shropshire), or had adopted a standard variant. Support for this theory comes from the list of Biddulph men who served in the Great War of 1914 - 1918, on the wall of the parish church, which lists F. Stanway, H. Stanway, J. Stonier, and two W. Stonier, but no other variants.

A True Terrier and perfect note of the Glebe Lands Belonging to the Vicarage of Biddulph, 1629

PlaceNameAmount paid
Middle BiddulphRichard Stonier3d
Lower BiddulphWilliam Stonier2d
Richard Stonier1d
William Stonier
of Marshfield Yate
Mole SideThomas Stonier2d

The signatories included Richard Stonier and William Stonehewer.

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