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How the name spread round the world


The earliest use of Stonehewer as a surname appears in Cheshire in the 14th century. It is recorded that several Stonehewer families moved from Cheshire into Biddulph Staffordshire in the late 1400s. From here they spread outwards, reaching Shropshire by 1570, Durham by 1655, and Warwickshire around 1750. By the 19th century they had spread throughout the central counties, with pockets in the West Country, London, Norfolk, and elsewhere.


The registers of St Peter Carmarthen have a number of references to Stonehewer, the earliest being to Hugh Stonehewer of Castlemartin PEM, who married 28 October 1756. One Mary Stonehewer married there on 29 March 1786, and a second on 16 October 1806.

Australia and New Zealand

Trevor Reeves, of Dunedin NZ has researched several Stonehewer families who emigrated to the Antipodes.

Several members of a Stonyer family from Shropshire emigrated to New Zealand in about 1863. John Richard Stonyer, born 1881 in Eastbourne, took his family to Australia in the early 20th century. The earliest known reference in Australia is in 1856, when Joseph Stanyer is listed in the Electoral Roll of Talbot, Victoria.


on 22 August 1832, Thomas Stanyer petitioned the governor of Upper Canada for a grant of land. Thomas's eldest son, William Paul Stanyer was granted lands in the district of Parry Sound, while another, Frederick, remained in Southern Ontario, as did two daughters, Mary Jane and Inez. Three other daughters moved on into the United States, but all married and lost the Stanyer name.

United States

The Stonehewer name is well-represented in the States, but we have no information as to when the family moved there. The earliest known reference is to a Fred Stonehewer, in the 1840 census of Ohio.


Alfred Stanyer was born 27 Nov 1891 in Smallthorne STS, but christened in Vittoriosa, Malta. He married Giuseppa Deguara on 8 May 1916 in Porto Salvo Church, Valetta. Their descendants still live in Malta.

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