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Alan M Stanier, BA BSc PhD

United Kingdom Genealogical and Historical Research and Record Searching

I have been involved in genealogical and family history research for over 35 years, using both Record Repositories and online resources.

I have been involved in online genealogy for 25 years, having published the World's first Family History website in 1993, and having been involved in setting up the GENUKI project. I also have experience of the use of DNA in Family History research, having administered the DNA project of the Stonehewer to Stanier Society, of which I am also webmaster.

Having recently retired from the University of Essex, I am now available for research and record searching. I aim to provide a full service, from advice on particular research problems, to actual research. The results of my research can be in written form; or if wanted, I will set up a website with the information.

24 Chaplin Drive
Essex CO4 3EA
Fees and conditions

Examples of my research

[email protected]

phone/text: 07749 817745


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