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Fees and Conditions


My fees are £15 ($25) per hour, or £10 for members of the Stonehewer to Stanier Society, plus necessary expenses. Necessary expenses include travel expenses, accomodation costs if travelling to remote repositories, certificate application charges, reproduction charges, etc. Fees are payable in advance.

I am based within easy travelling distance of the main London repositories. I am perfectly willing to travel to repositories throughout the United Kingdom, but my travel and accomodation costs would be considerable, so you might wish to consider employing a more local researcher. I would also undertake non-UK research if asked, but that is outside my field of expertise, so again a more local researcher would be better.


I will accept payment by cheque in UK£, but prefer payment by PayPal to [email protected]

Online research

Like most other family historians, I make extensive use of online records. This can be very efficient. However, unless the online record includes a scan of the original record, these should be considered a finding aid only. I would strongly advise that the original record be examined, to deal with any transcription errors or similar.

What do you get for your money?

It is impossible to say how long it will take to perform research: a record may turn up in the first minute, or only after hours of diligent searching. Nor can success be guaranteed: a vital record may never have been made, or subsequently lost. All I can promise is that I will do the hours of diligent searching.

As I require payment in advance, you might consider a short initial commission, allowing me to give you a better estimate of the work involved, before paying for major research.

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