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15 October 2006  
New Items posted to WWW The following new items were posted to the WWW page:
1. Obituary for Ted S. E. Nelson
8 October 2006  
New Items posted to WWW The following new items were posted to the WWW page:
1. Scanned picture of Florence (Florence1.jpg)
2. Scan of Stanley's obituary
3. Daisy Pitman and NLD Cary Grave Location Certificates
4. Harlan Eugene Nelson funeral program
5. Florence voting certificate
6. Florence funeral program
7. Harold Andrew Nelson Abridged History
8. History of Christen and Dorthea Larsen Lorentzen and Anna Lorentzen Nelson
9. Daisy Pitman and Nelson Lorenzo Dow Cary Obituaries
10. Pictures of Cary graves
11. John Henry Cary obituary
12. Henry Cary obituary
13. Samuel Whyman history (scanned)
14. Grave Locations for: WA Pitman, Mary C. Pitman, Minnie Lou Pitman, Clyde Nelson Pitman,
August 4, 2006  
Family Reunion Held in Ferron Utah We met in the Ferron City Mayor's Park for lunch. Members of many of the different families showed up. We all ate lunch and talked and heard from James (or J.R.) Nelson, who still lives in Ferron and lives near the original homestead. He told stories and told us about all the interesting sites in Ferron. We also heard a from Cary.

After lunch, we caravaned to James' house, driving past the Presbyterian church on the way (Florence's sister taught there and that is why Florence came out to Ferron, where she met Stanley). At James' house, he showed us some pictures he has of Andrew Jr. and Anna, Andrew Jr.'s parents, and Anna's parents. We then walked over to the homestead which is near James' house. He walked us around the farm and told us stories about it and explained where everything would have been when Andrew Jr. worked the farm. We also went inside the house, which still stands. We walked over by the grain mill and James told more stories.

We then all took  bricks from the house and some of us headed out to where the homestead used to stand in Rochester (it has been gone for many years now). Some of the foundation stones are still there. Those who had been to the homestead when it was still there were able to explain where everything would have been and what it looked like.

We then headed for the Ferron cemetery and ran around looking for graves of family members. We were able to find the graves of Andrew Sr., his wife, Jesse & Jessie, the twins who died soon after they were born, and other family members' graves. More stories were told and pictures were taken and then people slowly headed home.

Written by Mary Nelson, September 2006