Tithe Awards for Staplehurst


A survey was conducted nationally between 1830 and 1840 to improve the ancient custom of paying tithes and convert these to an annual rent. The appointed commission produced detailed maps and schedules for each parish.
The maps are detailed down to field level, each numbered. It also identifies many farms and buildings by name.
Accompanying the maps are the Tithe Awards which is a table showing, for each numbered parcel on the map, the owner, the occupier, a brief description or name for the plot, the quantity of land, and the payment.

It is an excellent source for local history.

The Kent History and Library Centre has reproduced the maps on CDs for the Kent Parishes. The Staplehurst map on CD is of excellent quality BUT it is not complete. It contains all of the parish on the west of the main road (now the A229) but does not include the eastern sector.

Anita Thompson, a historian with a particular interest in Staplehurst, has transcribed the Tithe Awards and has made these available online via the  
Kent Archaeology Society .