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The exact location of the ancestral home of Peter STAPLE of Kittery is unknown at this time, however there is strong evidence that it is located somewhere in England south of the Humber. This is based on an Administration filed by this STAPLE family with the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (Ref: I:2, Generation 3), Boyd's Marriage Index and Wills held by The National Archives in England of Staple families (Ref: I:1 Origin of the surname Staple, section 2).

NOTE, 18 Jan 2013: A growing number of some descendants of Peter STAPLE of Kittery have internet pedigrees listing the year, place of birth, burial, names and the location of his parents. I have contacted those that I have come across on-line that have listed their contact information. Of those that have responded to my e-mail's - none have been able to present any primary or secondary genealogy information that proves a parental match to Peter STAPLE of Kittery.
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"Old Kittery and her Families” by Everett S. Stackpole, p752, Peter STAPLE, had a grant of land in 1671, and he bought land of Thomas Turner on Long Reach, July 4, 1674. The “Map of Middle Parish of Kittery (now Eliot) on p106, shows the 1674 lot location of Peter STAPLE on the Pascataqua (now Piscataqua) River. The 'Staples Family History Association Newsletter' (SFHAN), Jan 1980, ed. James C. Staples, with Martha S. Dildilian, Ross P. Staples, and Mrs Burton Murdock wrote about the life of Peter's mother in law, Mary (Bayly) Beadle, Bachiller, Turner family and the Peter & Elizabeth (Beadle) Staple family of Kittery. Ross P. Staples states in-part; The Staple homestead was part of a grant given to Peter's father-in-law Robert Beadle in 1641 from the Deputy Governor of Maine, Thomas Gorges. This grant passed from Robert's widow Mary in 1648 to her son-in-law Peter Staple in 1674, (who with his other holdings) enlarged it into an 80 acre farm. The homestead passed to Peter jr. in 1694 and to his son Capt. Peter. In 1765 the Staples family sold the property and the land became the Hamscom Boatyard until 1889 when it became a 100-room summer hotel. In 1902 the hotel was converted into a religious and intellectual center, a guest, John Greenleaf Whittier gave it the name of "Green Acre". In 1929 the property became the present 100-acre Green Acre Baha'i School of Eliot, Maine. My wife Eve and I toured the property in 2003. 

 Articles published in the SFHAN and reproduced here are - The Map of the Middle Parish of Kittery 1632-1700; The Staples Homestead On The Piscataqua River; Immigrant Peter Staple's Mother-In-Law: Mary (   ) Beedle Bachiler Turner; Who was Peter Staple's Mother-In-Law; Nathaniel Hawthorne Knew Thomas Waite; and a July 2006 comment by Art Staples on Nathaniel Hathorne in Raymondtown, ME. The SFHAN articles show the connection of Mary Bachiler with Hester Prynne and gives information that Peter's mother-in-law, Mary Beadle Batchelder was the woman upon whom Hawthorne patterned the heroine of the Scarlet Letter. To view these reproduced articles in PDF format click HERE   NOTE: To return to this page click BACK on your internet browser.

Peter STAPLE (1) married Elizabeth (BEADLE or BEEDLE) Edwards, widow of Stephen Edwards who was a servant to Robert Jackson, Portsmouth, NH, alive 1662. 'Genealogical. Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire', p216 & Hoyt's Salis. 879,61). and daughter of Robert BEADLE or BEEDLE and Mary. 'Gen. Dict. of ME & NH', p87. Robert BEEDLE or BEADLE, Kittery, had a grant from Gorges in 1641. List 298; Widow Mary married, 2nd Rev. Stephen Batchelder. 3rd Thomas Turner. Daughter Elizabeth BEEDLE or BEADLE, married 1st Stephen Edwards, 2nd Peter STAPLE. Note; Elizabeth was a widow 13 Dec 1669, when she was granted 5 acres. Note: For Peter & Elizabeth's marriage see 'Old Kittery' by Stackpole, p752;

According to his Inventory, Peter STAPLE was a Husbandman. His farm produce and stock of cattle produced income. The “Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire”, p656, lists Peter as a Highway Surveyor 1673; Constable for lower Kittery 1676, Grand Jury 1686, 1689-90, 1699; The NE Historical & Genealogical Register; pub. year 1928; Vol. 82; p72-74: Records of the First Church of Berwick, ME; Starting on p72, are - The Records of the Church of Christ at Barwick, organized December 21, 1701. P74 lists a Peter Staple as one of the seventeen Foundation Brethren, however the Staple name does not appear in any other place in the records. Peter turned over the Staple homestead to his son Peter Jr in 1694.

Peter, m abt 1669-1671 (“Old Elliot”, Book 2, Vol VI, p37), wid. Elizabeth (BEEDLE or BEADLE) Edwards, b 1641, she is mentioned in her son Peter Jr's will written 6 December 1720 as "my Honored Mother", living at the homestead, 3 children, dau of Robert and Mary (BAILEYor BAYLY) BEEDLE of Kittery, ME. Peter STAPLE, died early 1719, Kittery, now Eliot, Maine. His will is dated June 6, 1718, and probated April 7, 1719. “Maine Wills”, p 215-6, York Probate 3, 14 docket # 17865”. Peter's Adm., Will (He refers to himself as Yeoman and made his mark "p") the will was witnessed by John Newmarch, Paul Wentworth and Nicholas Weeks. Peters Inventory (refers to him as Husbandman). These records are at the York County Courthouse, Alfred, ME.  His wife Elizabeth and three sons, Peter STAPLE, John STAPLE and James STAPLE are mentioned in his will.  “Old Kittery”, p 752-758; “Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire”, p 656; “Old Eliot” Book Two, Vol. VI, p29 – 43. The lineage from Arthur B. Staples (jr) to Peter Staple of Kittery has been approved by the "Piscataqua Pioneers" (#1747). According to local historian Edward H. Vetter of Eliot, Peter & his wife are probably buried in unmarked graves in the immediate area old burial field, now in Eliot, Maine, or on their farm as was the custom at the time.


i Peter STAPLE (jr), [Carpenter] b. Kittery, Maine; b. aft 1670, d. Dec 17, 1721, in Kittery, Maine. Married Jan 8, 1694/95, in Kittery, Maine, Mary LANG, b 1678. Eight Children.

ii John STAPLE, [Carpenter] b. c 1677, (+/- 60 in 1737, “GDM&NH” p656) Kittery, Maine; Will, 21 Nov. 1744 – 16 July 1745. Married in Kittery, Maine, Mary Dixon. The Court of Quarter Sessions, Kittery, 5 Jan 1696/97, states (in part) "John Staple and Mary now his Wife", this indicates that John and Mary were married in 1695/96. Eleven Children.

iii James STAPLE, [Tailor] b. c 1678, Kittery, Maine; 1721, Deacon of the Second Parish, Kittery (now Eliot); d.1725, aged 47 in Kittery, Maine. Married Apr 15, 1701, in Kittery, Maine, Mary Tetherly, Eight Children.


Peter STAPLE (jr), (2)-(Peter1), [Carpenter] b. aft 1670, Kittery, Maine; Selectman 1713-1714; d Dec 17, 1721 (Aged 51yr est.), Kittery, Maine, m Jan 8, 1694/95, Mary LANG, b 1678 in Sagamore Creek, NH, d aft 1721, 8 children, dau of Robert LANG and Ann WILLIAMS, of Sagamore Creek, Portsmouth, NH. See Gen. Dict. ME & NH, p 413 LANG, 7 Robert. Lived at the family homestead. In 1694 the Staple homestead was conveyed to Peter by his parents in 1694 (SFHA V3:2p9). The Court of General sessions, Kittery; Province and Court Records of Maine and County of York court records, present both a Peter and Peter Jr. for various offenses in 1696/7/8, 1701, 1710/11. and License to keep a Public House of Entertainment, 1704, 1708, 1710, however these recordings start in 1696, two years after the Staple homestead was conveyed to Peter Jr.. Burial of Peter Jr & his wife was probably somewhere on the Staple Farm or in the 'Old Burial Field', in unmarked graves or on their property in what is now Eliot, Maine.

Peter Jr's will written 6 December 1720 he gives to -- "my Beloved Son Peter Staple my house & out houses together with my homestead and land whereon I now dwell & posses which land is Bounded on the South West by the river of Piscataqua on ye North West by Maj Hammonds & John Rogers their lands on the North East by John Rogers his Land & on the South East by Joseph Hill his land & William Tetherby his land ---. In his will Peter Jr. gives his occupation as Carpenter, however the will also shows that the Staple Farm produced income from produce of the farm and from stock of Cattle and other Creatures.

Supposed To Be The Son Of Peter I?
Old Eliot, Book Two, Vol. VI. p29 - The Early Families of Eliot and Kittery, Maine. By William Fogg, 1859, states "Peter Staples 2, supposed to be a son of Peter 1, married Mary Lang, Jan 8, 1696. He died December 17, 1721." Obviously this is a case for Y-DNA analysis and I am pleased to announce that Peter 1 and Peter 2 come through as Father & Son! See the Peter Staple Heritage Group (PSHG) on line (can take up to 25 sec to load) at - http://www.familytreedna.com/public/pshp/default.aspx



Captain Peter STAPLE/STAPLES, (3)-(Peter2, Peter1), b Aug 20, 1699, d July 1, 1768 (Aged 68yr, 10mo, 11d, of Kittery, ME, re; PCC) m1st May 31, 1721, Joanna KING, b Oct 12, 1699 in Kittery, ME, 2 children, dau of Richard KING and Mary LYDSTON of Kittery, ME. See Gen. Dict. ME & NH, p 401, KING, 11 Richard, 12 Ensign Richard. Moved to Berwick. To date, I have not located his place of burial.

On March 15, 1744 war was declared by France against England, this war lasted until 1760 when the French surrendered Montreal to the British, thus ending the French and Indian wars in North America. On February 5, 1745, the Massachusetts House of Representatives approved a campaign to move against the French-held fortress of Louisburg, Nova Scotia. The First Massachusetts Regiment under William PEPPERRELL, Lt. General and Commander-In-Chief, embarked for Nova Scotia in April of 1745. Captain Lieut. Peter STAPLE(S), commissioned February 5, 1744, of Artillery commanded the 1st Company of 30 men. By May 1, 1745 the troops had laid siege to the fortress and on June 17, 1745 the fortress surrendered. The First Company was subsequently commanded by Richard Mumford, commissioned June 3, 1745. Ref: NEHGR 22:117, 24:368, 25:253. After this victory Lt General William PEPPERRELL was knighted. Capt Peter’s surname was STAPLE, however military records refer to him as both STAPLE and STAPLES, Sir William’s niece Sarah was the mother of Margery FROST.

Capt. Peter had two sons by his first wife Joanna King, Peter Staple, bapt 27 Oct. 1723, m bef 1745, Susannah Tetherly b 16 Feb. 1725/26 and Nathaniel Staple bapt 25 June 1727, m Margery Frost (See generation 4 below). Peter Staple, 1699-1768, died intestate. The Probate Records, File # 17867, held at the Register of Probate, York County, Alfred, ME records that the Colonial Court found Capt. Peter's Estate insolvent on 17 Oct 1768. His eldest son Peter filed an Administration for intestate with the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), England in Feb. 1769, research of the records in England shows that the PCC overturned the verdict of the Colonial Court in York County on Capt Peter's Estate in favor of his son Peter. The PCC, the most senior probate court in England and Wales handled matters of probate affecting the personal estates of English subjects dying in England and Wales as well as overseas, when petitioned, and acted as a court of first instance for many disputed wills and grants of administration. The book English Estates Of American Colonists, American Wills and Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1700-1799, by Peter Wilson Coldham (1980) p110 lists - "Staple, Peter, of Kittery, York Co., Mass., Lieutenant on half pay. Administration to James Fitter, attorney for son Peter Staple at Kittery. (Feb.1769)." NOTE: This Administration presented to the PCC is the only written legal document found to date that shows that the descendants of Peter Staple (c1642-1718/19) were English subjects. According to the Family Records Centre Factsheet on PCC Wills and Probate Records, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands all have their own separate systems of Probate.


Nathaniel STAPLE/STAPLES, (4)-(Peter3,2,1) [Farmer] b May 3, 1727 in Kittery, ME, d Nov 4, 1800 (Aged 73yr, 6m), in Cape Elizabeth, ME, m Margery FROST, b Jan 5, 1727/28 in Kittery, ME, d Apr 1, 1775 (Aged 48yr, 3m),  in Cape Elizabeth, ME, 10 children, dau of Charles FROST and Sarah PEPPERRELL of Kittery, ME. Lived at the Staples Farm. "Mass. Revolutionary War Soldiers & Sailors, Vol14, p848, lists Staples, Nathaniel, Private, Capt Joseph Pride's co., in a detachment of Cumberland Co. Militia commanded by Nathaniel Jordan, esq.; joined Oct 1, 1779; discharged Oct 23, 1779; service at the Eastward.  A search of Cemeteries in Cape Elizabeth by myself and later, Constance C. Murray, of the Cape Elizabeth Historical Preservation  Society did not find the resting place of Nathaniel and his wife Margery. It was concluded that they are probably buried in one of the corners of their farm.

A copy of a divorce decree signed by Nathaniel as one of the selectmen, “Cape Elizabeth, Past to Present” by the Historical Preservation Society, p 9, shows he signed his surname as Staple. The birth records held in the old ledger at the South Portland Municipal Building lists his family as Staples. 
NOTE; Margery Frost’s great-grandfather, Major Charles FROST, 1631-1697, Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of King Philips War, June 1675-1690. Major Charles FROST married Mary BOWLES, dau of Joseph BOWLES or BOLLES, baptized Worksop, England, 19 Feb. 1608, settled Winter Harbor, ME in 1640, later of  Welles, ME, 1657, d there 1678; m Mary, prob. Howell. Joseph is one of my 28th generation great-granfathers (gen ggf) and this lines “Portal Ancestor” to European History and Royal Genealogy. See “Ancestral Roots, Seventh Edition” p 170, Line 202, # 42; “Magna Charter Sureties, 1215”, fifth Edition, p 101, Line 82, # 17: (On June 15, 1215, at Runnemede, 9 direct ancestors were present at the signing of the Magna Charter, 7 Sureties or Barons out of the twenty-five present, Richard de Clare, Earl of Clare, 28 gen ggf; Saher de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, 29 gen ggf; Rodger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, 29 gen ggf; Gilbert de Clare, 27 gen ggf; William de Mowbray, 27 gen ggf; John de Lacy, Constable of Chester, Baron of Holton, 27 gen ggf; Hugh Bigod, later Earl of Norfolk, 28gen ggf; 1 Noble, advisor to the king out of fifteen present, William Marshal, Earl of Penbroke, 28 gen ggf; and John King of England, 28 gen ggf. "Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists”, 2nd Edition, David Faris, see Bolles, p 35.  The lineage from Arthur Batchelder Staples (jr) (#1854) to CHARLEMAGNE, 40th gen ggf, has been approved by the “Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America”. Direct lines include ALFRED THE GREAT, 38th gen ggf;  ROBERT THE STRONG, 37th gen ggf;  RODRIGO DIAZ de BIBAR (VIVAR) or "EL CID" of Spain, 33rd gen. ggf; MALCOLM III of SCOTLAND and ST. MARGARET, Queen of Scotland, 31st gen ggp; FREDERICK III "BARBAROSSA" of Germany, 30th gen ggf;  LOUIS IX "ST. LOUIS" of France, 27th gen ggf; and FREDERICK III "BARBAROSSA" of Germany, 30th gen ggf. 

My family branch lineage of Staple/s and Frost to my Portal Ancestor, Joseph Bowles or Bowles, continues by lineage through the families Goodrick and Dymoke to Sir Lionel de Welles, KG, 6th Lord Welles, b 1406, of Welle, Lincolshire, England, d 29 Mar 1461 in the Battle of Towton, m 15 Aug 1419 at St. Oswald's, Methley, co, d bet 14 Oct 1434-14 Apr 1447, one of my 19th generation great-grandparents, they are the common ancestors to all generations of European history listed in the above Note.

Two published articles state that Nathaniel Staple/s and Peter Staples came from England.
1)  'Biographical Review of Cumberland County, Maine', 1896, see -
 http://www.raynorshyn.com/megenweb/cumberland/biographies/index.html scroll down to Staples, Edward R, p398.  
I saw this book on my first trip to Raymond, ME at the Raymond Town Library, where Barbara Thorp, Librarian pointed it out to me.
--- Edward Russell Staples, ---"his great-grandfather, Nathaniel Staples, having emigrated from England, to this country, locating at Cape Elizabeth, where it is supposed, his son Peter, Edwards's grandfather, was born and reared."

2) 'Memories of a Busy Life, written by Josephine (Hayden) Brooks, 1916-1919. See -
I was sent an entire copy of this a number of years ago, and if my memory is correct the letter is at the Kennebunkport Historical Society. This is a wonderful eye witness account of life at Raymond & Casco of Josephine when she was young.
--- "Peter Staples, with his wife Salley (Dingley) Staples came from England when they were young and settled in the town of Raymond,"---.
The first part of this very interesting letter and includes (From my family branch) Jane (Hayden) Staples, Dau of Joseph Dingley Staples ( Joseph is referred to Grandfather Staples) & his wife Elizabeth Davis, see Gen. 6. Jane is a sister to Nathaniel Staples, referred to as Uncle Nat. Aunt Esther is Esther Mann wife of Nathaniel, see Gen. 7; 'Qumby' is Hosea Quimby Staples, see Gen. 8; Great-Grandfather Peter Staples, is the son of Nathaniel Staples & Margery Frost, of Cape Elizabeth, see Gen. 4 & 5, and his Peter's wife Sally (Dingley) Staples, is the dau of Capt Joseph Dingley & Mary Jackson, see Gen 5.   

Did this Staples family branch emigrate from England to Cape Elizabeth and then to Raymondtown?
Traveling from family research in Raymond and Casco, ME, to the Cape Elizabeth Town Hall, looking for records about Nathaniel Staples, my father and I are directed to the South Portland Municipal Building which holds the vital records of the era we are researching. In the 'Old Ledger' in the clerks vault a book is located listing Nathaniel Staples, His wife Margery Frost, and their ten children. This vital record states that Nathaniel and his wife along with three of their ten children were born in Kittery, Maine. Our first visit to Kittery, dad & I met with local historian Edward H. Vetter of Eliot, ME. Edward gave us a tour of Eliot pointing out historical places and where various Staple Families lived over time. Edward advised me what genealogical books to procure to trace my family branch. After compiling information from the books a trip was made by me and Eve my wife to Kittery Town hall to compare the town records to the genealogical records in Stackpole's book. .

The primary and secondary information state that both Nathaniel and his son, Peter were born in Kittery and are descendants of Peter Staple, c1642-1718/19. Nathaniel and his family moved to Cape Elizabeth between 5 Apr 1752, the date son Peter was baptized and 27 Oct 1754, birth of next born, son Elliot at Cape Elizabeth. Nathaniel's son Peter is one of the first thirty settlers of Raymondtown and was settled there prior to 1775. In addition, my Y-DNA has been matched to six other 8th & 9th cousins descending from Peter Staples of Kittery, confirming our relationship, see Chapter II, 'Family History Based on  Genetic Data'; section 2, 'Paternal Genetic Research'.

Coupling sourced evidence of genealogical primary and secondary information with my 37-marker Y-chromosome DNA test results proves beyond a shadow of doubt my Staple & Staples Family History lineage to Peter Staple (c1642-1718/1719) of Kittery.


Peter STAPLES, (5)-(Nathaniel4, Peter3,2,1) [Farmer] b Feb 19, 1750/51 in Kittery, ME, d Dec 21, 1846 (Aged 96yr, 10m), in South Casco, ME, m Nov 6, 1775 (Raymond, ME Town Records); Nov 14, 1775 (Windham Town Records) in Windham, ME, Sarah DINGLEY, b Sept 20, 1755 in Falmouth, ME, d May 8, 1854 (Aged 98y, 8m) in South Casco, ME, 9 children, dau of Capt Joseph DINGLEY and Mary JACKSON of Raymondtown and South Casco, ME. Lived at family farm in South Casco close to Sebago Lake. From this time on the family surname would be known as STAPLES. 'Old Eliot' Book two, Vol VI, p 39, states Peter 5 (son of Nathaniel) was among the early settlers of Raymond now Casco, ME. Peter, Sarah and some of their family are buried in the Manning Cemetery, South Casco, off Capt Dingley Road and the Cape Road, above the brook flowing between Thomas Pond and Lake Sebago, their family graves are located in front of the Dingley family row of graves. The First Census of the United States was taken in the year 1790. At Raymondtown Plantation, Cumberland County, Maine the name of Peter was given as Pertor Staples.   

NOTE; Peter Staples was one of the first 30 settlers of Raymondtown, 'The Origin and History of Raymondtown' by Ernest Harmon Knight, 2nd printing 1996, p 48 & 49; lists among the 30 settlers, Peter Staples, one Lott, 100 Acres,  No. 13, second Range. Raymondtown now consists of Raymond, Casco and part of Naples, ME. His father-in-law, Capt Joseph Dingley was the first settler of Raymondtown and was Captain of Raymond co., 4th & 5th Cumberland co., during 1776-1779. A History of Casco, Maine, 1976 by The Casco Bicentennial History Committee, p28, carries the following story about Peter Staples - "Partway between the Stone Bridge Farm and Dingley's mills (South Casco) was the home of another early settler. In 1775, Captain Joseph's daughter Sarah married Peter Staples. They built a home about half a mile from her family's home, somewhere in the vicinity of the present (1976) Lake Region Lumber Company. It has already been said that Captain Dingley was much opposed to the marriage of both his children. One story told which, if true, must have caused this friction to flare, involves Captain Dingley's discovery that corn kept disappearing from his corn crib. Not wishing to stay up nights, he set up a bear trap to catch the culprit. One morning he glanced out at his corn crib and who should be caught in the trap but his son-in-law, Peter. Captain Joseph went about his morning chores as usual. Late in the morning, he looked up, as though he had just seen Peter, and casually released him. Apparently the Staples-Dingley marriage was fruitful in spite of parental objections, for the 1851 map shows four dwellings marked with the name Staples in the same vicinity as the original 100 acres of Peter Staples."

This DINGLEY line leads through marriage of the HOLMES and BREWSTER families to Elder William BREWSTER, my 13th generation great-gradfather, who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620 and was the ruling elder of the Pilgrims until his death in 1644. The lineage from Arthur Batchelder Staples (jr) to Elder William BREWSTER has been approved by the “General Society of Mayflower Descendants” (#69129) and “The Elder William Brewster Society”. Vital Records for generations 5, 6, 7 & 8 are held at the Raymond Maine Town Hall. Also see “Early Families of Raymond, Maine” by Robert L. Taylor; “The Origin and History of Raymondtown” by Ernest Harmon Knight; “The History of Casco Maine” by Melissa Jill Kludge.  


Joseph Dingley STAPLES, (6)-(Peter5, Nathaniel4, Peter3,2,1) [Farmer, Shoemaker] b Apr 12, 1777 in Raymondtown, ME, d Nov. 4, 1861 (Aged 84yr, 7m), Raymond, ME, m Nov. 7, 1799 in Standish, ME, Elizabeth DAVIS, b Nov. 12, 1779 in Raymondtown, ME, d Aug 2, 1857 (Aged 77yr, 9m), in Raymond, 16 children, dau of John DAVIS, III and Jane STANFORD of Scarborough and Raymond, ME. Lived on the family farm at n.e. end of Panther Pond. Joseph and his wife are buried in the early grave section of Raymond Village Cemetery on Mill Street.

A glimpse into the past of what a home in the wilderness of Raymondtown was like is found in 'The Origin and History of Raymondtown', by Ernest Harmon Knight [This book is one of many books Ernest Knight, 100 years old in Sept. 2004, published and is a must for anyone researching family history of the area. Contact the Raymond Town Library for copies to purchase.]. First roads and land for houses had to be cleared of large trees and boulders by manual labor, then logs were cut and  cabins were built. Ernest gives a detailed account of early life in his book, I shall take a small part of this information from page 81 (in part). --- the needs of our forefathers were relatively simple compared to the multitudinous needs of our present day sophisticated society, ---- . Water has always been a necessity. At first from brooks or ponds, wells were later dug and stoned to amazing depths. Buckets and long counterbalanced well sweeps gave way to pumps ---- made of long logs with a hole bored through the center, the plunger at the bottom and a box built on the top to carry the handle and spout. ---- In the first homes heat for warmth came from a cavernous fireplace with a crane to support the pot, replaced by a massive chimney when larger homes with several rooms were built, each room having its own fireplace ----. Lighting of homes was far from brilliant, day or night. At first any openings had to be covered with oiled paper or cloth to let in a little light and the first glass was poor, of small area and expensive. ----. At night candles of tallow or bayberry wax were used or a smoky "slut", a container of animal fat with pieces of cloth acting as wicks. ----. With early lighting as it was there is small wonder that barn and house chores were finished before dark and days work started at dawn. Elementary changes of this sort are not appreciated by the current generations who are accustomed to instant availability and push button selectivity. 


Nathaniel STAPLES, (7)-(Joseph D.6, Peter5, Nathaniel4, Peter3,2,1) [Farmer] b Aug 13, 1805 in Raymond, ME, d Oct 21, 1891 (Aged 86yr, 2m),  in Raymond, ME, m Dec 22, 1834, Esther MANN, b Oct 20, 1815 in Raymond, ME, d Mar 7, 1911 (Aged 95yr, 5m), in Raymond, ME, 10 children, dau of Fisher MANN and Eleanor PLUMMER of Casco, ME. Lived on the family farm at n.w. end of Panther Pond. Esther MANN is the granddaughter of Lt. Obadiah MANN, Sr., 1743-1824; Minute Man at the battle of Lexington and Bunker Hill. He afterwards served his country for three years in the Revolutionary War. “Mann, Jordan, Ridlon & Green, Pioneer Families” by Alfred A. Mann. NOTE: Military Records list his surname as both MANN and MAN. Nathaniel & Esther Staples are buried at the Longley / Staples Cemetery (Private) off Plains Road on a knoll in the woods overlooking Panther Pond and above what the old Geo. Map referred to as  Staples Brook.


Hosea Quimby STAPLES, [Peddler, Preacher, Poet, Carpenter, Inventor, Farmer]  (8)-(Nathaniel7, Joseph D.6, Peter5, Nathaniel4, Peter3, 2,1) b Feb 8, 1836 in Raymond, ME, d Oct 16, 1935 (Aged 99yr, 8m), in Lynn, MA, m1st Jan 26, 1858, Annorilla Shaw, d Sep 20, 1860, Aged 25 yrs (t.s.), I child. The 1860 Census of 11 June 1860 , South Casco, lists Hosea Q. Staples, wife Annorilla and son Willis E. age 10/12, living with Annorilla's parents Ira and Julie Shaw, Hosea is listed as a peddler.

Hosea Quimby m2nd 1869 in Mechanics Falls, ME, Rachel T. MAYBERRY, b Mar 9, 1842 in Casco, ME, d Mar 2, 1935 (Aged 93yr)  in Lynn, MA, 3 children, dau of Capt Oliver Alonzo S. MAYBERRY (War of 1812) and Betsey HASKELL of Casco, ME. The 1870 Census of East Raymond, ME, lists Willis Staples, age 11, Farm Laborer, living with Nathaniel, Farmer and Esther Staples, H.Q.'s parents. The Census of Lynn, MA, 10 June 1870, Hosea Q., House Carpenter, and Rachel Staples, living in Lynn, MA with several boarders, and Mary M Mayberry. The 1880 Census of Lynn, Essex Co. MA, lists Hosea Q. Staples, Variety Wood Works, Rachel his wife, their three children and  Willis I, aged 20, Wood Worker, Henry Jennings and Mary M. Mayberry. The Census of Lynn, MA, 5 June 1900, lists Hosea Quimby, Rachel, ch Oliver Everett, Edith his wife, their son Raymond E, along with H.Q.'s other ch Lotan N. & Bertha M., and Mary M Mayberry, Henry Parsons.

According to Art Staples Sr., Quimby and Rachel moved to Lynn after their marriage in 1869 where they lived for about 38 years. About 1907, an elderly relative asked Quimby and Rachel to return to the farm in Raymond, ME and take it over as they were too elderly to continue with the work. The Census of Raymond Town, 18 April 1910, lists Hosea Staples, age 74, Rachel T, age 68, their grandson Raymond E. age 16 (He lived in Lynn, MA and visited his grandparents from time to time.), Joseph Yates age 82 and Mary M. Mayberry age 75. Researching ' Deaths from the Annual Reports, of the Municipal Officers of the town of Raymond', 1907-1926, listed on the 27 Dec 1907, is the death of Sarah Yates, age 83 yrs, 7 mos, 16 dys, parents: Joseph Staples & Elizabeth Davis. Sarah is Sarah Staples "Sally" b 11 May 1824, d 27 Dec 1907, m 1st 25 Sept 1849, in Poland, ME, William H. Johnson of Poland, she of Raymond; m2nd 1858, Joseph P. Yates. On 10 June 1912 is recorded the death of Joseph P. Yates, aged 84 years, 8 mos. Sarah is the sister of Nathaniel Staples, gen 7 and Aunt of H.Q.The Raymond Town Census of 19 & 20 January 1920 Lists Hosea Q, Staples, Head, age 83, Rachel T, wife, age 77, and, Mary M. Mayberry, sister-in-law, age 88, single. Mary M. Mayberry is Rachel's older sister, b 4 May 1836, whom never married and apparently lived with H.Q. & Rachel Staples from 1869/1870 until her death at Raymond, ME 27 Aug 1922, 90 yrs, 2 mos, 17 dys, she was known to Art Staples Sr. as Auntie Mim.

According to Art Staples Sr, H.Q & Rachel lived at the farm located on  the Meadow Road side of Panther Pond, not far from Raymond Village center until the fall of 1930, when they moved to spend the winter with their son Lotan in Lynn, MA. They died at Lotan's home in Lynn, MA within 7 months, 14 days of each other in 1935. Art Sr. remembers that Hosea became blind and Rachel read the newspapers and bible to him, however when she passed away Hosea seemed to 'will himself' to die.  The farm house in Raymond was sold to a family friend, Mr. & Mrs. True of Portland, ME. Mrs. True was a school teacher in Portland, ME and was known as Auntie to Art  Sr. In the early 1960's I helped my father and his two sisters sell the remaining 8 acres of Staples land between Meadow Rd and Panther Pond. Quimby, evidently,  was holder at different times of both the Raymond, Me and Lynn, MA gold-headed and ebony Boston Post  Cane. Starting in 1909, the canes were given by the newspaper to 700 New England town's to be presented to their oldest resident on a yearly basis. Quimby's first ballot in a presidential election was cast for Abraham Lincoln and he remained a member of the Republican party throughout his life, although he said that 'he always regarded principal above party". Quimby is also listed by the 'Raymond - Casco, Maine, Historical Society under  'Boston Post Cane ' as holding the cane from 1930-1935.

Hosea Quimby and Rachel Staples are buried at Lakeside Cemetery, Casco Village, Rt. 121, overlooking Pleasant Lake. They are located  to the right of the cemetery road on the side of the hill in a Mayberry family plot with Rachel's parents. There is a tall obelisk monument with their names and dates inscribed on one of the four sides.

NOTE; Rachel Mayberry is the great great granddaughter of William and Bathsheba (DENNIS) MAYBERRY, second settlers of Windham, ME between 1737-1740. Rachel’s grandfather William MAYBERRY and her great-grandfather Capt Richard MAYBERRY served in the 5th company, 11th regiment of the Massachusetts Bay Forces at “Thompson’s War” (1775), Dorchester Heights (1776), Bennington, Ticonderoga, Hubbardton, Saratoga, Stillwater (1777), Valley Forge (1777-78), Monmouth and West Point (1778). Accounts of their years of service are recorded in “Windham in the Past” by Dole, p’s 193, 201-207, 213-215, 217; “History of Casco, ME”, by Kluge, p 414; “Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, 17 vols”, Vol 10, p 382. The lineage from Arthur Batchelder Staples (jr) to William and his father Capt Richard MAYBERRY (#157969) has been approved by the “National Society, Sons of the American Revolution”. Between the graves of Capt. Richard and his wife Martha (Bolton) is a field stone monument with a bronze plaque that reads - In Memory of Captain Richard Mayberry, 1735-1807, Pioneer and Patriot Officer of the Revolution, Hubbardston, Stillwater, Valley Forge, Monmouth, The Maine Society Sons of the American Revolution Erect This Tablet, 1929.


Lotan "Joe" Nathaniel STAPLES, [Retired from the G.E. Electric Meter Division] (9)-(Hosea Q.8, Nathaniel7, Joseph D.6, Peter5, Nathaniel4, Peter3, 2,1) b Jul 2, 1876 in Lynn, MA, d Jul 15, 1965 (Aged 89yr), in Lynn, MA, m Jan 21, 1903, Boston, MA, Luella May WOOD, b Jan 17, 1878 in Hingham, MA, d Jun 6, 1953 (Aged 75yr, 5m), in Lynn, MA, 4 children, dau of Walter Fessenden WOOD and Hannah Elizabeth CARTER of Cohasset, Hingham, and Lynn, MA. Lotan and Luella, along with Luella's parents, Luella's sister Alice (Fifield and are buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn, MA.

NOTE; This Wood family has been traced back to Samuell WOODS, 1733/34-1828 of Randolph, MA, Corporal, Capt Eliphalet Sawen’s co. of Minute-men, Col Benjamin Lincoln’s regt., April 19, 1775.    “ Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, Vol. 17, p851”. Luella WOOD and her family branches are rich in eastern Massachusetts “South Shore” history. Family History is found in the vital records and genealogy books of Hingham, Cohasset, Scituate, Braintree, Weymouth and Plymouth.

Where Was ZIBA WOODS, Luella May Wood's 5th Generation Great-Grandfather Born? Ziba Wood's monument sits on top of the hill at Beechwood Cemetery, Cohasset, MA., buried within this plot are members of his family mentioned on the four sides of the monument. According to the book "Cohasset Mass. Genealogies & Town History (1909, reprinted 1948) by Davenport" - p486, "Ziba, said to have come from VT, b. abt. 1775". Many Wood family tree pedigrees carry the information Ziba was born in VT - a Col. Ziba Woods (1787-1869) did reside in Burlington & Westford, VT, but his birth & death dates & location are wrong for this Ziba (See NEHGR [1910] 64:210). We know that Ziba (1775-1856) married Abigail Shaw 1775-1826 as she is listed below him on his monument as his wife, and their marriage is listed in the Vital records of Bridgewater, Vol. II, marriages p417 and East Bridgewater, marriages p327, Plymouth county, MA. At the Quincy Historical Society, Quincy, MA, I was shown a copy of the genealogy manuscript of Dr. Ebenezer Alden, who kept records of families he knew during his time period. In Dr Alden's papers their is information on a Samuel Woods, of Weymouth, was a cooper, owned land in east part of Randolph adjoining Cochato River and south of Pain's bridge, was here when the second meeting house was raised 1764 and also present at raising of present meeting house in 1825 & died in 1828 in 94 or 95 year (b ~1733/34), married May 9, 1758 at Weymouth, Esther Hollis, b 1739, their six children born in Randolph are listed and the sixth born is "Ziba. m. ___ Shaw. Res. in Cohasset". See NEHGS CD, "Genealogies of the Families of Braintree, Mass. 1640-1850", (Sprague) [5755].

The Sinking of the Fishing Schooner MAINE in 1846. One published account in the 'Narrative History of Cohasset' by E.V. Bigelow, 1898, 1981 printing, p428-431, sticks out in my mind as showing how close I became to never being, except for a duty conscious unknown English mate.  (In part and not word for word) At nine o'clock in the evening, August 16, 1846, the fishing schooner Maine, with Capt Joshua Litchfield of Beechwood and his crew of ten, was hove to for the night, pitching and heaving on the sea at the entrance of Massachusetts Bay. Coming towards them was a huge ocean packet, the Hibernia, on her way from Boston to England (one of the early Cunarders), a side-wheel steamboat that was fitted with masts and sails to help out their steam power. Suddenly there was a crash and then the paddle wheels began to crunch the masts and the shattered frame of the little fishing schooner. The crew of Cohasset fishermen were swept under the great wheel like bits of rubbish in a mill race. The Captain stopped the packet, but there was nothing to be found but angry waves, the Captain said, "It's no use to stop and search for them poor jacks!". But the mate said to the captain, "It is our duty, we must go!", and a lifeboat was lowered. The Five fishermen out of ten and the Capt that were not killed caught hold of floating wreckage, the Capt lost his grip and was not heard from again. The other five were eventually  found by the brave mate with his crew in the lifeboat. The five fishermen were taken aboard the Packet and the Captain turned her bow  towards Halifax, Nova Scotia. There the fishermen were turned over to the American counsel and returned to Boston. Before they returned home all their people had been convinced they were all lost. A Provincetown fishing boat had picked up a body near the cape and placed it upon the Provincetown wharf and it was identified as Captain Litchfield, the next day the five fishermen returned home. One of the five alive was  Alfred Fessenden Wood (1831-1918) 15 years old at the time, of Beechwood, (part of Cohasset, MA), grandfather of my paternal grandmother Luella May Wood.

As a Postscript to this event - Alfred F. Wood's father, Osborn Wood (1798-1855) of Beechwood, in October, 1847, married as his third wife Mary C. (Ellms) Litchfield, widow of Joshua Litchfield, Captain of the fishing schooner Maine, who drowned along with five of his crew.

According to Davenports Cohasset Mass. Genealogies, p244, 247, Francis Mayhew Lincoln Sr., his son, Isaiah Lincoln survived, their brother Ezekiel Lincoln drowned. Francis M Lincoln's father was Jerome Lincoln, m 1804 Nancy Pratt, she survived him and in 1831, married as her 2nd husband, Ziba Wood (1775-1856), father of Osborn Wood (1798-1855) and grandfather of survivor Alfred F. Wood (1831-1918).  

Another Staple Family Tree Relationship: John Staple was at Weymouth (MA) by 1639, he died at Dorchester July 1683. He and his wife, thought to be named Rebecca, had 5 children, his fifth born was John Staple b abt 1647 in Weymouth, m Sarah Atkins, one of ten daughters of Thomas and Elizabeth Atkins of Plymouth and "Kennebec" in the area now known as Phippsburg, ME.  John & Sarah Staple had 6 children, their 1st born was John Staples, prob. born at Braintree abt 1673, m Jemima Jewett had 3 daughters, Jemima, b 1694; Sarah, b 1696; Mary, b 1698. Jemima Staples, b 1694 m 1711 Jonathan Clark (who was now Jemima's step-brother.), son of Joseph and Damaris (Francis) Clark and had 13 children, their 2nd born was Lydia Clark b 1715/16, m 1735 Thomas Hollis, b 1714 of Weymouth, son of Samuel and Abigail (---) Hollis. Thomas & Lydia (Clark) Hollis had a dau Esther, b Apr 16 1739 at Weymouth, m Samuell Woods at Weymouth. Samuel Woods is Luella May Wood's 6th generation great-grandfather. 
NOTE: FTDNA Y67-DNA test results show no DNA family branch relationship between surname descendants of Peter Staple of Kittery, now Eliot, ME, my 11th generation surname great-grandfather and surname descendants of John Staple, d 1683 of Weymouth, MA, one of my 13th generation great-grandfathers.


Arthur Batchelder STAPLES, [Retired from the G.E. Steam Turbine Design Division] (10)-(Lotan N.9, Hosea Q.8, Nathaniel7, Joseph D.6, Peter5, Nathaniel4, Peter3,2,1) b 1908 in Lynn, MA, resided Lynnfield, MA, d 2008 in Peabody, MA, m, Lynn, MA, Dorothy Harriett Ward, name at birth Gytha BOYD, b 1908, in Charlestown, MA, d 1983, Beverly, MA , 3 children, dau of Beatrice Jeanette (CANN) (BOYD) (Ward) Face, dau of Charles W. & Harriett S. (LEWIS) CANN of Port Maitland, Nova Scotia and Joseph F. BOYD, son of Jacob G. & Edna (DELANEY) BOYD of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Staples family gravesite for generations 10  & 11 is at Forest Hill Cemetery, Lynnfield, MA.

NOTE: The CANN families were largely “men of the sea”. Their story can be found in “West Nova Ships and their men. The Cann Boats” by George Brown Cann, Aug 2002.

NOTE: The BOYD family, through marriage with the DELANEY, COOK, RING and EATON families can be directly traced to 1620 Mayflower passengers who signed the Mayflower Compact. Elder William BREWSTER, 2 lines, my 14th generation great-grandfather (gen ggf) through my mothers lineage, 13th gen ggf through my fathers lineage; James CHILTON, 13th gen ggf; Francis COOKE (married Hester MAHIEU, accepted by the National Huguenot Society. First Huguenot in North America to have surviving descendants.), 12th gen ggp; Stephen HOPKINS, 2 lines 12 & 13th gen ggf; John HOWLAND, 2 lines, 12 & 13 gen ggf, and John TILLEY, 2 lines, 14th gen ggf. Sources leading from Joseph F. BOYD to Manasseh COOK (common ancestor to the six Mayflower lines.) were researched and compiled by an archivist at the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives Yarmouth, NS, Canada,  http://yarmouthcountymuseum.ednet.ns.ca for Arthur B. Staples (jr) the three reports are filed in the Archive Section of the Museum. Oct 26, 2000 & Nov 10, 2001, are filed in the “Archival BOYD Supplementary File”; Jun 27, 2001 is filed in the “Archival COOK Supplemental File”; Sources for the marriage of Manasseh and Bethia (TRASK) COOK, to the Mayflower passengers were compiled from Yarmouth Nova Scotia Genealogies by G.S. Brown and the General Society of Mayflower Descendants publications including, Mayflower Families (Silver Books), Mayflower Families in Progress (Pink Booklets) and John Howland of the Mayflower by E.P.White. The line from Arthur B. Staples, Jr, #69,129 to Francis Cooke has been approved by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. 

13 Jan 2015, a study of a Autosomal DNA X- match with Eleanor L. Robertson Smith, CG(C), led to the discovery of a missing link in my genealogy. The missing link is the name of the wife of Capt. John Clements (b abt 1715), Hannah Eaton (b1730). Hannah Eaton is a descendant of five signers of the Mayflower Compact. She ia a 6th great-grandmother of art Staples Jr., and a 5th great-grandmother of Eleanor L. Robertson Smith, CG(C). the additional 5 signers of the Mayflower Compact are John ALDEN, 13th gen ggf, John BILLINGTON, 14th gen ggf, Francis EATON, 13th gen ggf, Samuel FULLER, Dr., 13gen ggf, William MULLINS, 14 gen ggf.  To see the Autosomal DNA X-match study click here.


GENERATION – 11, 12 & 13

Arthur Batchelder STAPLES, jr. (11) - (Arthur B.10, Lotan N.9, Hosea Q.8, Nathaniel7, Joseph D.6, Peter5, Nathaniel4, Peter3, 2,1) b in Lynn, MA, m, France, Evelyne Raymonde JUSSERAND, b in Giroux, France, dau of Raymond JUSSERAND and Georgette DELAIGUE of Issoudun France.

Our immediate family descendants are, Arthur Raymond and Lynda (Pierce) Staples, granddaughters Kirsten Brook Staples and Ashlee Kate Staples; Daughter, Suzanne Evelyne (Staples) Neal, Dr. Robert Bryson Neal, dec., and grandson Jonathan  Bryson m. Alexandra Nicole (Cote) Neal, and Great-grandson Adrien Bryson Neal; Son, Steven Frank and Martha (Fisher) Staples.  

 November 1996: Last Update: 20 August 2016

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