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Each of my grandparents pedigrees are unique to their family history and geographical area, research is ongoing.

Pedigrees list only their parents, grandparents and the lineages of the great-grandparents, not siblings, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces or other marriages.

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LOTAN N. STAPLES (1876-1965)
 Primary Locations:
Northeastern Massachusetts, Southeastern Maine, British Isles and Western Europe
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LUELLA M. WOOD (1878-1953)
 Primary Locations:
Southeastern Massachusetts and England
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JOSEPH F. BOYD (1888-1930)
 Primary Locations:
 Nova Scotia Canada, Northeastern & Southeastern Massachusetts and England 
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BEATRICE J. CANN (1889-1944)
 Primary Locations:
 Nova Scotia Canada, Northeastern Massachusetts and England
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My oldest traced ancestor with documented dates is through the Staple/s > Frost > Bolles or Bowles marriages (see Family History, Generation 4). He is my 51st generation great-grandfather, FLAVIUS AFRANIUS SYAGRIUS, Gallo-Roman Senator of paternal Roman descent. Proconsul Africae, 379; Praefectus Urbis Romae, 381; Selected by Emperor Gratian as Counsel for 382; Praefectus Praetorio Italiae, 382; a poet. Buried beneath a Monument at the city gate of Lyons, France, “not quite a bow shot” from the church.

Genealogical information about Bolles or Bowles of Winter Harbor, and Wells, Maine, my Portal or Gateway Ancestor to European historical families can be found in three books.
1) Ancestral roots of certain American Colonists who came to America before 1700, by Fredierick Lewis Weiss, with additions and corrections by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., assisted by David Faris, 7th edition,1999. See Joseph Bolles or Bowles. Page 170; Line 202 - 42. ISBN # 0-8063-1367-6

2) Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, English Ancestry Series, Volume 1, by David Faris, 2nd edition, 1999. See Joseph Bolles or Bowles. Page 36; Line 1 - ix. ISBN 0-88082-107-8

3) The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215, by Frederick Lewis Weis, TH.D., 5th Edition, 1999, with additions and corrections by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., M.S. with William R. Beall. See Joseph Bolles or Bowles. Page 101; Line 82 - 17.  ISBN # 0-8063-1609-8   

However, the quest continues to locate the ancestors of my great-grandparents direct lines. If anyone has information on the ancestral lines please contact me. The following family lines stop at: -

11th gen. great-grandparents: Peter STAPLE, [Yoeman, Husbandman], and Elizabeth (BEADLE) Edwards, dau of Robert Beadle and Mary (Beadle) (Batchelder) (Turner) of Kittery ME. See Introduction and Gen.1

8th gen. great-grandparents: William MAYBERRY or MEAYBERRY, [Blacksmith], Of Ballymoney, near Coleraine, Co. Antrim, Ireland, d. Mar 15, 1765, Windham, Cumberland Co. ME; m in Ireland, Bathsheba DENNIS of Ireland. Landed at Marblehead, Essex Co. MA, before 1735. Second settlers of the Plantation of New Marblehead, now Windham, Cumberland Co., ME, between 1737 - 1740.

8th gen. great-grandparents: Samuell WOODS, [Cooper], Of Weymouth, Norfolk Co. MA. b abt. 1733-1734, d 1828, Randolph, MA; m Apr 08, 1758, Weymouth, MA, Esther HOLLIS, b Apr 16, 1739, Weymouth, MA, d March 6, 1809, Randolph, MA, daughter of Thomas, b 1714-1715, Weymouth, MA and Lydia (CLARK) HOLLIS. Great –grand daughter of John, b abt 1645, prob. Eng, d 1700/1701, Weymouth, MA and Elizabeth (PRIEST) HOLLIS of Weymouth, MA.

6th gen. great-grandparents: Benjamin B. CARTER, b 1777, Germany, d Jul 3, 1859, Prob. ME (Liberty area) or MA, (Hingham – Scituate Area), 1802-1850 at Liberty, Waldo Co., ME, (dau Adeline, b 1834, m 1854 Daniel L. Beal and son James D. b 1834, m 1856 Lucinda BEAL sister of Daniel L. in Hingham, Plymouth Co. MA), m Charlotte S. CURTIS, of Boston, Suffolk Co. MA, d May 2, 1876, Scituate, Plymouth Co. MA. 

8th gen. great-grandparents: John CANN, of Salem, MA, [Taylor], purchased property Dec 30, 1741, d [Mariner], bef. Oct 5, 1767, (probate process). Claimed by his granddaughter Thankful Amelia (Cann) Bancroft in a letter to be “from Boston and from New Jersey”. m Nov 23, 1757, Beverly, Essex Co., MA, Elizabeth ELLENWOOD of ELLINGWOOD , b Jun 28, 1739, Beverly, Essex Co., MA d Dec 3, 1803, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co. NS, great-granddaughter of  Ralph ELLENWOOD or ELLINGWOOD, m Mar 14, 1654/55, prob. Beverly or Salem, MA, Ellen LYN. This family left Massachusetts in c1782 when sons Hugh English CANN and John CANN joined their mother in  (Capersue or Cape Persue, prob. Cape Forchu) Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co. NS.

5th gen. great-grandparents: Morgan LEWIS, b abt 1815, North Range, Digby Co. NS, m 1849, Sarah CHUTE, b Jun 7, 1821, of North Range, Digby Co., NS, d Jul 27, 1876. Sarah is the 8th generation great–granddaughter of Lionel CHUTE, Jr., b abt 1580, Dedham, Essex Co., England, d June 1645, Ipswich, Essex Co., MA, 1636, 1st Schoolmaster of Ipswich, MA, m 1610, Rose BARKER. 

5th gen. great-grandparents: Jacob G. BOYD, Sr. [Cooper] b 1821, Shelburne, Shelburne Co. NS, d, Jan 14, 1884, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co. NS, m Martha “Sophia” MILLER, b 1824, Jordan River, Shelburne, Co., NS, d Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co. NS. Jacob’s son, Jacob Gardner BOYD, b May 24, 1859, d May 1, 1933, Yarmouth, NS, was one of Yarmouth’s oldest Retail Merchants being in business 35 years. Jacob, Jr. m Nov 25, 1884, Yarmouth Co., Edna DELANEY, b May 24, 1863, Richmond, NS, d Sept 23, 1895, Yarmouth, NS. Dau of John and Ellen or Ella  Jane or Janet (PENNELL) DELANEY. John is the son of William listed below. 

6th gen. great-grandparents: William DELANEY, 1st, b abt 1801, of Ohio, NS 1871, m Elizabeth or Betsey COOK, b May 10, 1801, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co., NS, d Jul 6, 1863, Yarmouth, Yarmouth Co. NS. Dau of Manasseh COOK, 1st, b Oct 7, 1766, Chebouge, Yarmouth co., NS, d April 29, 1855, Chebouge, Yarmouth, Co., NS, m Apr 29, 1855, Yarmouth, NS, Bethiah TRASK b 1756-66, d 1804-1805, Chebouge, Yarmouth Co., NS. Manasseh COOK is a 6th generation great-grandson of Francis COOKE, 1620 Mayflower Passenger, m Hester MAYHIEU (see Family History, generation 10). Bethiah TRASK is the dau of Elias TRASK, b abt 1705, Plymouth, MA, d 1780, Chebouge, NS, m Abigail RYDER, b prob MA, d Mar 22, 1798, Chebouge, NS.

If you have any information on the people listed, please contact Art Staples at staples@naples.net

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