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Statler Hotels - Hotel Pennsylvania
New York
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Hotel located at Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street
(across from Madison Square Gardens)


Ellsworth acquired the operating lease of the Hotel Pennsylvania December 11, 1916.

The Statler Corporation finally bought the hotel outright from the Pennsylvania Rail Road in 1948, immediately changed its name to Hotel Statler and was part of the $111 million sell to Hilton in 1954.  Hilton sold the hotel in the early 1970s.

Glen Miller immortalized this hotel in the song "Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand," back when it was the Hotel Statler. The building was designed by renowned architect Stanford White in 1904 and has a history that's both long and rich.  "6-5000" is still the main desk phone number at the hotel today.



Hotel Penn Postcard

Hotel Penn Postcard

Hotel Penn Postcard

Hotel Penn Postcard




Vanity Far Ad - Nov. 1920
Vanity Fair - Nov. 1920
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Saturday Evening Post
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