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A List of Towns, Villages & Dwellings in the Parish
LOCATION Map Coordinate
(Ordnance Survey-Explorer 107 used)

(J. Mosman, OPC)

(Some italicized place names shown in brackets were from 14th/15th century documents; my best guess. OS coordinates correspond with maps at "Get a Map" Ordnance Survey maps and the Geograph website.)

Many places in the parish have Cornish names, which have unique meaning. In Cornish, "Caer" or "Car" meant an enclosed space, or a camp. "Lan" meant either a flat space/enclosure, or a holy flat space (such as a monastery or church), possible tilting toward the ocean. When followed by a "t", "c",or "s" it was synonomus with Nans - a valley. "Pen" meant end, head, headland, hill - while "Tre" meant a homestead, and its surrounding buildings, and/or a "town" as the Cornish understand it, as in Church Town.

Several of the places listed below have an explanation of their meaning following the map coordinates.


Appletree Mine 51/04

Bennallack 178
Bethesda Farm 53/06
Bethel 53/04
Biscovallack 53/00
Black Head 48/05
Blazey, St. 52/ 07         [OS=SX0654]
Bojea Farm 55/02                                             (Cor: Bojea = cow-house)
Bojea Mill 55/02
Boskel (Boskell) 55/01
Boscoppa 54/04 (modern day)
Boscoppa Farm and Mine 52/06 (next to Tregrehan estate, west side of the road)
Boscundle 52/07          [OS=SX0453]
Bowling Green 59/03
Bugle 59/02 also known as Carn Rosemary      [OS=SX0158]

Cannamanning (Kayrnamanyn) 56/03
Carbean 57/01                                    (Cor: car=enclosure; bean=little (see Carvean))
Carbis Moor 56/03
Carclaze (Carcles) 55/03                                          (Cor: car=enclosure; claze=green)
Carclaze Downs 56/03
Carloggas Downs 57/02
Carloggas (Corlogals) 57/03   [OS=SX0156]         (Cor: camp of mice)
Carlyon Bay 51/04                   [OS=SX0652]
Carludden 56/03
Carludden Farm 56/02
Carn Grey (Greyth) 55/04
Carn Rosemary in 59/02 also known as Bugle    [OS=SX0158]
Carnerosemary - see above, known as Bugle
Carne Cross 57/05
Carnsmerry 59/02
Carthew 56/01   [OS=SX0056] (Cor: car=place or enclosure; thew = of the gods OR
                                                    place of black, depending on how "th" is interpreted)
Carrrickowel Point 51/04
Carveth               (Cor; car=enclosure; veth=grave/ place of burial or grave)
Carvean              (Cor; car=enclosure; vean=little, or "small enclosure" "small fort")
Carwollen 55/02
Castle Gotha 50/03
Caudle Down 58/02
Charlestown 51/05                     [OS=SX0652]
Chynoweth 58/02                                                      (Cor: the new field)
Crinnis 51/04
Cuddra Mine 51/04
Cuddra Plantation 53/06

Drennick 48/04
Duporth 52/04
Eden Project 55/06**

Garker 55/05
Gerrans Point 49/05
Gewans Farm 52/03
Goonbarrow Junction 59/03
Gray Farm (Greyth) 55/04
Greensplat 55/01                  [OS=SW9955]    (Cor: Splat = spot, or piece)
Gunheath China Clay Works 57/01
Gwendra Point 50/04                                        (Cor: white land )

Hallane 49/04                        [OS=SX0348]
Hallaze 57/03
Hay 49/02
Hensbarrow 58/00                [OS=SW9957]    (Cor: old hen)
Hills Farm 56/04
Holmbush 53/03

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