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A List of Towns, Villages & Dwellings in the Parish
LOCATION Map Coordinate
(Ordnance Survey-Explorer 107 used)
[OS corordinates shown refer to the OS maps on the Get-a-map website, as well as Geograph - see index page for an explanation]
(J. Mosman, OPC)


Kerrow Farm 58/03
Kerrow Moor Farm 58/03
King's Wood 49/01
Knightor (Knightier) 57/04

Lansalson Farm 55/01
Lavrean 59/04
Lavrean Farm 59/04
Great Lavrean Farm 59/03
Ledrah 49/04
Levalsa Meor 50/01
Lobbs Shop 50/03
London Apprentice 51/01                                  [OS=SX0050]
Long Stone 53/04

Menagwins Farm (Menagwynsdye) 51/02     (Cor: White Hill)
Menacuddle Farm (Mennageddell) 54/02         [OS=SX0153]
Minear Farm 55/04
Molingy (Molingly, Molingey) 51/02
Mollinis 60/02
Mount Charles 53/03
Mount Stamper Farm 55/02                              [OS=SX0154]
Mulvra 51/01     (Cor: bare hill)

Nansladron 49/01              (Cor: Nans=valley, ladron=thieves)

Palace Close Farm 55/01
Penhale 56/02          (Cor: End of a moor)
Penhale China Clay Works 57/02
Penisker Farm 54/00
Penrice 50/03
Pentewan 47/02       (Cor: pen=headland; towan or tewan =sandy shore)
Penwithick 57/03
Polglaze 49/03 24
Polgooth 51/0              [OS=SW9950] (Cor: pol=pool; gooth=old)
Polkyth 53/03
Porthpean 51/04          [OS=SX0350]  (Cor: little bay)
Porthtowan 49/03

Rescorla 58/03            [OS=SX0357]
Restineas Farm 56/05
Resugga (farm & green) 57/03
Ropehaven 49/04
Roseweek 51/02
Rosvean 59/03            (Cor: ros=a moor, common, or heath; vean=little)
Rosevear 59/03 91c
Ruddle Farm 56/02
Ruddlemoor 56/01       [OS=SW9956]

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