Our Family History

Our Family History


Throughout the more recent years I have realized that I knew very little about my family history. I began to ask my parents questions and realized they could not answer many of them. I began to branch out in the family and got a good bit of information to get me started. I took a break, and then my grandmother died in September of 2003, which gave me another drive to go ahead and get more of this done while my grandfather is still with us.

So this website is more of a work in progress. I will put up information as I get it organized and show it in the way I found it. So there will be a lot of documentation. After that is to the point I am happy with it I will then put it all together so that it makes much more sense. So you are getting to view things such as what my grandmother knew as one section of material, and then what my parents knew as another. That sort of thing. But then I will put it all together as one. More or less this just lets me put the pieces together online and not just in my room.

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