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Hello!  And welcome to my Web Site.
This Site presents the ancestors of Edward E. (Ted) Steele.
My Father's families are the Steele and Wheeler lines.
My Mother's families are the Lowe and West lines.
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The Will Steele Family
Traveling through Iowa, 1913
L to R: Donald E. Steele (Ted's father), Helen Brownell Wheeler, Helen Steele, Bess Wheeler Steele, William E. Steele 

Photo taken by Harry O. Wheeler 24 August 1913 in Montrose, Iowa, while on a trip from Cedar Rapids to see the new dam on the river at Keokuk.  The elaborate clothing worn by the ladies are "riding outfits," designed to keep the dust off.  The car is Will's new 1912 Cadillac.

The Frank A. Lowe Family
Mother's Day, 1946 
1st Row, L to R: Gerald A. Lowe II, Richard E. Steele, Jane A. Lowe 
 2nd Row: Bess Wheeler Steele (holding Ted Steele), Ada West Lowe, Alice Bell West, Mimi Botsford,  
3rd Row: Alan Lovett, Donald E. Steele, Jane Botsford Lowe, Frank A. Lowe Jr., Barbara Lowe Steele, Frank A. Lowe Sr., Rodger R. Lowe, Marjorie Shupe Lowe, Gerald A. Lowe, Virginia Botsford Lovett  
Photo taken in Los Angeles, Calif.


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