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This site presents the ancestors of Ted Steele.

No genealogical infomation is worthwhile if it is not documented with an adequate source citation.  For that reason, I have included my list of sources on this web site. Please be aware, however, that this page is very large (about 2 meg).  if you click on a source code number, it may take a while for the source page to load.  Sorry, but that's how it works....

I welcome correspondence on this family, including (of course) corrections or additions. I am happy to share this information with other genealogical researchers who are pursuing these same lines.

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Ted's father's parents are the STEELE and WHEELER families:
Ancestors of William E. Steele / Descendants of John Steele of Connecticut.
Ancestors of Bess O. Wheeler / Descendants of Ephraim Wheeler of Connecticut.
His mother's parents are the LOWE and WEST families:
 Ancestors of Frank A. Lowe / Descendants of Frank[lin] Lowe of New Hampshire.
Ancestors of Ada J. West / Descendants of Francis West Of Massachusetts.
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Most Common Surnames
Annis, Benedict, Borden, Brownell,
Ebbets, French, Fuller, Kip,
Lowe, Merrill, Oakley, Pierce,
Steele, Tracy. Webster, West, Wheeler

Ted's Top Ten Most Wanted Ancestors

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1. Shubael BARBER m. 1802 Charlotte PIERCE
                 b. ca. 1770; m. 5 Nov 1802, Hartford, NY; d. 11 Aug 1840, Sandusky Co., OH
                 Where was he born?  Any relation to Gideon Barber (1723-1787) of Windsor, Conn.?

2. Millard P. BELL m/1 ca 1835 Margaret POWERS, m/2 1860 Harriet HUSBANDS
                 b. 12 Dec 1814; m/1 ca 1835, NY?; m/2 17 Nov 1860, SLC; d. 18 Aug 1868, SLC
                 Was he born in Lancaster, Pa.?  Were his parents John & Margaret Bell?

3. William BRADERHOUSE m. 1818 Louisa DeLAUNAY
                 b. ca. 1790; m. 5 Mar 1818, Baltimore; d. Sept-Oct 1819, Baltimore
                 Was he born in Westphalia, Germany?  Was his mother Anna Braderhouse?

4. Mary (Polly) CHILD(S) m. 1758 Eleazer SNELL
                 b. ??, m. 4 Sep 1758 NYC, d. after 1790 NYC
                 When/where was she born?  And who in the world were her parents?
                 Was Eleazer the son of Thomas and Hannah (Lewis) SNELL?
                 Their daughter, Elizabeth SNELL, m. ca 1760 to Robert STANBURY of NYC.
5. Polly GATES m. ca. 1800 Joseph WHEELER
                 b. ca. 1784, Smithville, Chenango Co., NY; m. ca. 1800, NY; d. 12 Aug 1859 Afton, NY
                 Were her parents Isaac Gates (1743-    ) and Prudence French (1759-    )?

6. Benjamin Franklin LOWE m. 1843 Delia EBBETS
                 b. 13 May 1814; m. 5 June 1843, NYC; d. 9 Oct 1890, NYC
                Was he born in Portsmouth, NH?  Boston?
                Were his parents Frank[lin] and Jane Lowe? Where were they from?

7. George NOBLE m. 1786 Anna MARTIN
                 b. ca. 1765; m. 16 Jan 1786, New Providence, Union Co., NJ; d. 1850 Lansing, NY
                 Was he born in England?  Was his father Jacob Noble?
                 Their daughter, Jane Noble, m. Sylvanus H. Oakley, 20 May 1815, Scotch Plains, NJ.

8. Sylvanus Oakley m. 1753 Martha [--?--]
                b. ca. 1724 Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY; m. ca. 1753; d. 23 May 1787, New Providence, Union Co., NJ.
                Who was his wife?
                His father was Ephraim Oakley, b. ca 1700 Jamaica, Queens Co., NY.
                Who was his mother (Ephraim';s wife)?  Sarah [--?--]?

9. Daniel SPIKE m. ca 1780 Rosanna FULLER
                 b. ca. Nov 1765; m. ca. 1780, Albany Co., NY?; d. 11 Mar 1845, Cohocton, NY
                 Was he born in Connecticut or Massachusetts?
                 Was his father the Daniel Spike who was killed in the French and Indian War in 1759?

10. Ephraim WHEELER m. ca. 1737 Mercy TOPLIFF
                 b. ca. 1710; m. ca. Nov 1737, Lebanon, CT; d. 1794 Montville, New London Co., CT
                 Where was he born -- Conn., Mass., England, Wales?

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