Bushnell, Floyd "Bush" A short accout of WWI Toledo OR, supplying milk for soldiers. Told by Rachel Bradbury Strame from her book.
Bushnell, Robert Darnell     'Wheat and Hog Rancher of Irving'. Biography from Lane Co. Historical Society
Davis, Catherine S. 'How "Mother Davis" Played Good Samaritan', Oregon Sunday Journal, 18 Feb., 1912. Memory of pioneer woman physician.  
Davis, Catherine S. Biography from "The Centennial History of Oregon" by Gaston,
Davis, Lycurgus Biography from "The Centennial History of Oregon" by Gaston, relates his family upbringing, early life, marriage, children and work. Tells of 'lost train' of 1852. 
Davis, Dr. M. M. From The Centennial History of Oregon, his life as pharmacist in framing the early state laws in medicine and as a legislator for Benton Co.
Emery, Herbert L. This short biography from the History of San Diego County recounts his military duty, Pine Valley ranching and Alpine farming.
Emery, Capt. William S. From History of San Diego County, details his early life in Maine, sailing around the horn, family upbringing and later years.
Steelquist, John H. Los Angeles Times article, "Doctor Assists an Ancient Race", tells of Dr. Steelquist's efforts to aid the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico with medical treatment and supplies. Appeared 2 Dec. 1963.
Steelquist, John H. "San Diego Doctor Aids Mexican Indians" San Diego Evening Trubune article appeared 9 Dec. 1963 as a local follow-up to the above article.

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