Bushnell, Charles Alvah
Letter from Charles Alvah Bushnell, age 22 - 11 days before his death, while attending school at Monmouth OR.

                                                                        Monmouth    Feb. 6, 1871

Dear Ma and Pa

I take my pen in hand to let you know that I received your kind letter dated the 4th of Feb also Cousin James dated Feb 3th. I was very glad indead to get them I had been looking some two or three weeks for a letter, but received none till today. I am well and doing well and hope that this will find you all the same only a little better.

Theodore Davidson was down here Saturday and I stayed here till this morning. He brought Mrs. Belshaws sister down to go to school. He has taken his mother home and left Thurston and Mary here alone. I guess that they are not afraid. Well the joke is that Mr. Eliot told Thurston that if his mother thought if they was not big enough to take care of themselves to turn them over in to his hands and he would take care of them.  I dont supose that he card any thing about taken care of Thurston but it would not have rimed good if he had left him out. Mrs. Davidson says that she is just going home on a visit one week to stay at home and one at Hendersons and one at Williams and our house and then she is coming back. Theodore says different. He says that if it is pretty weather that he is going to plowing and she is to cook. So you may look for her but dont look to hard till you see her. I was over to see Grandma Saturday. The folks was all well but Uncle Edward is grunt with his toe. I think he had misfortune when he let that stick fall on his toe. Well enough about the toe. I think it will get well some of these times.

Well I have had a puzzle on my mind for some time to know how it happened that he came down thare and stayed all night.  You gave me the answer in that letter. He came after that money. You sayd that Lucy was learning fast that may be to. Well maybe you think that I am not learning if anything and if you do I hope you are mistaken. I think that I am learning alittle. I have not studyed much but Arithmetick.  It is that big shlick and long rule in cube rutes. The rule in the Practable is eazy but in the higher Arithmatick is hard as Oake Grub. I can not see but little sence in it. You wanted to see one of my reports. Well you will not see much when you see it. I three in an envelope and started them home two weeks ago it was all that I have received this winter. I wrote on the back of them. I thought it was just as good aplace as any. I have got one letter from Mary Bushnell. She is home sick. She said that she went to school one rrorning with a fraun on her face and the scolars asked her what was the matter. She left the room till the bell rang when she went back.  After the professor prayed in his talk he sayd that if there was any one there that was home sick that he could sympathize with them because he had been there. You can guess what is the matter with her. a disappointment

                 from Charles Bushnell to his affectionate Father J.A.B.

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