McGee College, Mo.
December 11, 1858

Dear Grandmother and Friends

As time rolls heavenly on I feel a desire to say somethings to the folks out west in the way of correspondence. I therefore conclude to write you a very few lines to let you know that I am wel and doing as wel as could be expected. I havent herd from you for so long I hardly know what to write first but I have concluded to write you a little nonsense anyhow. Wel I havent much news to communicate. I shall therfore have to let you know what I am doing. Wel I am going to school now at McGee College. I am going to go untill I graduate. I am now studing 5 studys in Geography, Grammar, Arithmetic, Nattureal Phillosophy and Grecian History. It is about 50 miles from home. I havent had any news from home for along time. I cannot say how our folks are geting along but I hope they are all wel. I hope you are geting along wel out west and if I have to get through the course and God will I shall visit your country but perhaps Grandma you may be slumbering in the cold mansions of the ded but If we meet not again in this world of sorrow and affliction we will meet again in the regions of the blest where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary be at rest. I expect I will get through the course in about 4 or 5 years then I expect after a years rest to spend the remainder of my days in traveling from one pert of creation to another and in the course of human events I expect to get to Oregon Territory. God knows I have not forgotten the time when last I saw you nor never will I while memory holds her place in this my feeble brain that spot of earth on which I grasped thy parting hand which I may never again grasp in this world there on that fatal day the 27th of April 1853. It apeared as though the last tie that bound my spirrit to earth had been broken. But there is a portion of holy writ that speaks to us in the dark hours of adversity in soothing accents which is sufficient to bid our troubles cease. It is let not your hearts be troubled in my fathers house are many mansions this is a soothing balm to calm our rising fears I cannot by tongue or pen describe how I want to see you all out there little Frank little alva al those little cousins too numerous to mention. I wel remember the days that have paled and gone the many happy hours I’ve spent in your presence and I heartily regret that I have so often offend one who wishes me no harm. But I now ask you to forgive me. I have asked God and I have reason to believe that he for Christ’s sake bath forgiven all my sins my youthful days are fast passing away. I am now about 18 years of age and it apears as though life had just begun but oh a few more revoking years and I shall with the many that have gone before have to visit the cold damp regions of death yet we as christians have that promise though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death that God will comfort us there and his staff shall support us. We must let God work his richeous will with us. Things are going on pretty wel when I left home we still keep and work old Tige and Jerry, they are good yet. Old Nance is still alive and hearty. John, I was studying arithmetic when I left home. I believe that should there be a tallented individual in our family it will be either John or William. John is fat and healthy he is learning very wel. Mary can read most as wel as anybody. She is not very healthy. Almeria is almost grown. She was going to school. Adelaide is wel and hearty. Ma has the headache a great deel now. She frets to much anyhow. It seems as though she wants to gather all the world into her possession. She hardly rests at all. I left home the 20th of October and at that time Father had made (counting from the first of April) about 5 new wagons and finished them besides about $50 worth of mending. He works as hard as ever. Julius an me tended the crops (William was at college). Father has quit working out nearly. He is geting a prety good farm now. I believe he never writes to anybody anymore. I have written him 2 letters since I have been here and have not received any from him. The reason I do not write anymore letters to you is because I cannot scare up money enough to pay postage but if you will answer my letter I think I shall keep up the corespondence.

We have had an interesting debate in what we call a mock legislature the subject was the maine liquer law.  The bill has been on the table for 3 years the bill was lost by a majority of six of the members of the house.  We have several societys of great importance

[Here he probably an out of things to write and had to wait and think as there are doodles — like an old fashioned rail fense — he continues:]

I believe I haven’t any thing of interest to write now so finaly Farewell. There is no rest this side of Eternity. But may God prosper you and yours and finally save us all with an everlasting Salvation Is my sincere prayer now and forever,         Amen

                                                  from Your affectionate Grandson

                                                   Daniel Edwin Bushnell

P.S. Give my love to all my relations and P L E A S E write to me as soon as you get this. Tel all my connections to write if they please and if I can get money I will write to you and them. Tel Frank to write give my best respects to Aunt Helen and also tel her to write and tel all all my kin folks to write.

                                       Daniel Edwin Bushnell
          McGee College
                     Maeon County
                                           December 17th

Please excuse bad writing, worse spelling and composing and write soon if you Please

[The rest of the page he has filled with his own poetry, encolsed in boxes.]

                             In heaven no sin is round
and theres no weeping there
Time is winging us away
To our eternal home
Life is but a winter day
A journey to the tomb


To Friends a greeting
While tears are flowing
And a warm heart is beating
While twilight shadows are round me glowing
I think of you — think of me.

Again I say a thousand thanks to every friend
May your life be all measure and your comforts never end
May God the righteous ruler of the globe
Smile upon you in compassion
And may his righteousness forever te your robe
This Is the kind wish of your affectionate friend.
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