Written to John Corydon Bushnell after his crossing the plains.
                                                                                  Rockville Parsonage
June 16, 1867

My dear Uncle:

Yours of June 1st is at hand. Glad to hear of your safe arrival home and hope you found things generally in good keeping.

I did expect to hear from you or some one of the train at least once on the way and in reviewing my journey across the plains I can find no excuse for you. During a five month pilgrimage I wrote ten letters home besides a great many that didn’t go home. But as you are safe at home now I shall not ask an apology.

When I sell out to come to Oregon I will gather up such of these articles as are salable and offer them for sale at auction. The half bushel of grub we stored immediately and I suppose it is doing well. By the way, I would be glad to have those notes of your journey.

I have but one more remark in refercnce to Alma’s case. Aunt Helen seems to think she is determined to mary Rob, and asks me if I can’t forgive and forget.

Be this as it may I hope you will see that she does not go any where to meet him. If he has the manhood even after stooping so low as to ask her to meet him in San Francisco to go to Oregon for her and they are determined to mary, it would be a satisfaction to me and I think to the family in the future to have the thing take place at her Father’s house. Nothing stings family pride so much and so long as a disgracefull marriage.

You will do me a great kindness, therefore, if when the event transpires, if come it must, that this one condition be granted. I would rather not have it, but if it must come I wish not to be stung into a painful remembrance of any disgraceful circumstances.

We are all as well as usual. I had a very narrow escape yesterday in working a young horse I have been trading for but came off with only a few bruises and a sprained ankle, a broken buggy and harness.

We are having a very dry spring and summer not rain enougr since you left to allay the dust. Crops will be short.

Hoping to hear from you soon I remain as ever

Love to all inquirers friends and relatives. Your affectionate nephew

D. E. Bushnell

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