BushnellGE letter
Letter to John C. Bushnell, Eugene City, OR



Kirksville     April 2, 1861

Dear Brother:

It is with a sorrowful and aching heart that I sit down to write a few lines to you to tell you that Sally has gone to that haven from which no traveler returns. She has crossed the Jordan of death and her spirit I trust is in the Paradise of God. She died last Thursday night at half past 11 o’clock. We had all been to bed and were asleep and she waked me and said she wanted to get up and Alma and me got up and helpt her up and she said '0 Lord I am dying'. We helpt her back in bed and she died in about five minutes - laid like she was going to sleep and went off without a struggle a there was nobody in the room but Alma and me. I had waked John and adelaide and sent them to Dr. Delts for them but she died before they got back and then I had to send them out to the house that I built on my place - Julius had went out there to stay that night. Edwin started that day to Scotleand county to an appointment he had there - the doctor was there just at night and said she might live a month or two but might drop off in 3 or 4 days. She talked then like she thought she would get well but how vain are all our hopes, in the midst of life we are in death.
Although I was expecting it, it gave me such a shock. I don’t know when I shall get over it. She talked about dying a sometimes said she would like to live to raise the children, but if it was the Lord’s will she thought she was prepared to go. The day before she died she said she did not feel about it as she had done and thanked the Lord for it but I hope she is better off than we are - her sufferings pains and troubles are ore and she has gone to rest and I find that I have not many years to live at most - time flies rapidly and I am getting to be quite an old man we know not when the messinger of death will call for us therefore we should try to be prepared for that solem hour - let it come when it may. I feel lonesome and cast down -  no relation near me but my children and I think what will become of them if I should be taken away from them before they are old enough to take care of themselves and I sometimes think of selling out if I can and coming where you are but times are hard and I could not sell now if I wanted to and I don’t know but I shall stay here as long as I live - I would like to see you all once more in this of the Jordan of death and more especially my aged mother although when I parted with her here I thought it would be the last time on earth I should see her, but I have been trying to live in such a way that we shall strike glad hands on the banks of eternal deliverance - where parting will be no more forever - where we will sing the songs of Moses and the Lamb forever and ever - but I must try and get along the best I can - the girls are almost women and I can keep house with them.
It is elven o’clock and the children are all asleep and I must bring my letter to a close and go to bed to so I will bid you good night.

                                                                                             from your affectionate brother

G. E. Bushnell

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