Letter to James Addison Bushnell

At Home          May 20th 1861             (Kirksvillle, MO.)

Dear brother:

I received yours of the last day of March day before yesterday and was glad to hear you were all well we are all well what there is of us here, Julius John the girls and me. I suppose you have heard of Sally’s death by this time or before. She was burried the day before you wrote your letter. She was sick a long time but her suffering is over and she has gone to that haven from whence no traveler has ever yet returned but we will have to all travel that same road sooner or later and we ought to try and be prepared for the solum change let it come when it may I dont know what I shall do. I dont know but I would come to Oregon if I could sell for anything near what my property is worth this time of trouble this country is in a perfect uproar of excitement. I was at town this afternoon and I think there was not less than 500 men marching through the streets one company of horse and two foot companys. They call themselves Home Guards and ready to march at a moments warning to defend the state or their own homes and property from whatever source it may come. A week ago yesterday Sunday the whole country was thrown into a great excitement by messingers from Macon City with a report that 1000 U. S. troops had entered St Louis and taken 800 of the state troops that was encamped there and killed twenty men women and children and had gone to Jefferson City and took the govenor and members of the Legislator prisoners but it proved they did not get there. The governor ordered the Rail R. bridge burnt across the Osage river and that they was coming to Macon Ct on Monday to take the city and control the R. R. They called out their forces here on Sunday to go to protect them and some did go but tuesday the proclamation of General Harney came and cooled them down considerable. They have been mustering here every day for some time. I will send you some papers giving an account of the doings here and in St. Louis for I cant write scarcely any of it in a letter.  There was a large majority for the Union according to the vote for delegates at the Feb. election between 50 and 100,000 but there is a good many sessessionists here and they are the ones that is kicking up the most of the fuss. A great many republicans have left here and gone to Iowa & Ill. and more will go as soon as they can get off and some of our best citizens. I dont know what it will come to yet they had a secession flag and a Union in town and last Saturday night or Sunday morning before day it was took down pole and all and last night the Union pole was sawed down it was 120 feet high and today they marched without any colours. I am for the Union but we still have a United States government and they are going to try to keep us in the government.

Well I guess I have written about enough on politicks I will send you the Kirksville Democrat for a while so you can know what is going on here.

We have got our crops in all but Hungarian grass 40 acres in corn & 30 in oats spring wheat & grass 70 acres is all I am tending this year.

I have rented the rest of my farm to John Brasfield bro. of James. I raised a big crop of corn last year and have enough now to do me another year.  It is worth 15 & 20 cts but not much sale at that we have had a good deal of cool weather this spring too frosts last week and is cold enough now to sit by a good fire but it has not hurt the fruit yet. We will have plenty of apples a good many peaches if have no more frost.  I have 30 trees that is full of apples.  Flour is worth $3.40 per hundred and it all comes from Iowa. We have not raised any wheat here for 3 years but it looks first rate now what little there is.  I want you to write me in your next letter what land is worth there improved and unimproved and what the improvements are and what kind of land it is for the price and all the particulars as near as you can. I have had the question asked me a good many times but did not know there will be quite a large emigration there this fall.  There has more passed through here this spring for Oregon than for a number of years and a good many more would go if they could they want to get away from this trouble.

Edwin has gone on his circuit and wont be at home before July and then not again till about Oct. He is to be ordained this fall and he talks of going to College next winter.  Got a letter from Wm last Saturday he is at Piety Hill yet mining.  He sent us an Epitaf of old Nance.  She died last winter.  I saw nearly all the Adkins boys today they are all well and all seccessionists.  They enquire every time I see any of them if I have heard from Oregon lately.

Well I guess I have about run out I dont know as I have much more to write and I guess Id better quit by subscribing myself your

                                                                          affectionate brother

Geo. E. Bushnell

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