March 21, 1853

Dear Wm. and James:

We received your letters 3 in number. Marie [wife of William Pratt] was here and we had a fat spell of reading them. We was glad to hear from you.  You rote you got no letters from here. We rote 5 letters to Oregon and two to Sacramento for William [Bushnell]. I believe we have got all your letters except the last you wrote from Orepon. We got one from Shasta that Flusterated all our calculations. Had got a new wagon made and we was only waiting for spring. I told them not to heed that letter but go ahead for you would write for them to come soon as you got our letter but Jason was ashamed[?]. I do think we heve to give out. He sold his cattle I sold mine and Lizzy sold hers. Thats 4 yoke. If you had not wrote them to last letters we certrinly should been there. I have for myself I have neither home friends nor money. Jason [Bushnell] and John [Corydon Bushnell] is talking of going to the caw purchase this spring.  800 thousand acres chiefs past threw St. Louis 3 of February to Weshington.
If they like I shall write to you immediately. Wm.
[Bushnell] knows the country. Ft Leavenworth is in the tract. You wrote that pa says Isaac brought home 4 thousand. The folks don’t think he brought one this pretty near gone. They never bought mules staples.  Have gone to the river for goods. Brother Wm. and Pa are going in. Elizabeth has been from here part of the winter among her friends. She has now come back for good. Wm. Adkins is out here. His family has been sick ever since he come here. He has bought land on Salt River but I don’t believe he will ever go on it. He lies drunk two thirds of his time. I have forgot to tell that Edward has bought 100 acres of land just back of George’s field so their is no chance to get next to him. Now we are all in your house.

Elizabeth says she would write if she could. She wishes she was there to cook for you. She is well. We all hopeing this will find you well. Write oftener than you do. We are all glad to hear. William you must once a month or

Corydon has sent the papers to you. (Grandpa was 20 years old.)

I shall now begin a new subject. Lissy wants me to inform you that she is one of the disappointed (an ink blot interfers here) sold all her stock except her two cows. Victoria is gone (another blot) has got a pretty mare she can ride anywhere. She will have a colt this spring and a new saddle. Sold all her hogs. She did not kill one. She had no corn to keep them or fat them. J. Smith[?] did nothing. It did not rain for about 4 months then when it did rain it all roted. If you had seen the crops last summer you never would come here to stay. Elizabeth was very near selling. She was only waiting for you to write what she must do and now she wants to know whether you want her to keep the place of not. She has been offered 400 dollars before she entered any she has entered 40 more if the boys do like even wives I shall if nothing happens go time enough put in some weet. She wants to know you think she best do. Whether keep on her place or what to do. She wants when you come to come by land so do I. Don’t leave Wm. there by no means. I shant be glad to see you without him. I did not mean that the mare would have a saddle. She got that last summer. Alvah [Bushnell] is fat as a pig. He talks some. Watters [Bushnell] is a fine boy he talks well as anyone. There is one think I forgot to write. We had the greatest time with Jo Smith you ever heard of. His wife locked Elizabeth and took the key with her so Lizzie and me we moved in the back part and drove them out. They threatened not to go till spring. Tore everything to peaces. They crossed the river got the last thing except a few shocks of roton. Edward has to cut that. So much for not having an agreement.

Monday 21 - evening

I have a little more to write. Jason after he had given up going to California went over to Illinois got him a wife. Her name is Martha Bernard. He has been writing to her all summer. Shes motherless and willing to go anywhere with him. I have pretty near run out of writing. Helen will write some. She wants to come to Oregon. I don’t know but we shall come yet. Maria thinks Wm. ought to have took her with him. I wish she was there if I went.

March 22/53

Dear Brother: Ma says I must write a few lines. I have not got much to write now. I wrote not long ago. I wrote all I could think of but I am pretty near mad you may believe to give up going to Oregon and have to stay in old Adair awhile yet but I don’t intend to stay long if I can help it. Edward [husband] has bought land east of Georges and is building on it. I want him to sell it ond go to Oregon yet but the boys think they go moving. We will have to start the world anew as we sold everything we could at half price, write a letter oftener than you have done. Tell Wm. to write. I will write to him pretty soon being he has wrote at last. We had nearly given up getting a letter from him. I guess I have wrote enough this time. Frank and Alvah has got to be great boys.

Fare you well for while.           Helen A. Adkins

March 22

I would like to fill the letter but don’t think I can. You say if I could be persuaded to come you should liked have. Jason says twas a poor excuse. You might have known I should be the first to start. I persuaded him to go. I wanted you all and I would be willing to go anywhere in case you boys and your wives and Helen and Edward was. I don’t want William to settle here. I now more that I ever shall tell. Maria says she don’t know but we shall yet come if the boys don’t like the purchase. Edward says he will go if the boys are amind to go but farewell and may the Lord guard and protect you is the prayer of your affectionate mother,

                                                                    Ursula Bushnell
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