Letter to uncle John Corydon Bushnell in OR. His writing has improved since prior letter and he capitalizes his 'I's.
                                                                             Adair County Mo.
December 8, 1857

Dear Uncle:

I take this favored opportunity of addressing a few lines to you to let you know that we are well and prosperous. We got a letter from Grandma last week - was glad to hear from you once more - we get such few from there that a letter is something which is hailed with peculiar delight.
We have the muddiest times here I nearly ever saw and fully six inches deep and has been so for about two weeks and there is no prospects of it getting any better - very little corn has been gathered yet only what has been fed - we raised 65 acres and it is so muddy now that it is almost impossible to get through the fields at all - rain nearly every day - in fact I think this country at this particular time would compare favorably with Oregon in the rainy season. Winter crops last winter were all destroyed but we raised a tolerably fair crop of spring wheat. I should like very much to come out there and see the country and Natives - But I suppose I cannot for a number of years.
I am going to College this winter and I shall stay about 1 year (I suppose you know what College) I mean McGee College is the place after I return D.E. [his brother Daniel Edwin] is going.
Agreeable to your request I have forwarded a copy of the Enterprise for 1 year to your address and I trust you will forgive me for neglecting it this long - but better late than never. I have not got much to write but I thought I would just drop a few lines to let you know that we are still in the land of the living - there is a good many of you out there - dont you think you could afford to write a little of oftener. Tell Grandma and Aunt Helen to write often and do so yourself. I don’t know as I can write any more at present.

                                                                                   Yours Respectfully

W. A. Bushnell

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