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Bushnell, Charles Alvah Letter written while attending school at Monmouth OR to his parents, James Addison & Elizabeth Bushnell, dated 6 Feb. 1871, 11 days before his death.
Bushnell, Daniel Edwin Seventeen year old Daniel writes to uncle John Corydon Bushnell in Oregon about the harsh winter, growth of Kirksville, MO, updates and gossip of neighbors and his lack of schooling. Dated 21 March, 1857.
Bushnell, Daniel Edwin In this letter, dated 11 Dec. 1858, Daniel writes from McGee College, MO. to his grandmother, Ursula. The influence of education (spelling, grammer, religion) vastly improved. He has also taken on a more worldly and gospel view of life. Shares his poetry.  
Bushnell, Daniel Edwin His prose is now eliquent and polished. It is 24 Dec. 1861 and he writes of the war, the sale of crops and hogs and eager for news of Oregon.
Bushnell, Daniel Edwin Writing from the parsonage, admonishes uncle John Corydon Bushnell for not writing while crossing the plains. There is reference to a family scandel of 'Alma' perhaps in a disgraceful marriage. Dated 16 June, 1867.
Bushnell, George Edwin Letter from Kirksville MO to John C. Bushnell (Eugene City, OR)  2 April, 1861on the death of his 2nd wife, Sally (Sarah Jamison Llewellyn).
Bushnell, George Edwin Letter from Kirksville MO to James Addison Bushnell, 20 May, 1861, in reply to his letter. Tells of death of Sally, troops in St. Louis, farming and other family members.
Bushnell, George Edwin   The daily diary of his crossing the plains by covered wagon from Kirksville, Missouri to Sonoma County, California, May 5 to Sept. 23, 1864.
Bushnell, George Edwin Letter from Sonoma CA to brother John Corydon Bushnell with discription of crossing the plains, provisioning, returning money owed.
Bushnell, James Addison Introduction and genealogy followed by his Autobiography. Tells of his early years in Ohio, crossing the plains in 1852 to Oregon & Calif., travels via the Ismas of Panama and settlement in Eugene OR. He was a farmer, Decaon and founded the Eugene Divinity School. A facinating, well written account of 19th century life.
Bushnell, John Corydon The two part narrative, written in later life, of his upbringing and westward migration across the plains. He lived from 1833 to 1912.
Bushnell, Ursula Griswold Letter to her two sons, William and James, who had gone west. Tells of farm happenings, family events, with note by daughter, Helen Adkins. Dated 21 March, 1853.
Bushnell, William Addison Letter to his uncle, John Corydon Bushnell dated 17 Nov. 1856. At age 16, he relates the progress of the farm and Kirksville, MO.
Bushnell, William Addison Another letter to John Corydon Bushnell dated 8 Dec. 1857. Lamenting about the weather and about coming out to Oregon.
Bushnell, William Addison Having arrived in Calif., he writes to John Corydon Bushnell about the gold fields and economic conditions. Some news from Kirksville. Dated 1 Dec. 1860 from Piety Hill, Nevada Co. Calif.
Bushnell, William Addison The daily diary of Corporal Bushnell, Co. K, 2nd Infantry, Cal. Vol. . Stationed at the Prisidio, San Francisco, and Fort Goodwin, Arizona Territory, 1864-1866. Prolog and epilog by Peter Steelquist
Bushnell, William Pratt Letter from the Calif. gold fields (Smith Flat, Sierra Co.), dated 22 Nov. 1856, probably written to James A. Bushnell telling of the harsh weather, difficult mining conditions & hard life in the mountains.

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